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  • Dating tips for the busy professionals

  • Are you one of the Singaporeans who are single because they are

    "too busy to date"?

  • If the hectic pace of keeping up with the rat race - perhaps along with your career choice - has kept you

    single despite being ready to mingle, get some tips from relationship

    coach Andrew Chow.

    In a RazorTV feature, he gives four tips to get busy professionals


  • If you are like Carlos here, get these tips from relationship coach Andrew Chow.

  • You schedule time for the gym and to catch up with your friends. Why should it be any

    different for potential partners?

  • Most people spend 16 hours awake and 10% of that in a week would be 10 hours, which is plenty

    of time to get to know someone.

  • Looking different is the first step to attracting new sorts of people.

  • Get a new hair cut.

  • Overhaul your wardrobe

  • You may have a checklist that consists of a gazillion qualities you want in a partner.

  • However, Andrew says most people should go for character rather than personality

  • Personality is what everyone can see on the outside like humour.

  • Character is the inner goodness that can only be discovered over time like integrity and


  • So stop being superficial and start digging deeper!

  • No one knows when Prince Charming is going to come riding by in his shining armour.

  • So what you should work on now is becomingMr or Miss Right first.

  • Work on being a better person so that whenMr or Ms Right comes knocking on your door,

    you are ready to be the right person for him or her.

  • Armed with these tips, busy executivescan perhaps have it all.

  • Good luck, singletons! Remember though: once you have a

    relationship, do not take your partner for granted. Just as your

    career needs your time and commitment to grow and flourish,

    so does your relationship.

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