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2. Always think their self correct Like to analyze Like to knowing other peoplesecrecy Faster fell lonely Easy to trust others Independent Creative (always have new idea) High ego 3. Confuse and easily confusedDifficult when come to make a decisionAlways changing when make a decisionHonestly, can keep a secretEasy to understood or understandingHappy to make friendsSo jealousyEmotionalSensitive 4. Active, super active or talkative Quick-tempered Follow trend Easy to make a friend Ego Like critics and a lot of comments Like to control and want to know everything If think faster and do it also fast butsometime not really good, not particular andperfect 5. High skilledThink a lotNever give upLike to makea friendLike to make a ruleand breach itDifficult in saving amoneyNot risk taker,especially in money $$Like do researchanalysis and planning 6. Like to fine business opportunities Strongest and like adventures Hard-working If touch something sure buy it Principe money can find Money easy to get Intelligent and clever Work last minute Jealousy 7. Have a lot of money and love money Dont like go shopping if not necessary Only buy thing that quality and branded High taste and expensive Love to control money Independent caring but difficult (late) Intelligence (money only) Honestly, humanity 8. Calculative especially aboutmoney Fussy; lot complaining at all time Argue only Avenger and will remembersomeone Love to be alone and privacy Like to follow friend/racial group When come to conclusion orresult difficult to decide 9. High motivation Materialistic Difficult to know his/her decisions except peoplewho they believe onlyResponsibility personLike to have power and titleHot temperedManaged personTrusted and responsible 10. Love to works and program something larger andbiggest Good Public Relations (PR) Intelligence Romantic Emotions and sensitive Talent in art and artistic Can be a good leader Style / smart / clean 11. IF PLAN GO A PICNIC Find person from : Number 9 Talkative and tell others : Number 3 Follower without argue : Number 2 Done a research and finding : Number 4 Find a business opportunities : Number 5 Banker / collect money : Number 6 Follow friend/racial group : Number 7 Like to point others because has power and title :Number 8