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PHILIPPINE GLOBAL BANANA SUMMIT05 November8:00am 9:15am Float Parade of Banana Companies Registration/ Ribbon Cutting / Opening of Exhibits 9:00am Highlights of the 2010 FAO World Banana Forum: GAP for Global Agriculture Good Agricultural Practices are practices that address environmental, economic and sustainability for on-farm process and result in safe and quality food and non-food agricultural products. (FAO COAG 2003 GAP Paper). This session highlights the potential benefits and challenges related to Good Agricultural Practices. Ms. Loretta Sonn* Focal Point for GAP, UN-FAO 9:30am Presidents Keynote Message Our new President will have the opportunity to play a significant role in the ASEAN community of nations for the next six years. What are his views on the state of Philippine Agriculture and what is needed to put it back on the road to sustainability? Hon. Benigno PNoy C. Aquino III * President, Republic of the Philippines 9:45am Benchmarking Best Practices among Banana Producing Countries With the stringent quality policies in the global market for fresh bananas, banana-producing countries have to learn from each other's best practices in order to survive and stay competitive. Producing bananas is not a simple business and it requires years of experience before premium bananas are perfected. Speaker 1: Philippines Mr. Alex Valoria,TADECO * Speaker 2: Costa Rica-CORBANA for Ecological Banana Farming * Speaker 3: ACP (African Caribbean Pacific) * Speaker 4: Ecuador * 10:15am Strengthening the Economic Value Chain for the Banana Industry The Cavendish banana industry in the Philippines has seen unprecedented growth in the past twenty years. This session seeks to identify the binding constraints and opportunities to further the development of the banana sector as well as identify investments in infrastructure that can improve the sectors competitiveness and insure a greater inclusion and participation of smallholder growers in sustainable banana value chains (Agribusiness Value Chain, Logistics and Infrastructure for Growth Study Complementary Banana Value Chain and Infrastructure Analysis Paper). Dr. Larry Digal UP Mindanao New Markets: Where next for RP banana growers and exporters? The most challenging area in the fresh banana trading is the market development. With the Philippine Cavendish touted as the world's best banana because of its distinctive tastes, existing trade policies make it very hard to penetrate new markets. This session looks at how Republic of the Philippines growers and exporters are meeting the challenges of the 21st Century. Speaker 1: Mr. Brian P. Doherty, Economic Counselor, US Embassy* Speaker 2: Mr. Pablito Chito Kang, Counselor, DFA & Trade, Political & Economic, Australian Embassy* Speaker 3: Mr. Omer Asim Aksoy, Commercial Counselor, Turkey Embassy* Speaker 4: Mr. Saeed Bin Hamad Alqabith Altunaiji, Counselor, UAE Embassy* 12:30pm Signing of Resolution for a creation of Philippine Banana Research Institute

06 November

Welcome Remarks Mayor Sara Z. Duterte * Mayor, Davao City


Philippine Agricultural Development Plan 2011-2016 Agriculture is the backbone of our Mindanao economy. With increasing national development plan for the agriculture sector as it produces all the food for subsistence and provides a base for employment. There is an imperative to understand the medium term national development plan for the country. What role will Mindanaoans play in sustaining the supply of agricultural products for local, national and global consumption? Hon. Proceso J. Alcala * Secretary, Department of Agriculture

11:00am The Global Banana Economic Forecast in the next 10 years Bananas are the main fruit in the international trade and the most popular one in the world. The banana industry is an important source of earnings for major banana exporting countries such as the Philippines and the Latin Americas. With the recent radical developments in production, export, marketing and consumption of bananas, understanding the global demand and supply scenario in the next decade is crucial to the Philippine economic development plan. Mr. Kaison Chang Head, Inter-governmental Group on Bananas and Tropical Fruits, Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations 12:00nn Lunch VIPs / Press Conference (Q&A) / Awarding Best Booth Competition


AGRI-CONFERENCE (AgriCon)05 November 20101:00pm Developing New Varieties for the Global Banana Market Speaker: Rene Rafael C. Espino, Director, High Value Commercial Crops Programme, DA *

06 November 2010Banana Fiber: A cost competitive option versus traditional textile Increasing demand of eco-friendly clothing in developed countries like Europe, USA and Canada is likely to boost the use of natural fibers in global textile industries for various applications. Speaker: Maria Cristina Briaz TADECO * The Export Quality Cocoa Value Chain Keynote: Nicholas Richards, Chief of Party, ACDIVOCA* (+) Discussants: Mars Chocolate Malagos Farms Converting Coconuts into Value-Added Products Speaker: Hon. Lornito Orillaneda*, Regional Director, PCA*

07 November 2010The Viability of Poly-Culture and Crop Rotation Speaker: Hon. Lornito Orillaneda*, Regional Director, PCA*



Creating High-Value Products for New Markets Speaker: Ferdie Y. Maraon,Sagrex Foods*

Value Chain of Organic Rice in Mindanao Speaker: Rene Guarin, ICCO (InterChurch Cooperation for Development Organization) * (+) Demand of Fruits & Vegetables in the Philippines Speaker: K.M.B Buladaco, USEP*


Natural Farming Technology: Why less is more? A revolutionary technology, leaving the nature the way it is. It makes all inputs from natural materials, observes the law of the Nature and respects the rights of crops and livestock. Speaker: Andrey Less Is More Lim,

Founder/Consultant, Tribal Mission Foundation International Inc. & 2009 Secretary of Agriculture Awardee for Outstanding Organic Agriculture Initiative*




The Elements of an Ecosystem for Entrepreneurshiip *Speaker: Danilo A. Songco, President &CEO, PinoyME Foundation




Bringing the Workforce to the 21st Century: Developing Competencies for Biodiversity Speaker: Dr. Ireneo Amplaya, Dean College of Agribusiness, USEP Tagum* Is it the CIOs Time to Shine in Global Agribusiness? The value CIOs can bring to the enterprise is limited only by their energy and imagination. Sadly some organizations just don't get it. Speaker: Jonathan de Luzuriaga, Managing Director, Tholons Southeast Asia * Philippine Perspective on CSR and Rural Development A look at how Phil Banana growers are helping achieve sustainable development in the rural communities Keynote: Philippine Business for Social Progress Discussants: Charles Feibel, GEM 3 Program* Rene Dalayon, President, MBGEA* Anthony Sasin, TADECO* Jose Miguel O. Soriano, AMS* Carlito Ona, DOLE, Stanfilco* Risk-Mitigation and Protection of Peoples Health and Environment Speaker: Dr. Lilian de las Llagas, UP Manila, Dean of Public Health Best Practices: Champion Agricultural Growers Speaker1: Lito Apuzen, General Manager, Tupi Balangon Growers Association (TUBAGA), Inc.* Polyculture Organic Way Speaker 2: Moises Torifera, Sumifru * Speaker3: Romy Garcia, Davao Del Norte*

The Real Cost of Agri-Trade & Export Understanding the cost of compliance to regulatory guidelines in crop-disease control, export documentation & taxation *Speaker: Melissa Malabanan, Senior Sales Manager, Maersk Line Mobilizing Public and Private Investments for Small & Medium Banana Growers Speaker: Alex Buenaventura, President, One Network Bank Sustainable Resource Management for Agriculture Speaker: Leo Avila, City Agri Officer, Davao City

Providing Guidelines for Accreditation of Mango Classifiers

Improve your Productivity through Good Agricultural Practices Speaker: Romy Falcon, DA Regional Technical Director Food Safety & Food Packaging for Processed Foods Speaker: Cristina B. Ramos, Food Processors Association of Davao

Agricultural Tourism: A Growing Niche Market for the Industry Expanding income opportunities for rural communities while reinforcing the need to support local growers by allowing visitors to experience what it is to be part of the land. Keynote: Charito Puentespina, Malagos Garden Resort* Discussants: Lawrence T. Co, Representative for Leisure, Banana Beach* Maria Cristina Briaz, TADECO Livelihood Tours* Davao Success Stories Speaker 1: Mark Dumandan Gawad Scientista Awardee, 2009 * Speaker 2: Malagos-Mars Choc Venture for Cacao * Gender Equality and Agriculture Employment Speaker: Estrella Turingan, Head, NSCB XI



The Agri-Development Board on Institutionalization of Organic farming in Davao City Speaker: Prof. Adrian Tamayo, University of Mindanao

* To be confirmed

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