DataCite Metadata V 3.1

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DataCite Metadata V 3.1 DataCite Summer Meeting 2014

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DataCite Metadata V 3.1. DataCite Summer Meeting 2014. a working group in motion. V 3.1. Release target: October 2014 Contents: New options for controlled lists ++ Updates to documentation. Image courtesy of Oxnard Public Library, V 3.1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DataCite Metadata V 3.1DataCite Summer Meeting 2014

1a working group in motionBritish Library Jan AshtonElizabeth NewboldCalifornia Digital LibraryJoan Starr, ChairCERNLars Holm Nielsen new! CISTILynne McAvoy formerETH-ZurichAmmann Nomie new!GESISNatalija Schleinstein formerAndreas Kempf new! Inist-CNRS Marie-Christine Jacquemot-Perbal Mohamed Yahia new!OSTI/DOEJannean ElliottPurdue University LibraryAmy BartonSNDMerja KarjalainenTIBSebastian Peters, Liaison to Technical TeamFrauke Ziedorn, Metadata CoordinatorTU Delft Madeleine de Smaele2Release target: October 2014

Contents: New options for controlled lists ++Updates to documentation

Image courtesy of Oxnard Public Library, 3.13V 3.1NEW in the SCHEMArelationtype pairsReviews,IsReviewedByIsDerivedFrom,IsSourceOfrelatedIdentifierTypearXivbibcodecontributorTypeDataCuratorCreator attributeaffiliationContributor attributeaffiliation4V 3.1NEW in the DOCUMENTATIONFunder identifierClarify how we support this.Resource typeHarmonize use of text with ORCID.Publication yearClarify how to handle various use cases. XML errors in examplesCorrect them!Handling unknown valuesProvide suggested standard unknown codes.Long lists of namesClarify how we support this.5More information in OctoberSchema:Documentation:Metadata Discussion Forumhttp://schema.datacite.org!forum/datacite-metadata6

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