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  • 8/13/2019 Darryl's Lunch Menu


    Fried Chicken WrapA Chipotle infused our

    tortilla stuffed with tender

    fried chicken, cheddar

    cheese, smoked bacon,

    diced tomato, crisp

    shredded lettuce, and

    ranch dressing. Served

    with french fries. 7.99

    Darryls Southwest

    WrapTender slices of hickory

    grilled chicken breast,

    shredded lettuce, spicy

    pecans, red bell pepper,

    diced tomato, smoked

    bacon, pepper jack cheese,

    and fried tortilla strips.

    Tossed in ranch dressingand stuffed in a our

    tortilla with a side of

    Darryls salsa. 7.99

    Smokehouse ClubDarryls own club-style sandwich with

    thinly sliced smoked turkey, ham, apple

    wood smoked bacon, special reserve

    sharp cheddar, and Provolone cheese.

    Served on thick Texas toast with lettuce,

    tomato, and pesto mayonnaise. 8.49

    Black Bean BurgerA mildly spicy black bean cake topped

    with melted cheese, shredded lettuce,

    tomato, guacamole, salsa, and sour

    cream. Served with garlicky mayo and

    french fries. 8.99

    Turkey Cheddar MeltHot smoked turkey, double sliced ched-

    dar, smoked bacon, covered in cheese

    sauce and topped with lettuce andtomato. Served with fries on a toasted

    knot roll. 8.49

    Pub BurgerAn 8 oz. Certied Angus Beef patty with

    a double portion of melted, aged ched-

    dar cheese, piled on crispy fried shallots,

    and topped off with Darryls signature

    pub sauce. 9.69

    Classic BLTGrilled and buttered whole wheat bread

    with bistro style mayo, a half dozen

    strips of smoked bacon, shredded ice-

    berg and four slices of tomato. Served

    with seasoned fries. 8.99

    Darryls Chicken SaladWood red grilled chicken breast,

    tossed in our signature dressing, dressed

    with lettuce and tomato, and served on

    a jumbo croissant. 7.99

    Darryls French DipTender, hot roast beef sliced extra thin,

    piled high on a hoagie roll, and topped

    with melted Swiss cheese. Served with a

    cup of our au jus for dipping. 9.49

    Texas BBQ Bacon BurgerAn 8 oz patty of Certied Angus Beef

    topped with a double helping of sharp

    cheddar cheese, applewood smoked

    bacon, smoky BBQ sauce, caramelized

    onions and fried jalapeno slices. Served on

    a toasted brioche bun with hot chips and

    ranch. 9.69

    Smoked Pulled PorkFresh pork shoulders smoked in-house

    overnite, pulled by hand, sauced with

    our homemade BBQ sauce and served

    on a soft knot roll with fries and slaw

    on the side. 8.49


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    Darryls Original

    Baked Potato SoupWe make it rich and creamy

    with chunks of fresh baked

    potatoes and real cream.

    Topped with special reservesharp cheddar cheese,

    smoked bacon, and scallions.


    Broccoli Cheese SoupA hearty, creamy soup lled

    with fresh broccoli and

    topped with sharp cheddar

    cheese. 3.99

    Beef VegetableCertied Angus Beef

    simmered slowly with carrots,

    onions, potatoes, green beans,

    and diced potatoes in a

    savory beef broth. 3.99

    French Onion SoupLoaded with caramelized

    onions, simmered for hours

    in a rich beef broth, and

    served in a crock. Topped

    with croutons and meltedProvolone cheese. 4.49


    For your convenience an 18% gratuity will be added to large parties (8+)

    Consuming undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness. We occasionally use nuts and nut-based oils in some of our menu items. If you are allergic to nuts, or any other foods, please let your server know.

    = Gluten Free =Contains Shellfish =Contains Nuts =Non-Dairy

    Club sandwich

    French dip sandwich

    Chicken salad sandwich

    Cup of Baked potato soup

    Cup of Broccoli cheese soup

    Cup of Beef vegetable soup

    Small Caesar salad

    Small house salad

    Choose one sandwich

    Choose one sandwich

    Choose one side item

    Choose two side items+ = 6.99+ = 8.99

  • 8/13/2019 Darryl's Lunch Menu


    Lunch Tennessee

    Jack Black ChickenA boneless marinated

    chicken breast cooked on

    our wood red grill and

    basted with our own Jack

    Danielsbourbon honey

    mustard sauce. Topped with

    roasted pecans and served

    with seasonal vegetables andhomemade mashed potatoes.


    Lunch Chicken

    TendersFresh juicy chicken tenders,

    either fried or grilled, and

    served with honey mustard.


    Buffalostyle with a side of

    blue cheese dressing. 8.99

    Lunch Shrimp and

    GritsFarm raised tender shrimp,

    sauted with garlic, diced

    tomatoes, and scallions.

    Served over a bowl of

    Old Mill of Guilford Stone

    Ground Yellow Gritsand

    nished in a Tasso ham gravy.


    Lunch Texas

    Roadrunner ChickenA marinated chicken breast

    grilled over hickory and

    glazed with a smoky BBQ

    sauce. Topped with pepper

    jack cheese and served with

    seasonal vegetables and

    homemade mashed potatoes.


    Lunch Cajun ShrimpOur signature hand-battered

    Cajun shrimp, fried golden

    brown. Served with a Cajun

    sauce, seasoned fries, and

    coleslaw. 8.49

    Four Cheese RavioliParmesan, Romano, ricotta,

    and Pecorino cheeses areblended and stuffed into

    fresh egg pasta to be tossed

    in homemade marinara sauce

    and topped with grated

    Parmesan. Served with garlic

    bread. 7.49

    Lunch Baby Back

    RibsA four-bone portion of our

    signature baby back ribs, with

    fries and a side of slaw. 10.99

    Southern Fried

    FlounderFlaky, crispy boneless

    ounder served with

    buttermilk hushpuppies, fries,

    cole slaw and tartar sauce.


    Oriental Chicken

    SaladbcHickory grilled chicken

    breast served over mixed

    greens. Tossed with snow

    peas, red onions, red bell

    pepper, fresh cilantro, spring

    onions, and peanut dressing.

    Topped with wonton strips,

    peanuts, and pineapple. 10.79

    Southern Fried

    Chicken Salad c

    Large chicken tenderloins,

    fried crisp using our sig-

    nature breading. Topped

    off with onions, shredded

    pepper jack cheese, smoked

    bacon, red bell pepper, and

    toasted spicy pecans. Served

    on a bed of fresh greens and

    tossed in ranch dressing.


    Black and BlueCertied Angus 6 oz top

    sirloin grilled over hickory,

    placed over mixed greens,

    grape tomatoes, crumbled

    blue cheese, cucumbers, bell

    peppers, and mushrooms.

    Served with chunky blue

    cheese dressing. 14.99

    Carolina Shrimp &

    Pecan Salad a c

    Cajun fried shrimp tossed

    with mixed greens, sweet red

    peppers, red onions, grape

    tomatoes, toasted spicy

    pecans, and cilantro citrus

    dressing. 10.79

    Substitute jumbo hickory

    grilled shrimp add 2.00.



    For your convenience an 18% gratuity will be added to large parties (8+)

    Consuming undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness. We occasionally use nuts and nut-based oils in some of our menu items. If you are allergic to nuts, or any other foods, please let your server know.

    = Gluten Free =Contains Shellfish =Contains Nuts =Non-Dairy

    Large House SaladA mix of fresh greens, grape

    tomatoes, cucumbers, shred-

    ded cheese and croutons.

    Served with your choice of

    any of our signature dress-

    ings. 6.99

    Hail to the CaesarFresh chopped crisp romaine,

    garlic croutons, and freshly

    grated Parmesan. Tossed with

    our Caesar dressing. 7.99

    Salad Add-onsGrilled Chicken 2.00

    Chicken Salad 2.00

    Fried Shrimp 2.00

    Grilled Shrimp 4.00

    Grilled Salmon 5.00

    Signature Salad DressingsThousand Island, Oil & Vinegar, Fat

    Free Italian, Cilantro Citrus, Cae-

    sar, Blue Cheese, Hidden Valley

    Ranch, Honey Mustard, Oriental

    Peanut Dressing, Red Wine Vinai-

    grette, Balsamic Vinaigrette

    Odds & SIdesSmashed Potatoes 2.99

    Seasoned French Fries 1.99bd

    Sweet Potato Wafe Fries 2.29d

    Mashed Potatoes 1.99

    Seasonal Vegetables 2.29d

    Steamed Broccoli 1.99d

    Old Mill of Guilford Stone Ground

    Yellow Grits 1.99d

    Harvest Rice 1.99

    Creamy Carolina Style Cole Slaw


    Baked Beans 1.99bd

    Mac N Cheese Wedge 1.99

    Hot Chips 1.99d