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Deciding Which Vendors To Work With for Online Retailing for Online Retailing.6 things you need to know, including;• Before selecting vendors know your internal context! •Include context and industry specific criteria in an RFP’ •Introduce Performance as a selection criteria wherever possible•Travel light!•Evaluate the Fuzzies!•An insiders view..

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  • 1. Deciding Which Vendors To Work With for Online Retailing Before selecting vendors know your internal context! things you Include context and industry specific criteria need to iin RFP RFPs Introduce Performance know as a selection criteria wherever possible h ibl Travel light! Evaluate the Fuzzies! An insiders view.. Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 2. Choosing the right online retail suppliers isn't just about the prospective partner companies.. Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 3. Agreement Signed Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
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  • 10. Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 11. Before you go looking for vendors , know your context first. This y includes ; - your customers t - - your company stakeholders a d project goa s and p oject goals - your agreed definition of success in whatever online retail activity your pursuing! Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 12. 1 Know your customer Standard sources include; - Focus Groups / Research, - Customer touch points - Online Surveys Often overlooked -> Mine any and all existing online data exhaustively Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 13. 1Know your company Understand stakeholder concerns and requirements across multiple business functions. Dont forget Legal, HR g g , Be aware of precedent for distinct types of vendor relationships ad agencies, recruitment, property ie Full outsource hybrid vs in house ie. outsource, in-house bias - as these can drive expectations in online. Understand organisational strengths and weaknesses what skill sets are your t k h t kill t teams light on and conversely strong in. Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 14. 1 Know your future What is the expected rate and scale of growth, Is there implicit direction to g p grow towards a certain model of business (away from outsourcing) What other related but incremental goals are on the company roadmap that involve online. Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 15. Include your internal criteria along with industry/market specific requirements in RFP s RFPs to a cross section of prospective suppliers Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 16. 2 An RFP (Request For Proposal) RFPs can be extremely valuable in optimising the chances that suppliers deliver the solutions that you need, & encourage the following: Internal agreement: allow you to discuss and finalize your requirements with all of the internal y q (and agency) stakeholders before involving a further supplier. Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 17. 2 An RFP (Request For Proposal) : Accurate proposals: allow suppliers t clearly understand A t l ll li to l l d t d your needs so they can provide you with the most accurate estimates of their best solution. Comparable solutions: ensure that each supplier receives the same set of requirements and therefore replies with a similar and comparable set of proposed solutions. Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 18. 2 RFPs for Ecommerce platforms and Site builds- Key - Define scope , p ,overall design, functional components and g , p objectives of your e-commerce project - Decide whether you have any applications that perform similar functions within your business that you wish to retain, and, whether there are any key dependencies between existing applications and the new applications you require. i - Each of these will need to be identified and the integration g requirements included in your business requirements. Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 19. 2 RFPs for Ecommerce platforms and Site builds - Scope should include End-user functionality, Back-office functionality Technical requirements, Integration requirements, Reporting requirements, Future q p g q requirements - Further deta o t e bus ess bac g ou d, eco u t e detail on their business background, ecomm solution, and support style Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 20. 2 RFPs for Email Service Providers Decide on service provider vs tech platform. based on your resource strengths & weaknesses - Chemistry is vital in this high traffic supplier - Everyday staffing quality is key - Scope your needs and match capabilities dont over don t scope as youll pay unnecessarily now for the advanced feature set that wont be used for another few years Questions? dxignite@optus.ap.blackberry.net
  • 21. 2 RFPs for SEM / SEO Some suggested focuses Seek a transparent approach to search engine marketing Look for a structured approach to keyword analysis Uses industry best practice Will openly describe the strategies and techniques they will use for SEO Has a per