Daily Handwriting Practice

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• Daily practice for a 36-week school year• Handwriting skills: letter formation & placement, letter & word spacing• Write letters, words, & sentences• Make an alphabet book

Transcript of Daily Handwriting Practice

  • ISBN 978-1-55799-754-8

    EMC 791 $16.99 USA

    Daily Practice BooksPerfect Supplements to Your Core Curriculum!

    Daily Language Review128 reproducible pages.

    Grade 1 EMC 579-PROGrade 2 EMC 580-PROGrade 3 EMC 581-PROGrade 4 EMC 582-PROGrade 5 EMC 583-PROGrade 6 EMC 576-PRO

    Daily 6-Trait Writing160 reproducible pages.

    Grade 1 EMC 6021-PROGrade 2 EMC 6022-PROGrade 3 EMC 6023-PROGrade 4 EMC 6024-PROGrade 5 EMC 6025-PROGrade 6+ EMC 6026-PRO

    Daily Academic Vocabulary160 reproducible pages plus 32 transparencies!

    Grade 2 EMC 2758-PROGrade 3 EMC 2759-PROGrade 4 EMC 2760-PROGrade 5 EMC 2761-PROGrade 6 EMC 2762-PRO

    Daily Paragraph Editing176 reproducible pages.

    Grade 2 EMC 2725-PROGrade 3 EMC 2726-PROGrade 4 EMC 2727-PROGrade 5 EMC 2728-PROGrade 6+ EMC 2729-PRO

    Building Spelling Skills 160 reproducible pages.

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    Daily Science192 reproducible pages.

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    Daily Math Practice128 reproducible pages.

    Grade 1 EMC 750-PROGrade 2 EMC 751-PROGrade 3 EMC 752-PROGrade 4 EMC 753-PROGrade 5 EMC 754-PROGrade 6+ EMC 755-PRO

    Daily Word Problems: Math112 reproducible pages.

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    Daily Geography Practice160 reproducible pages plus 36 transparencies!

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    Daily Handwriting Practice112 reproducible pages.

    Traditional Manuscript All Grades EMC 790-PRO

    Traditional Cursive All Grades EMC 791-PRO

    Modern Manuscript All Grades EMC 792-PRO

    Contemporary Cursive All Grades EMC 793-PRO



    ProvenSpaced practice contributes to

    retention of skills.

    EMC 791

    All Grades Whats Inside... Daily practice for a

    36-week school year Handwriting skills:

    letter formation & placement, letter & word spacing

    Write letters, words, & sentences

    Make an alphabet book


    EMC 791

    Daily Handwriting Practice Tra


    l Cursive



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    Motivate students to practice important writing skills

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    Writing Centers, Grades 12Editing sentences & paragraphs and writing personal information, complete sentences, informational paragraphs, lists, poems, recipes, stories, letters and notes, and questions and answers.

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  • 2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. 1 Daily Handwriting Practice EMC 791

    Whats in Daily Handwriting Practice? The book is divided into 36 weekly sections. On Monday through Thursday

    students complete half pages to practice writing letters, words, andsentences. Fridays practice is a full page.

    A full-page chart showing proper letter formation is included.

    Daily Handwriting Practice is more than handwriting. While completing thehandwriting exercises, students learn about a variety of curriculum topics:

    Why Daily Handwriting Practice?The premise behind Daily Handwriting Practice is simpleand straightforwardfrequent, focused practice of askill leads to mastery and retention of that skill.

    The AlphabetCapital LettersMonths of the YearDays of the WeekGeography FactsInventorsThe Seven ContinentsThe WeatherOur PresidentsGames Around the WorldNative American TribesUnusual PlantsPrefixes and SuffixesRhyming WordsRivers of the WorldNonsense Rhymes

    Unusual AnimalsOwls Are Amazing HuntersWhalesThe Water CycleUsing Good VerbsFigures of SpeechColors and AlliterationLearning About BeaversSimple MachinesFamous QuotationsSports Around the WorldCandy Around the WorldLearning About KenyaWriting About MathAlphabets Around the World