DAB+/DAB/FM/Bluetooth • SCAN: In DAB/DAB+ mode, press this button to make a full scan; In FM...

download DAB+/DAB/FM/Bluetooth • SCAN: In DAB/DAB+ mode, press this button to make a full scan; In FM mode,

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Transcript of DAB+/DAB/FM/Bluetooth • SCAN: In DAB/DAB+ mode, press this button to make a full scan; In FM...

  • Dab2go BT DAB+/DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio

    User’s manual Mode d’emploi

    Bedienungsanleitung Gebruikershandleiding

    Brugermanual Bruksanvisning

    Käyttöopas Manuale utente

    Manual del usuario Manual do utilizador











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    D A B / D A B + / F M a n d B l u e t o o t h R a d i o

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    Important information Congratulations on your new radio. Please read this manual carefully to avoid malfunction and damage to the radio and to ensure that the radio will be a source of great pleasure to you for a very long time.

    1. Do not expose the radio to direct sunlight, high humidity, dirt, heavy vibration or extreme temperatures.

    2. Place the unit on a solid and plane surface. 3. Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation around the radio. Do not place the

    unit on a soft surface such as a carpet. Make sure that there is sufficient of clearance behind the unit.

    4. Do not open the cabinet. Only qualified technicians are allowed access to the internal parts.

    5. Make sure that liquid and foreign matter cannot enter the unit. 6. If service or repair is required, this must be carried out by qualified technicians. 7. Unplug the unit in the following cases:

    a. The mains plug or the mains cable is defective. b. Foreign matter or liquid has entered the radio. c. The unit cannot be operated properly. d. The unit has fallen down or the cabinet has been damaged.

    8. Store this instruction manual carefully for future reference. 9. Use a duster or a slightly damp, soft and non-fluffy rag to clean the radio. 10. Do not use corrosive or strong cleaning agents. Make sure that no moisture

    penetrates the radio during cleaning. Unplug the unit before cleaning. 11. Check that the mains voltage indicated on the AC-adaptor corresponds to the

    mains voltage that the unit is connected to. 12. Unplug the unit if the radio is not to be used for a long time. 13. The means of disconnecting this apparatus from the mains supply is plug of

    adapter. The disconnect device shall remain readily operable. Disclaimer Despite extensive efforts we cannot guarantee that the technical data indicated are correct, complete and updated. We reserve the right to make technical changes without notice.

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    Your new Tangent Dab2go BT radio is developed to work with the DAB+, DAB and FM broadcasting net. Furthermore we have added the “smart device” mode for you to connect wirelessly to the radio via Bluetooth. We hope that your new radio will provide you joy and pleasure for a long time.

    Top panel

    1. /VOLUME:

    A. Turn this knob clockwise to increase the volume or anticlockwise to decrease the volume.

    B. This knob also controls the volume of headphones when connected. C. Press this button to toggle the radio between ON and standby. D. When an alarm is given, press to turn it off.

    2. SNOOZE: When an alarm is given, repeatedly press this button to postpone alarm 5 or 10 minutes. While under SNOOZE function, the display of the radio will indicate Snooze, during this time, if you turn the unit on and off, snooze would be canceled.

    3. TUNE/SELECT: Turn this knob to browse options, and press this knob to confirm. 4. EXTERNAL ANTENNA: The radio comes with a telescopic antenna. To improve

    DAB/DAB+ and FM reception, adjust the antenna for best reception. 5. HANDLE: The aluminum handle is designed for easy carry.

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    Front panel

    • DISPLAY SCREEN: 2x16 character LCD featuring special icons.

    • MODE: Press this button to shift between DAB/DAB+, FM, Smart Device (Bluetooth) and AUX IN. AUX IN is only featured when a 3.5mm plug is connected.

    • INFO: While receiving a broadcast signal, press this button to display queue information. • MENU: Press this button to access the menu. • SCAN: In DAB/DAB+ mode, press this button to make a full scan; In FM mode, press

    this button to auto-scan. • ALARM: Press this button to set alarm. • Preset buttons 1-5 (in DAB/DAB+ and FM mode): To store a station: press and hold one of the preset buttons 1-5, until the display states ‘Preset # stored’. To recall a stored station: press one of the preset buttons 1-5 to load the preferred station. Both FM and DAB/DAB+ have 5 individual presets. • Playback buttons , and (in Smart Device (Bluetooth) mode): Press button to skip to previous track, press and hold button to rewind current playing track. Press button to play/pause current playing track. Press button to skip to next track, press and hold button to fast forward current playing track.

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    • LIST (in Smart Device mode): Press the LIST button to show paired Bluetooth device list. And to choose a previously connected device. Up to 10 stored and paired devices possible.

    • PAIR (in Smart Device mode): Bluetooth PAIR button: Press and hold PAIR button to enable pairing with Bluetooth device, then make your Bluetooth device search for your radio, select 'DAB2GO BT' from Bluetooth device list and enter '0000' for the password if necessary.

    Rear panel

    1. 12V/1A: Use this input to connect the radio’s DC power supply. 2. HEADPHONES: Inserting a headset plug will turn off the internal speaker. The output

    volume for the headset is controlled by the volume knob. 3. RECORD OUT: The radio can be used as a tuner by connecting it to an amplifier. 4. AUX IN: Connect any stereo or mono audio source to this stereo input. 5. UPDATE PORT: Software update port. Please leave this for service professional! 6. BATTERY COMPARTMENT: Loosen the big screw on the right side of the battery lit

    using e.g. a coin. Install 6 pcs AA sized batteries in the compartment.

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    Note: remember to install the battery correctly in the compartment. The negative end (-) of the battery must be placed with the end of the battery compartment with a spring. The positive end (+) of the battery must be placed with the end of the battery compartment without a spring. Warning: Do NOT connect the included power supply, when alkaline batteries are installed in the radio, this will damage your radio. Damage caused by faulty use of the radio is not covered by the warranty.

    Important notes on battery use - When the battery power is low, the battery indicator in the display will flash, and you

    should replace the batteries. The duration of time the indicator is flashing, depends on battery type and quality.

    - Remove all the batteries from the radio, if they are not used for an extended time period.

    - Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.

    - Dispose of spent batteries according to your country’s regulations. - The playback time can vary depending on the volume level, and battery type. - Do not burn the batteries. It will cause serious damage to the environment. - Do not attempt to disassemble the batteries. - Keep battery out of the reach of children and pets. - If the battery begins to leak, do not allow the liquid to come in contact with your skin or

    eyes. If contact has been made, wash the affected area with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately.

    - If the battery is damaged and ignites, do not use water to extinguish flame. Instead, use a functioning fire extinguisher.

    - The battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.

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    DAB Mode Switching ON/OFF

    1. Connect the power adapter between your radio and the mains socket, your radio will be in standby mode.

    2. Extract the telescopic antenna, and then press /VOLUME knob to switch unit on. Press /VOLUME knob again to switch it to standby mode.

    3. For initial use, the unit will automatically enter DAB mode and carry out a full scan. During scan the display will show a slide bar that indicates the progress of the scan and the amount of stations that have been found so far.

    4. Once the scanning is finished, the DAB stations will be displayed in alphanumeric order and the first station in the list will be broadcasted.

    Selecting another station

    1. Turn TUNE/SELECT knob to browse station list and then press TUNE/SELECT knob to confirm your selection.

    2. Or, you can press MENU button to find 'Station list', then turn TUNE/SELECT knob to browse and press to confirm.

    Auto scan

    If no DAB signal is found in your area, you may need to relocate your radio and perform an auto scan.

    To activate auto scan, press MENU button and then turn TUNE/SELECT knob to select 'Full scan', press TUNE/SELECT knob to confirm. You can also press SCAN button on the unit to scan automatically.

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    DRC (Dynamic Range Control)

    You can set the level of compression to eliminate the differences in dynamic range or sound level between radio stations. If you are listening to music with high dynamic range in a noisy environment, you may wish to