CW Skimmers, DX Cluster, and the Reverse Beacon Network

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CW Skimmers, DX Cluster, and the Reverse Beacon Network Presented by N6TV [email protected] Dayton 2013 1
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CW Skimmers, DX Cluster, and the Reverse Beacon Network. Presented by N6TV [email protected] Overview. What is CW Skimmer? What is the Reverse Beacon Network? How does it work? What can the RBN do for me ? How can I help? What’s new?. 2. It all starts with one developer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CW Skimmers, DX Cluster,and the Reverse Beacon NetworkPresented by [email protected]

Dayton 20131What is CW Skimmer?What is the Reverse Beacon Network?How does it work?What can the RBN do for me?How can I help?Whats new?

OverviewDayton 201322It all starts with one developerAlex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA(b. 1965, ex-UR5EMI, in Canada since 1998)

Dayton 201333What is CW Skimmer?Hardware: PC + Software Defined Radio(SDR)

Dayton 20134Top: front/rear photos of Software Radio Labs QS1R (N8VB)Bottom: Perseus SDR (MicroTelecom)4SDR AntennaWideband RX Antenna, 1.8-30 MHz

Pixel Tech. DX EngineeringLoop Active HorizontalRF Pro-1B: ARAH3-1PE:

Dayton 2013

5160-10m, pre-amplified. Loop can be used to null local noise source.5SoftwareCW Skimmer or Skimmer Server

Dayton 20136CW Skimmer by VE3NEA

Works with many SDRsDecodes multiple CW signals in real timeCan monitor entire CW bandWaterfall DisplayUses MASTER.DTATelnet Server (emulates a DX Cluster)

Dayton 20137Skimmer Server by VE3NEA

Only supports QS1R SDRDecodes multiple CW signals in real timeMonitors multiple bands with single SDRNo Waterfall DisplayNo MASTER.DTATelnet Server

Dayton 20138Telnet server(localhost port 7300)Emulates a DX Cluster Node

Reports Signal to Noise ratio, CW Speed, CQersDayton 20139What is the Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)?Uses any CW signal as a beaconMultiple CW Skimmers world-wide record signal strength (S/N ratio in dB) and CW speed (WPM)A free Aggregator program forwards CW Skimmer spots to a central serverCentral server distributes spots via web page and public telnet serversYou dont need to have an SDR to use itDayton 201310How do spots get to the RBN server?Dayton 201311AcknowledgementsRBN web site and first aggregator originated by PY1NB (similar to his other web site, Felipe pays all the bills.Lots of code by W3OA (aggregator), F5VIH (Spots analysis tool)CW Skimmer evangelized and tested by N4ZR (also publishes RBN blog) RBN Chief PropagandistTelnet server support by K5TR, W2QO, KM3T

Dayton 201312Felipe Ceglia, PY1NBCreated and maintainsthe Reverse BeaconNetworkHosts

Dayton 2013

13Dick Williams, W3OACreated the newestRBN AggregatorsoftwareDayton 2013

14Nick Sinanis, F5VIHWrote the RBNSpots Analysis ToolDayton 2013

15Pete Smith, N4ZRRBN Chief EvangelistSkimmertalk Reflector:

Dayton 201316What can the RBN do for me?It can improve your scoreFills spots in band map (SOA, Multi-op)Spots you very often, if you CQ properlyEntering a contest?Before: Check antenna F/B, signal strengthDuring: See where you are being heardAfter: Compare signal strength with the competitionDayton 201317Used exclusively during ARRL DX CW at W7RN, 1st place M/2 W. Coast17How can I use RBN to improve my score?Make sure the Skimmers find youWhen permitted, use RBN as DX Cluster for CW and RTTY contestsFar more spots, with smaller pileups than human-posted Cluster spotsQuickly fills up your logging software band mapHelps you find clear spots (between stations you cant hear)Shows where you are being heardE.g. at K3LR on 15m: Spotted by S50ARX-#(First EU answered our 15m CQs 25 minutes later)Dayton 20131818How do I CQ properly?Send everything at the same consistent speedNever use >/< or +++/--- to change speed in messagesCall CQ or TEST and send your call twiceCQ N6TV N6TVTEST N6TV N6TVCQ N6TV N6TV TESTUse proper spacing (let computer send)Dont send with paddles and rusheverythingtogetherChange your freq. slightly to get spotted againDayton 201319This is the most important slide in the entire talk19How to improve your chances in a Skimmer-generated pileupUse XIT or the randomize TX feature of your logging program to call a bit off frequency.

Dayton 201320How do I use the RBN to Check My Antennas?To test performance, just call CQ on CW, check RBN web site (turn beam, repeat)Use RBN web sites Spots Analysis Tool to compare your signal to the competitionDownload raw data files for deeper analysisEvery RBN spot posted since February, 2009 is archived on the siteDayton 201321Accessing the RBN (SOA, Multi) port 7000(DX Spider software) port 7000(V6 AR-Cluster software) port 23(CC Cluster software removes bad spots!)Some clusters combine RBN and human spots (VE7CC, W9ZRX, N7TR)

Dayton 201322Point your contest software cluster connection to one of these telnet nodes22Filtering Spots (old way) port 7000accept/spots by_zone 1,3,4,6,7,31 and not byWZ7I or call N6TV port 7000set dx filter call=N6TV or (unique>1 and (spotterstate=CA or spotterstate=NV or spotterstate=UT)) 201323Spottercqzone filter did not work on ArCluster23Filtering Spots (new way)Use CC User software by VE7CC to log in to and program filters with a full-feature Graphical User InterfaceCC Cluster nodes automatically reject unique (busted) spotsTutorial: 20132424

CC User Filter DialogsDayton 2013

25Some nodes combine RBN and legacy (human) port 23 (CC Cluster, many filtering options, use CC User to set them) port 7373 (AR Cluster) port 7373 (AR Cluster, butpre-filters to show only spots from Zones 3 and 4)Dayton 201326Spottercqzone did not work on ArCluster26Using www.reversebeacon.netGreat for post-contest analysisPlot signal strengthsRaw data files can be downloaded / analyzedMillions of spots archived


Dayton main

Dayton 201329Where was I heard?

Dayton 201330Plot spots on a map

Dayton 201331Which bands are open at my QTH?

Dayton 201332Spots analysis tool

Dayton 201333Pick a Date, a Skimmer, add callsigns to compare

Dayton 201334And the winner is K6XX!

Dayton 201335Raw data downloads

Dayton 201336Raw data is text file, Comma Separated Valuescallsign,de_pfx,de_cont,freq,band,dx,dx_pfx,dx_cont,mode,db,dateVK6IA,VK,OC,28028.4,10m,W6YI,K,NA,CQ,14,2011-11-26 00:00:00ON5KQ,ON,EU,7005.5,40m,K2QMF,K,NA,CQ,40,2011-11-26 00:00:00ON5KQ,ON,EU,7005.5,40m,K2QMF,K,NA,CQ,40,2011-11-26 00:00:00N4ZR,K,NA,7011.7,40m,OM5NS,OM,EU,CQ,22,2011-11-26 00:00:00N4ZR,K,NA,7020.6,40m,S50R,S5,EU,CQ,40,2011-11-26 00:00:00N4ZR,K,NA,7023,40m,NQ4I,K,NA,CQ,56,2011-11-26 00:00:00WA7LNW,K,NA,7051.5,40m,YR1C,YO,EU,CQ,15,2011-11-26 00:00:00Total World-Wide RBN spots, 2012 CQ WW CW:3,163,126 (18.3 spots per second)2013 ARRL DX CW:3,937,108 by all Skimmers (82,023 spots per hour)2,013,282 by DX Skimmers outside USADayton 201337How can I help?Set up an SDR, feed Skimmer Spots to the RBN, using the Aggregator programMore skimmers needed in Asia/Africa/South AmericaCall a bit off frequencyDayton 201338Whats New?DL4RCK RCKSkimmer automatically adds RTTY spots into RBN network (but doesnt use wideband SDR)VE3NEA is attempting:RTTY/PSK SkimmerSSTV SkimmerBut he says Not close to completionNot attempted:SSB Skimmer

Dayton 201339For more informationhttp://www.reversebeacon.net (QS1R) (RF Pro-1B loop antenna) (ARAH3-1PE horizontal antenna)Dayton 201340For more information 201341Questions?Dayton 201342