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Transcript of CW Presentation

  • CW22, RaleighClient Presentation

    Sam Kahle, Kate Robertson, Martina Allen, and Gary Barber

  • Why SEO and Social Media Matters- Social media allows marketers to engage with a specific

    target audience in the most direct form.

    - People are being informed by search results more and more

    - TV commercials and billboard ads just arent cutting it

  • Plans for The CW

    - Increase engagement- Boost social media numbers

    - Reach new demographic- Adults: Ages 25-35- Teens: Ages 13-18

    - Renovate website - Rework SEO components

  • Comparison of EffectivenessFebruary March

  • ProblemsSocial Media

    - Keeping Twitter Engagement high- Low intent on Instagram

    SEO- Not Mobile Friendly- Missing some Alt-text Tags- Missing Meta Tags

  • Website Usability

  • Website Usability

    - General Comments: - Good... But could be better- Side Navigation and Top Navigation are good.- Could use more visuals

  • Website Usability

    Page-Speed Analysis:- Using Google Developer:

    - Desktop: 45/100- Mobile: 33/100

  • Website Usability

    Ways to improve:- Mobile and Desktop Usability

    - Compress image files- Get rid of Javascript and CSS

    - User Experience - Misleading Entertainment tab

  • SEO Audit

    - Link Accessibility- Alt Text Usage- UX and Mobile Friendly- Appropriate URL names- Titles and Tags- Duplicating Content

  • The Social Media Plan- Facebook:

    - Post twice a day- Use more visual content

    - Twitter:

    - Tweet once per hour and

    - Tweet during popular shows.

    - Instagram: - Post behind the scenes pictures.

    - Ask questions in your captions that emphasize engagement.

  • KPIsWebsite: Page views

    Blog: Hits per post, hits per week, click, etc.

    Social Media: Likes per weeks, measuring engagements over a timeframe, utilizing Facebooks Seen feature.

  • Contest Suggestions

    - Character Look-Alikes- 4th of July- Sunrise/Sunset- Halloween Costume

  • ConclusionOnline presence needs work

    Renovate site to be mobile friendly

    Continue effective engagement on social media