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My CV, with human machine interface inspired.

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rEAL tIME tRAFFIC iNFORMATION - design of system to integrate / dissipate real time informationabout traffic in automobiles and other modes

dISCOGRAPHY OF aR rAHMAN - interactive visualization of the musical albums,songs scored by ar rahman

iNFOTAINMENT sYSTEM dESIGN FOR eLDERLY dRIVERS - Bosch - infotainment systems in low pricedvehicles and for elderly drivers in indian context

wINDOWS 8 - nEXT gENERATION os FOR INFORMATION WORKERS - Microsoft IDC - user interface and interaction design for the next generation Operating Systems

dESIGN FOR nEXT bILLION - pARIVARTAN mOBILE sERVICES - service design for bottom of the pyramid users based on mobile phone transactions

mOBILE pHONE cONVERSATIONS AND INTERACTIONS - concepts for better interactionsover mobile phone based on the conversations people have.

iNDUSTRIAL eCOLOGY IN bANGALORE - represent the industrial areas and waste compositionof various companies in and around bangalore city

VIRTUAL Interface

Human Machine Interface

Information Visualization

literature review / survey / data analytics

information graphics / high fidelity prototyping

ethnographic research / comparitive analysis / scenarios / mock ups

field observations / contextual inquiry / focus group / user evaluation

personas / brainstorming / moodboard / task analysis / prototyping

user research / wire frames / user journey / task flows




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