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description Give your ATV’S the performance at it’s best with these powerful ATV Exhaust systems like YOSHIMURA® ATV RS-2 SLIP-ONS, YOSHIMURA® EMS PIM (Peripheral Interface Module), YOSHIMURA® EMS PIM-2 (Peripheral Interface Module -2) and more! Made with High-grade aluminum sleeve 304L stainless steel header and mid-pipe construction96 db spark arrested sound insert: Welded CNC-machined aluminum mounting bracket. Visit us for more!

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  • 1. When it comes to customizing your ATV exhaust ,we offer exhaustsystems that will drastically improve your ATVs peakperformance!

2. Take a look at these powerful parts that will not let you down.. Theyare created to unleash your ATVs full potential.. 3. High-grade aluminum sleeve 304L stainless steel header and mid-pipe construction96 db spark arrested sound insertWelded CNC-machined aluminummounting bracket 4. Piggyback unit that plugs into thestock wiring harness and providesoptional mapping for those looking to optimize power 5. Pre-programmed with 2 fuelmaps, one for use with a sparkarrestor and the other for full open race exhausts Only takes minutes to install 6. Over 400 adjustment points in +/-1% incrementsEasy to read screen - intuitive andlogicalFull range mapping every 500rpm at 10% throttle intervals 7. USB cable hook-up for your lap-top for limitless custom tuningEasy to install, comes with plug-n- play complete wiring harness 8. Complete instructions and instructional DVD includedOptional dyno tuning self-mapping DATA (Digital Advanced TuningAssistant) for dealerships andperformance shops 9. Trapezoidal shape Cone end cap Stainless steel canister Low-volume insert capableComplete style with 20-gauge 304Lpolished stainless steel tapered mid-pipe and header, 10. and spring mounted spigot andflanges (most models) Slip-On stylewith 20-gauge 304L polishedstainless steel tapered mid-pipeeasily attaches to the O.E.M. header pipe*Titanium System 11. The Comp Series Oval Slip-Onsfeature many of the same designaspects of our Pro Series but in a more affordable 304L stainless steel version featuring an RS-3 oval canister design unless otherwise noted. 12. An ideal system for the privateer or hardcore weekend warrior, the Comp Series to provide a solidincrease in performance throughout the entire powerband. 13. Want the perfect ATV exhaust foryour machine? Get to know moreand browse our ATV exhaustcatalog to settle for the best! VisitUS! 14.