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  • SUMMER TRAING PROJECT REPORT ON Customer awareness and preferring Volkswagen cars. PREPARED FOR Volkswagen Lucknow Towards the partial fulfillment of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Affiliated to U.P. Technical University, Lucknow)Guided by Submitted byMr. Adnan Khan Swamit Gupta SESSION 2008-09 1
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Success of my project depends upon two factors Internal and External factorincludes sincere efforts, dedication to the work and good potential whereas internalfactors includes cooperation and supports of potential customers who patiently hearsabout the schemes and plans of VOLKSWAGEN and then gives response. Good guidance and cooperation from others are such external factors, whichaffects the percentage of success. Though in completing this project I tried my level bestbut it could not be possible without proper guidance from the staff of VOLKSWAGEN I wants to give my thanks to Mr. Adnan Khan (Sales Head) for his valuableguidance and suggestions, which I sincerely value and appreciate. SWAMIT GUPTA 2
  • PREFACEThe Post Graduate Degree in Business Management is of no such importance until andunless it is implemented in a practical way i.e. to say that this course is not restricted tobooks only. This project report is made on the basis of the summer training which Iundergone for full fledged period of two months. I had undergone training in the one ofthe most reputed automobile company in India, i.e. VOLKSWAGEN. The topic of mytraining was to know the effective factors of awareness and preferring Volkswagencars. Under this topic I was supposed to know the customers satisfaction anddissatisfaction and what they desire in their cars. The training gave me a lot ofunderstanding about the customers views and requirements and their future plans forpurchasing and thus I made questionnaire on it and accordingly constructed variousgraphs on it based on certain analysis. 3
  • EXECUTIVE SUMMERY In each and every management training scheme there is a provision for real timejob experience within the academics time period. Call it summer training or corporatetraining or corporate interaction: the main aim of this is to utilize and implement thetheoretical knowledge of class room into corporate world. It is well said nothing ismuch practical than a good theory. But on very same we cant deny Practical isbetter than theory. Theses phrases are opposing to each other but also arecomplement to each other. Experiencing both in a good dedicated manner really plays alot in ones professional life. In the field of marketing there is no expectation with the market. Field experienceis very much necessary for the market professionals. In the stream of business theapplication of theory is very frequent. From the consumer behavior to consumersatisfaction, we have to study all this in the field of marketing. Marketing is now so muchdiversified that now it can be done by mere use of mobile phone and internet, theexperiencing the real marketing tactics is only possible by working in the field.Therefore I am really thankful to my college and Volkswagen for providing me withthis opportunity. 4
  • I have worked at different level and at different areas in company. In initial days Iworked on old data, Next job was to make phone calls to those customers who areable to purchase luxuries cars to convince them. The third phase was to go directly tothe customers and get their feedback to know about the opinion, complaint andsuggestion of consumers. I have tried my best to include all these above task in thisproject report. 5
  • Indexa) Acknowledgementb) Prefacec) Executive summaryd) contents1. Introduction 1-162. Company profile 17-303. Product profile 31-434. Specific information of organization 44-535. Objective of the study 54-566. Research Methodology 57-617. Problems & Limitations 62-638. Finding, Analysis & Interpretations 64-869. SWOT analysis 87-8910. Suggestion 90-9211. Conclusion 93-9412. Questionnaire 95-9913. Bibliography 100-103 6
  • INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC Todays society is warm with urbanization and demonstration effect. With a viewtowards it, there are drastic changes coming up in all sectors even in the automobileindustries. The following information gives an insight about it. In the present context the companies operate on the principle of natural selectionSurvival Of The Fittest. Only those companies will succeed which at best match tothe current environmental imperatives those who can deliver what people are ready tobuy. But real marketing does not involve the art of selling what the manufacturers make.Organizations gain market leadership by understanding consumer needs and findingsolutions that delight consumers. If customer value and satisfaction are absent, noamount of promotion or selling can be compensating. Hence the aim of marketing is tobuild and manage profitable customer relationship. 8
  • This is a part of the strategic marketing done by every company to achieve itsobjectives and goals. To maximize the profits and long term plans every organizationhas to follow a strategic planning. Marketing is much more than just an isolated business function it is a philosophythat guides the entire organization towards sensing, serving and satisfying consumerneeds. The marketing department cannot accomplish the companys customerrelationship-building goals by itself. It must partner closely with other departments in thecompany and with other organization throughout its entire value delivery network toprovide superior customer value and satisfaction. Thus marketing calls uponeveryone in the organization to think customer and to do all they can to help buildand manage profitable customer relationship. Marketing is all around us, and we need toknow that it is not only used by manufacturing companies, wholesaler and retailers, butalso by all kinds of individuals and organizations. There are four major, powerful themes that go to the heart of modern marketingtheory and practice, they are: BUILDING AND MANAGING PORFITABLE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS. BUILDING AND MANAGING STRONG BRANDS. 9
  • HARNESSING NEW MARKETING TECHNOLOGIES IN THIS DIGITAL AGE. MARKETING IN A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE WAY AROUND THE GLOBE.What marketing is what it does and what it offers? Marketing is a social and managerial process whereby individual and groupsobtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and valuewith others. Marketing management is the process of planning and executing the conception,pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchangesthat satisfy individual and organizational goals. Marketing offers some combination of products, services, information, orexperiences offered to a market to satisfy a need or want Marketing is an orderly and insightful process for thinking about and planning formarkets. The process starts with researching the market place to understand itsdynamics. The marketer uses research methodologies to identify opportunities, that is, 10
  • to find individuals all groups of people with unmet needs or latent interest in someproducts or service.The marketing process consists of the following: Analyzing marketing opportunities. Developing marketing strategies. Planning marketing programs Managing the marketing efforts. Before taking any decision and achieving the goals, it has to make analysis ofwhat to do, how to do, when to do, where to do and who is to do it. This is nothingbut strategic planning. Goals indicate what a business unit wants to achieve whereasstrategy is how to get there. Marketing strategies in simple terms are the complete and unbeatable plansdesigned specifically for attaining the marketing objectives of the firm. Marketing can be 11
  • called as a game plan for achieving its goals. Strategy choice will depend on whetherthe firm or the marketer plays the following roles: Market leader A challenger A follower A nicher The identification of objectives, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, is anessential backdrop to strategy formulation. Goals have a quality and time frameattached to them. These are typically spelt out in terms of financial return, market share,market presence, etc. Thus, the concept of market oriented strategic planning arises with the linkbetween the products the manufacturer is dealing in and the market conditions. In this 12
  • direction, our study deals only with the marketing strategies i.e. promotional strategies ofthe VOLKSWAGEN automotives. INTRODUCTION OF AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY IN INDIA