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Custom Closet by Fabrizio Valerio Covone Stephen Carberry Christopher Conlan Cara Murphy Shane Ellis



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Custom Closetby Fabrizio Valerio Covone

Stephen CarberryChristopher Conlan

Cara MurphyShane Ellis

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Main IdeaCustom Closet is a virtual meeting place

between Fashion Designers and their customers.

This website serves as a platform for all fashion designers to advertise and sell their designs.

The customer uploads what exactly they are looking for, and if they wish to be fitted for the item.

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Brand Design

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Mind Maps

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Market AnalysisSecondary Research

Competitor AnalysisCompetitor: Gorgeous Courture

Submit your own sketches.

Browse through shop but not through Fashion Designers.

Offers style advices.

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Market AnalysisPrimary Analysis

Survey:100 and more

responses.Quantitative Research.

Focus Group:8 people.Qualitative Research.

Interview:CEO of Secret Chic.Qualitative


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Market AnalysisS.W.O.T.

ConvenienceEasy to UseUnique ItemsCheap

No Fitting RoomDefine Refund ProcessWorld Wide Coverage Delivery

Recommendation EngineOwn Brand ProductsAccessories

Copyright IssuesConflict of Interests between Fashion Designer and Customers

Strengths Weaknesses

Opportunities Threats

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User Types Guest User: The guest user is a casual internet user who browses forums

and online shopping sites but rarely buys. They would browse through the site but would have no intention of buying or registering their details.

Registered Customer: The registered customer is a fashion conscious internet user who buys online from time to time. The registered customer chooses from design templates submitted by a designer or have the option to upload their own designs, sketches or ideas.

Fashion Designer: The registered fashion designer uses the site in order to promote their business and their designs. They are eager to interact with prospective customers on a one-to-one basis. The designer uploads their designs from which customers can browse and ‘try on’ their avatar.

Web Admin: The administrator mediates between any disputes between a customer and a designer. They have the final say in regards refund procedures. They also moderate the forums and users who may use foul language or be abusive.

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PersonasGuest User Persona

Name: Julie

Age: 28

Nationality: Irish

Occupation: Cashier: Bank of Ireland

Registered Customer Persona

Name: Laura

Age: 24

Nationality: Irish

Occupation: Student/Intern

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PersonasWeb-Admin Persona

Name: Michael

Age: 36

Nationality: Irish

Occupation: Tech Support

Fashion Designer Persona

Name: Emma

Age: 30

Nationality: Irish

Occupation: Fashion Designer

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Problem SolvingFitting Room:

User-like avatar creation and virtual fitting room.

Refunds:Refunds will be provided only in case of wrong size

and/or damaged product delivered.

Fashion Designer Engagements:Customers contact directly a fashion designer for a

tailored attire request.

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Functional AnalysisRef Name DescriptionFM-0001 Customer Registration This is the registration process of any user who

wants to buy FD’s shown products and/or engage a FD for a customized product.

FM-0002 FD Registration This is the registration process that a Fashion Designer has to fulfil in order to set up his/her Personal Profile. During this process FDs have to apply to the monthly subscription.

FM-0003 RC Profile This functional module is the RCs’ personal profile where FDs can manage their purchased products and rate FDs.

FM-0004 FD Profile This functional module is the FDs’ personal showroom where FDs can exhibit their work and be contacted by RC.

FM-0005 Admin Profile This functional module is the Admin’s personal console where he/she can approve refunds and ban RCs and FDs.

FM-0006 User Log In This is the module where RCs and FDs log n in order to access their relative features.

FM-0007 Products Gallery In this module all FD’s products are shown and can be purchased by RCs.

FM-0008 FD Engagement This functionality module provides RCs to contact and engage FDs to order tailored attire.

FM-0009 Custom Product Request RCs can customize their purchase by choosing different products by many FDs and see how they will look like on a stylized Avatar.

FM-0010 Shopping Cart RCs can add to the shopping cart the products that they want to purchase.

FM-0011 Purchase Process During this process RCs will pay the products they want to purchase. After they have received their purchased products, RCs and FDs have to rate each other.

FM-0012 Refund Process During this process RCs can ask for a refund, but only a Admin will decide to proceed further or to reject it. See Constraint 001 for more details.

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Fashion Designer Engagement

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Refund Process

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Avatar Fit Room