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  1. 1. Executive Summary: Senior Lead Exploration Geologist with 17 years of oil & gas industry experience, 13 yrs Exploration & 4 yrs Development with a total of 9 years of Operations Geology. Extensive work history of high performance. Well respected by my peers and senior management. Successful oil & gas finder. Experienced in a variety of reservoirs: clastics (coastal plain, fluvial, lacustrine, deltaic, shallow and deep marine environments), carbonates (ramps, atolls & reefs) and fractured (granite) basement plays. Have worked a variety of structural settings including offshore extensional rift basins throughout Southeast Asia and onshore compressional fold & thrust belts in Canada. Experience: 2013-present Lead Exploration Geologist, Repsol (Talisman) Asia Limited, Jakarta, Indonesia 2009-2013 Senior Exploration Geologist, Talisman Vietnam Limited 2003-2009 Explorationist, Geology, Monkman, NE B.C. Foothills, Talisman Energy 2001-2003 Geologist, Foothills Asset Team, ExxonMobil Canada 2000-2001 Geologist, Carson Creek, Rainbow & Pembina Asset Teams, ExxonMobil 1999-2000 Geologist, Carson Creek Asset Team, Mobil Oil Canada 1998-1999 Geologist, Rainbow Asset Team, Mobil Oil Canada Basins Worked: Indonesia: North Sumatra Basin, South Sumatra, East Natuna Basin East Kalimantan, East Makassar, Irian Jaya/Papua Vietnam: Nam Con Son Basin, Vung May Basin, Cuu Long Basin Malaysia: West & North Luconia, Deepwater Sarawak Canada: Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Key Skills: Regional Play Fairway Analysis, Geology and Seismic Interpretation and Integration Structural Geology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Environment Interpretation Extensional and Compressional Geology, Carbonate and Clastic Geology Well Log and Seismic Facies Analysis, Well Planning Prospect Generation, Reserve & Risk Evaluation, New Ventures Assessments Well Operations, Report Writing, Good Communication & Interpersonal Skills Mentoring and Coaching National and Junior Staff Character Profile: Leadership & Team Player: led exploration teams, extensive track record of working well independently and closely with multiple peers, disciplines, offices and countries. Consistent High Performer: takes initiative, passionate, results driven, widely known for making things happen, getting the job done and contributing to my teams success. Multitasker: handle multiple projects simultaneously and deliver work projects on time. Adaptable: proven history of learning and applying new skills to increase play understanding and achieve results.
  2. 2. Pradeep Bhatnagar 2 2013-2015 / Lead Exploration Geologist, Talisman Asia Limited, Jakarta Leadership and Technical Guidance. Was specifically brought by management into this national exploration team to bring western leadership, a high caliber work ethic, raise the technical bar of the team, develop geologic models, assist Business Development and successfully move exploration opportunities from assessments through to final internal approvals. Provided technical leadership with play based exploration, play fairway maps, resource and risk estimation methods. Contributed in local and regional technical reviews. These achievements have been recognized in my performance reviews. Supervised, mentored and led geologists and geophysicists. Provided technical guidance and directed the teams work and projects including New Venture Assessments. Responsible for performance review appraisals, coaching and mentoring. Participated in Regional Peer Assists with the Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Singapore Regional teams. Shared knowledge of adjacent geology and petroleum system across the border on the Indonesian Papua side and Western Canadian foothills experience. Provided guidance for technical follow up work to help better understand charge migration and fault seal to reduce geological risk and move the prospect forwards through the next technical reviews. Created regional play fairway maps for the North Sumatra Basin to improve regional and local understanding of prospectivity. Play fairway maps are a key exploration tool and requirement for Talisman and I have built that capability into this office. Advance the Andaman III PSC. Reviewed, revised, improved and completed additional technical work on the block and in a regional context. Held peer and resource reviews with technical experts from Houston and Calgary offices. Presented to regional exploration managers, VP of SEA & Regional Managing Director. Revised and updated farm out flyers, farm out presentations, and technical posters. Prepared abstracts, gave technical presentations and multiple poster presentations at the 2013 & 2014 Farm out Forums which were well received. New Ventures / Business Development: Continued to grow our business in South Sumatra and throughout Indonesia. Instrumental in assisting the team to meeting additional JSA and PSC targets. Attended and technically reviewed >20 data room / farm in opportunities throughout Indonesia to date in North Sumatra, South Sumatra, East Natuna, East Kalimantan, East Makassar, Irian Jaya & Papua basins. Made technical recommendations to management whether to pursue the blocks or not. Prospect Reserve and Risk Calculation. Office expert Geo-X user. Geo-X is the new standard in resource and risk estimation for modern day exploration. Geo-X allows for more geologically reasonable distributions and parameter correlations that result in better resource and risk estimation. Have trained and supported geoscientists in the office on how to use Geo-X. Organized and prepared data rooms in order to farm out a portion of TLMs 100% working interest. Received many compliments from data room attendees on the quality of presentation, technical work and merit of the block. My efforts were recognized both internally and externally. Developing and coordinated the Exploration New Opportunity Process which takes the opportunity through technical and financial approvals. Coordinated and worked with all of the involved disciplines (Business Development, Legal, G&G, Reservoir Engineering, Facilities Engineering, Planning, and Senior Management) to ensure that the opportunity is properly assessed technically and commercially.
  3. 3. Pradeep Bhatnagar 3 2009-2013 Senior Exploration Geologist, Talisman Vietnam Limited Technical Lead for the Southern Exploration Team: Managed entire technical team comprised of 3 geophysicists, 3 geologists, 3 technologists, 1 basin modeler, 1 petrophysicist and a reservoir engineer for 2 successful Exploration Quality Team (EQT) Regional Reviews which resulted in the technical approval to proceed with offshore exploration drilling program planning. Both EQT Reviews were well received with the following comments: Lots of progress. Raised the teams technical bar. Good individual work and team focus. Dedication is obvious. Significant improvement in integration and interaction with the EQT. Recognized as one of the top technical exploration teams in the company. Conceived team work plan and schedule, held effective weekly update meetings and weekly technical meetings, and facilitated effective group discussions. Regional Play Fairway Analysis: Doubled the extent of regional play fairway maps (96,000 km2 with 93,000 km of 2D, 11,000 km2 of 3D seismic and 78 wells). Completed regional seismic and geological interpretation and integration, well log facies interpretation, paleogeographic map construction, seismic facies analysis, detailed stratigraphic subdivision, reservoir characterization, play fairway map construction for reservoir, charge, seal and composite petroleum system maps. These play fairway maps have been successfully used to define prospective fairways with > 800 MMBOE of prospective resources, make new commercial discoveries, acquire additional exploration acreage and predict competitor dry holes. Pradeeps play fairway analysis work has been well recognized within the company, praised by our Exploration Quality Team and are used as the standard to teach our internal Play Based Exploration course. Involved in 2 deep water exploration wells: play fairway mapping, lead mapping and identification, prospect portfolio risk and resource estimates, coordinated pore pressure study, prognoses. These were both Talisman Vietnam and Vietnams first deep water wells drilled in >550 to 685 m water depth in the Nam Con Son Basin. Cenozoic Regional Mapping Project: Constructed regional geological cross sections and paleogeographic maps of Oligocene to Pleistocene intervals. Interpreted facies by incorporating core data, biostratigraphy, geological reports, well reports, regional studies, operator reports and published papers. Constructed charge, reservoir and seal risk maps to evaluate play fairways and prospects. Conducted Nam Con Son Basin Miocene and Oligocene Reservoir Evaluation Project: Calibrated porosity-depth plots to core porosity-permeability data, compiled petrophysical data according to facies, created cumulative probability plots and maps of key reservoir parameters to create Play Fairway maps and determine prospect reserves. Completed Nam Con Son Field Analogue Study: Created summaries of Miocene & Oligocene fields using structure maps, seismic sections, petrophysical plots & summaries, field reservoir parameters and reserves & production information to describe the play type and prospects in EQT Assists & Reviews and improve reserve estimates. Conducted Nam Con Son Basin Dry Hole Analysis: Summarized wells using general well information, objectives, show & test results and seismic sections. Identified failure mechanisms to determine critical risks. Evaluated basin wide geologic and commercial chances of success.
  4. 4. Pradeep Bhatnagar 4 2009-2013 Senior Exploration Geologist, Talisman Vietnam Limited (Continued) Fault Seal Analysis: Constructed