Cummunity Helpers

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  • 1. Community Helpers During Fiesta Bingo The first student to fill up a row of five wins!

2. What are community helpers?Community helpers take care of our community by either helping keep our community clean, taking care of the sick in our community, providing food for our community, teaching, and/or by making our community more safe.Each community helpers job is important. The help out during events like Fiesta! 3. MaintenanceHow might this personhelp during Fiesta? 4. Pinata 5. Doctor 6. Lemonada 7. Nurse 8. Farmer 9. Firefighter 10. Food 11. Sombrero 12. Teacher 13. Police Officer 14. Dancing 15. CommunityVolunteers 16. Can you think ofany other community helpers? Talk with your neighbor.