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Expand your knowledge in User Experience science

Transcript of Culture of awesome apps mobile

  • Culture of awesome apps

    Alina BidnenkoCiklum

  • Know users objectives

    How does an app make user happy? How does user use an app? Why does user do this activity, task, operation? Why does user act exactly in this way? Why should user choose your app, not

    competitors one?

  • Know users mental model

    stop asking confirmation for saving use domain images instead of words on the controls think over data presentation think over additional flows

  • Know users type

    Beginner Eternal middling Professional

  • Activity centered design

    User centered design

    Know approaches

    Data- driven design

    System design


  • Only interrupt me if its important

    use toast instead of dialogs use undo pattern move less frequently using functions

    deeper in the interface

  • Decide for me but let me have the final say

    autofill all possible fields create templates use dimention between words in

    searching always use previously entered data

  • Get to know me

    app should always learn app should always remember everything

  • Its not my fault

  • Let user feel safe

    undo button always save entered data

  • Happy user

  • Don't stop on the reached!

  • Literature

    1. The essential of interaction design, Alan Cooper

    2. Flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi