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  • 1. CubismBy: Emma Babtan, Emily Pawczuk, and CharleneDinogan
  • 2. Characteristics Geometric Shapes Simultaneity Passage Restricted Color Almost abstract
  • 3. Movement Influences Symbolism Rejected realworld appearances Post-Impressionism Allowed to be emotionally guided
  • 4. Influences Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) Main influence on cubist artists Nature should be treated as cylinders,spheres, and cones. Made rigid lines and figures to add structureto paintings Henri Rousseau (1844-1910)
  • 5. Gallery Cubists Pablo Picasso Georges Braque Juan Gris
  • 6. Salon Cubists Jean Metzinger Albert Gleizes Robert Delaunay Fernand Leger Tendency to write and theorize
  • 7. Beginnings Picasso and Braque Paintings, sculptures, and poems Popular from start Les Demoiselles dAvignon-Picasso LEstaque Series-Braque
  • 8. Analytic Cubism 1910-1912 Picasso and Braque Less color
  • 9. Synthetic Cubism 1912-1914 More collage like More color Larger
  • 10. Pablo Picasso
  • 11. About Pablo Full Name: Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Birth Name: Pablo Diego Jose Franciscode Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de losRemedios Crispiniano de la SantisimaTrinidad. (17 words) Born in Malaga, Spain October 25, 1881 Died in Mougins, France April 8, 1973 2 wives: Olga Khokhlova and JacquelineRoque.
  • 12. History- Before 1901 Pablos father was also a painter. Paintednatural objects like birds. At age 7 Picasso started gettingprofessional art training from his father. Went to several art school because hemoved and he didnt like taking directions. Moved to Paris
  • 13. Blue Period- 1901-1904 Only used shades of blue and blue-green Painted blue because of his depression(the suicide of his friend)- addedprostitutes, beggars/poor people, anddrunks, blinds and social outsiders. The Frugal Repast (1904) A blind man and womanthat can see, sitting at a tablethat is bare.
  • 14. Rose Period- 1904-1906 Uses the colors orange and pink a possible reason he changed from blueto pink is his happy relationship withFernande Olivier. Used a lot of Harlequins, circusperformers, and clowns. Started to make abstract art. Seated Female Nude (1905) Figure is recognizable but notan actual person.
  • 15. African-Influenced Period- 1907-1909 Strongly influenced by African sculptures. Period was also called the Negro Periodor Black Period. The French Empire was taking over partsof Africa so a lot of African art in France. Started to collect African art while makingthe Les Demoiselles dAvignon.
  • 16. Cubism Period- 1909-1912 Cubism started with Picasso and GeorgesBraque. Used different shapes ( cylinder, squares,spheres) and colors like grey, blue, andocher. Ma Jolie (1911)
  • 17. Classicism and Surrealism Period-1918-1945 Art work started to look like objects. During the uprising ofWorldWar 1. Classicist painting would be The Lovers.Surrealist painting would be Woman withFlower.
  • 18. Later Works- After 1945 Created a Dove symbolizing peace duringWorldWar 2.Won the International StalinPeace Prize twice. Started to draw a Series of paintingscalledVerve Suit. It contained 180 picturesand had clowns, circus performers, cupidfigures and many more.The worksbecame more expressive and colorful.
  • 19. Young Acrobat on aBall- 1905Beginning of the Rose Period
  • 20. Man with a Pipe-1915Transition from Cubism to Surrealism
  • 21. Guernica- 1937Surrealism
  • 22. The Dream- 1932Surrealism
  • 23. Les DemoisellesdAvignon- 1907African Period
  • 24. Georges Braque
  • 25. About Georges Full Name: Georges Braque Born inVal-dOise Argenteuil. Born on May 13, 1882 Died on August 31, 1963 in Paris. Father was also a painter.
  • 26. Early Life Started painting with his fatherlandscapes. Took light and broke it up. Illuminatedeach plane differently
  • 27. Cubism Braque took the picture and made itgeometric figures but still added shadingso it looks 3-D and flat. He alsointerested in making Cezannes idea ofmultiple perspectives. Created a collage and invented the PapierColle technique.
  • 28. Road nearLEstaque- 1908Cubism
  • 29. Violin andCandlestick- 1910
  • 30. Man with a Guitar-1911
  • 31. Woman with aGuitar- 1913
  • 32. Influenced Abstract Conceptual Pop Ready-mades
  • 34. Fernand Lger (1881-1955) Born in Argentan, France Died in Gif-sur-Yvette, France 1909 joined the Cubists Colors and shapes Tubism
  • 35. The Card Players- 1917
  • 36. The City-1919
  • 37. The Tugboat- 1920
  • 38. JUAN GRIS
  • 39. Juan Gris (1887-1927) Born in Madrid Died in Paris First a Magazine Illustrator Inspired by Picasso and Braque Abstract Shapes
  • 40. Portrait of Picasso- 1912
  • 41. Landscape at Cret- 1913
  • 42. Still Life (Fantomas)- 1915