CSO Staff Cheats Jillian & Steven. Session Starters Please silence your cell phones When asking...

CSO Staff Cheats Jillian & Steven

Transcript of CSO Staff Cheats Jillian & Steven. Session Starters Please silence your cell phones When asking...

CSO Staff CheatsJillian & Steven

Session Starters

• Please silence your cell phones• When asking questions please clearly state

your name and where you are from• Try to hold questions for Question Breaks• A link where you can download the

PowerPoints will be available after the conference for review, but take notes!

• Sit back, relax and let’s have some fun

Session Goals

• Save you time• Streamline your processes• Utilize new functionality• Become the CSO Expert in your office

Part 1: System Shortcuts

System Shortcuts• Last Viewed Menu:

– Found on Left Navigation Bar– Allows quick access to records you have recently worked with– Contains: Students, Employers, Contacts, Jobs, Schedules,


• Task List:– Found on Admin Home Page– Displays records that currently need attention– Most Common: Unpaid Event Registrations, Incomplete

Interview Schedules

System Shortcuts

• Quick Links:– Found in the Left Navigation Bar– Allows you to quickly access saved items– Contains: Saved Reports, Saved Searches, Your

Observation Notes

• System Stats:– Found under Tools > Reports > System Stats– Quickly generate numbers for system usage– Contains: Students, Employers, Jobs, Schedules,

Mentors, Career Events, Faculty


Part 2: Simplifying Your Reports

Simplifying Your Reports

• Sneaky Criteria:– Helpful criteria to get the information you need quickly– Options: Is Empty/Is Not Empty, Not In, Today/Tomorrow

• Online Reporting:– Another format for generating your reports– Connect directly to records in your report– Useful for editing a certain group of records

Simplifying Your Reports• Saved Reports:

– Can add to Quick Links menu– Allows you to quickly access

commonly run reports– Can edit criteria in a saved reports

• Report Categories:– Allows you to easily search your

saved reports– Can create as many as you would like– Useful for large offices

• Report Access Level– Public, Protected, Private– Allows you to protect your reports


Part 3: Other Programs

Other Programs• MS Excel:– Highlighting Duplicate Records– Sorting Results (Custom Sorts)– Removing Duplicates

• Jing:– FREE!– Screenshots– Screen capture videos

We hope you will . . .

• Use these tips to: – Save you time– Streamline your processes– Utilize new functionality– Become the CSO Expert in your office


Thanks for Attending!

If you have any questions please contact the Support Team or your CRM!

Join us at 6:00 pm for the Welcome Reception

downstairs on the patio.