CS 654 Spiritual Formation in Congregations

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CS 654 Spiritual Formation in Congregations. Weekend 4. Firestarter #1. What is the twofold task of spiritual formation ? Where does spiritual formation take place in your ministry setting? Note Wilhoit’s description on p38. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of CS 654 Spiritual Formation in Congregations

CS 654 Spiritual Formation in Congregations

CS 654 Spiritual Formation in CongregationsWeekend 4Firestarter #1What is the twofold task of spiritual formation?Where does spiritual formation take place in your ministry setting? Note Wilhoits description on p38.Name and describe the various terms related to brokenness in Chapter 3. How do these terms relate to spiritual formation?How does one develop or cultivate openness to God, according to Wilhoit (82ff)? What is your response to his argument?

False ModelsQuick Fix God, just zap me!Leaves out the benefits of working with God along a journey of spiritualityForgets that focused attention on the sources of what we do and why we do them brings about transformationNeglects the disciplines associated with the long lookHow would a congregation work to avoid buying into this model?Facts Only Just tell me what I need to knowAssumes that discipleship is simply picked upForgets that although study is a discipline, its not the only disciplineNegates the importance of relationships for spiritual developmentHow does a congregation work to avoid development of this model?

Emotional Give me a spiritual rush!Sees deep emotional or spiritual experience alone as the lynchpin for spiritual developmentAssumes that change comes about through stirred emotionsLinks emotions with positive feelings so practitioners are overwhelmed by sufferingHow does a congregation work toward rethinking the importance of dependence on emotion alone?Conference Sign me up!Focuses on future development rather than past issuesLeads toward immature resolvesBecomes a spiritual filling station and a primary source of nurture and guidanceHow should a congregation work to insure a balanced approach to the good teaching available through conferences and training events?Insight Open my eyes so I can seeSupports a diseased introspectionProvides opportunity for preoccupation with ones choices and their perceived consequencesMoves the focus from Gods grace and provision to behavioral choices and lawHow could a congregation address the elevation of personal insight?Faith I surrender all . . . except that Im not sure what that meansDepends highly on God to do all the work since surrender has been offeredPromotes an overconfidence in ones own ability to identify the parts of ones life which lack faith and trustHow could a congregation recognize the importance of faith without separating faith from the two-way street of relationship?Firestarter #2Make a diagram similar to the figures on 107-111. Tell your story about Letting the Cross Grow in your life.Discuss the delicate balance (117) between the individual aspects and the communal reality of the faith journey. What challenges do you encounter in achieving this delicate balance in your ministry or church experience?

Spiral CurriculumWhat is the essence of utilizing the principle of the spiral curriculum?Revisiting topics and truths to work truth deeper into the fabric of lifeFor example, what has been your experience with these terms?Pay attentionWork toward a balanced approach to spiritualityFind a place of calmAnointed TeachingAlong with careful curriculum development, anointed teaching is discerning in natureGod gives insight, power, and ability through the Holy Spirit . . .So that the teacher may work beyond human effortSpirit within indwelling dimensionSpirit upon supernatural anointing of Gods powerSpirit among evident in the communityAnointed teaching should be:Cultivated through reliance upon the Spirit as evidenced through theMaking of disciplesCreating of space for God through solitudeStudying and meditating on ScriptureFruit-bearing, which is primarily the fruit of love from a pure heartCommitted to intentional learningFirestarter #3How does wholeness relate to holiness (161)?How does a pastor teach and preach in order to support responding? Where have your thoughts taken you as you have read 165ff?

Characteristics of a Spiritual CommunityPractice discernmentRegarding what we overhear about ourselvesRegarding keeping the commands of GodRegarding reflective livingRegarding clearnessKeep relational commitmentsPractice compassionate serviceEliminate prejudiceEngage emotionally weep and rejoiceLive with integrityUse money wiselyHandle conflicts wellForgiveWorship meaningfullyBear witness joyfullyDisciple Firestarter #4How does the author use detachment as a positive attribute? What other images might one use to describe the same thing? (195)Briefly explain the four Rs of spiritual formation.What do you plan to do with new direction gained as a result of your interaction with the text and the experience of this focused course on Spiritual Formation in the Congregation?