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Bre DiGiammarino, Cause Director at Indiegogo reviews the fundamental steps in successful crowdfunding for social good projects among youth. Highlighting innovative projects funded through Indiegogo and a list of resources to move forward with funding your youth health project. Presented at YTH Live 2014 session "Innovative Funding for Social Good."

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  • Crowdfunding for Impact

    Bre DiGiammarino, Cause Director | @IndiegogoCause

  • Campaign

  • Partner page

  • Raise money

    Capture data

    Customer interaction

    Market validation

    Benefits of Crowdfunding

    Create evangelists

  • Launch your idea

  • Gauge and prove demand

  • Grow your market

  • Spread a message

  • Partner page

  • 4 Fundamentals of Successful Campaigns

    Frame 1. 2. 3. 4.

  • Green Bar Effect

    The Green Bar Effect Higher goal doesnt always mean more money!

  • 4 Fundamentals of Successful Campaigns

    Frame 1. 2. 3. 4.


  • Your pitch is the face of your campaign

    Have a good pitch

  • Make it personal

  • 4 Fundamentals of Successful Campaigns

    Frame 1. 2. 3. 4.



  • Why do people contribute?

    Passion Participation & Pride Perks


    Participation & Pride


  • Perk ideas

  • 4 Fundamentals of Successful Campaigns

    Frame 1. 2. 3. 4.




  • Canary

    Technology New York, NY USA

    Raised: $1,866,692




    Crowdfunding isnt winning the lottery Campaigns require effort and constant promotion Make sure to have a plan before you start

  • Only one chance at a first impression Utilize a soft launch 30% rule Marketing schedule is key

    Time your marketing!

    Prime the pump

  • Stay active

    Be Proactive Tell people about your project constantly!

    Campaigns sending at least 3 updates raise about 239% more than those that post 2 or fewer

  • Indiegogo Resources

    Campaigner Field Guide Insights Blog: for insights, tips and ideas: Indiegogo: browse successful campaigns: Help Center: answers to specific questions: Additional Questions: Our Customer Happiness Team is always here for you. Contact us:

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    Bre DiGiammarino

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