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  • www.opentrade.co.kr

    Open communication based CrowdFunding Platform for Startups

    Company Introduction

    Open communication based CrowdFunding platform

    For Startups

  • In OpenTrade, practically, lack of communication seems

    to be the biggest obstacle when companies try to attract

    investment. We have learned through experiences that it is

    needed to secure trust through constant communication,

    and investments can be naturally made only when both

    transparency and reliability are obtained. OpenTrade has

    begun with the philosophy that it is needed to provide a

    platform where investments can be naturally raised by

    providing space for constant communication between

    future founders and startups and investors.

    Philosophy of OpenTrade

    Communication Share Collective


    Exchange of creative ideas

    Solution of resource-related problems through open


    Verification and filtering with collective intelligence

    CrowdFunding platform with Open communication With the open communication crowdfunding platform

    where opening or sharing can be realized through

    constant communication and collaboration between

    startups and venture companies.

    By having a online open space for constant

    communication, OpenTrade provides environment

    for business participation, collaboration, and


    OpenTrade helps you and startups to have

    reliability as well as transparency to attain

    successful fundraising naturally.








    & Startups




    Business Model


  • With the open communication funding platform, It is possible to

    communicate and cooperate with investors more favorably, attract

    investment based on reliability, lower the risk by making an investment

    as checking it out with the aid of collective intelligence, and also search

    for information of the companies in real-time on the internet.

    The voluntary activities of startups/venture companies, management on

    the records of the startups growth in the timeline, favorable

    communication between investors and companies, operation of the

    online specialized mentor group, SNS connection, support for the

    publicity of startups, management of investment portfolios, and

    extension of new business areas!

    Why Opentrade?

    Valuable investments! The growth process of a company can

    be figured out through the timeline as

    well as collective intelligence, so you can

    make an investment to a valuable


    Creative challenges! For your business to be successful, open

    trade provides a communication-based

    funding platform where your business

    capacity can be favorably known to the



    Venture Company Investor

    Open Communication

    CrowdFunding platform

  • Creative ideas conceived trivially by great many young founders have

    turned out to be the companies changing the world.

    Communicate with startup companies, discover their potential, and

    participate their business growth.

    It is an angel investment for global growth of startups when you

    participate a crowdfunding as a backer.

    1. Click Opentrade! Browse to


    and become a member to look

    around the startups of the

    industry you are interested in.

    2. Discover startups! Try to discover startups have future

    vision by studying their business

    models, team members, and their

    actual status of business milestones.

    3. Communicate with startups Try to communicate with the

    companies you are interested in via

    the timeline function.

    4. Go CrowdFunding Go Funding menu to involve the

    funding campaigne you want.

    Check out the feasibility of the company

    valuation and decide appropriate

    investment amount for your investment.

    5. Invest Carefully! To invest startups is actually risky,

    so need to have portfolio


    6. Keep relationship Keep going on having relationship

    via SNS or the Opentrade.

    You would have a great

    opportunity to involve their real

    fundraising campaign.

  • Investors make investments to the securities

    issued by companies (common stocks, preferred

    stocks, or private loans) or project investment

    contract securities and acquire the shares.

    Equity Based CrowdFunding

    After crowdfunding, the profits are shared, and they can have gains by selling the securities they own. It is

    like companies and investors boarding the same ship and sailing together.

    They form an organic relationship among them, and the investors play roles as a marketer and consumer

    and also as a sponsor supporting the companies.

    As it is done on the internet, the funding process is opened to the public.

    It is an SNS-based direct communication process, so they come to make their investments grounded on


  • Opentrade


    Global E-commerce Startup









    Timeline for startups

    Business model


  • Main features of Opentrade

    Real-time news of Startups

    companies on the internet.

    The voluntary activities of

    startups/venture companies

    Management on the records of

    the startups growth in the


    Communication between

    investors and companies

    Operation of the online

    specialized mentor group

    SNS connection, support for the

    publicity of startups

    Management of investment