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description, the leading equity crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs

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  • 1. Entrepreneurship Today 560,000 new businesses each month 28,000,000 small businesses & startups Great time to start a business due to abundance of cheap services, strong infrastructure, great talent.
  • 2. But Raising Investment Is Hard Banks: no longer capitalize entrepreneurs VCs Moving Late Stage: entrepreneurship stifled as VCs leaving early stage deals, LPs driving shift Long Complex Process: 6 months to raise, emailing & corralling, knocking on doors, little guidance Mostly Offline: majority of current investment is driven through in person connections and meetings
  • 3. The $300 Billion Question What happens when investing in entrepreneurs moves online and becomes accessible for anyone to invest as little as $100?
  • 4. 100M+ unaccrediteds (future)9,000,000 accrediteds $300 Billion early stage investment market Millions of businesses around the world are fundraising today and we are the scalable platform for investing and fundraising for entrepreneurs
  • 5. We Are Riding 3 Massive Movements $300 Billion Small Business$30 Billion Venture Investments Massive Capital Markets Moving Online (JOBS Act, Internet) 2 $5 Billion Exponential growth market now shifts to investment Crowdfunding: Shift towards Investment (Equity, Debt) 1 500(0) Startups Innovation ecosystems around the world are driving activity Global Entrepreneurship Movement (Global Capital & Markets) 3 JOBS Act Opens New Capital Markets & Asset Class
  • 6. Companies validating on Kickstarter, then investment on Crowdfunder Industry Brand Name with leading growth and top brand/media recognition Scalable model growing faster than Investment Banks ever could Kickstarter for Rewards. Crowdfunder for Investment. Crowdfunding Meets Investing WATCH VIDEO: $2 Billion Exit Brings Equity Crowdfunding To The Forefront
  • 7. Rapid Growth (Non-Investment) 4-6% week over week Investor growth 10,000 businesses signed up 60,000 investors & entrepreneurs 2 x Sales over past 3 months 70% of burn covered by revenues (May) Meanwhile Sales from our SaaS for Entrepreneurs is growing rapidly
  • 8. Rapid Investment Growth $23M invested in our deals $108M in live deal flow In just over 2 quarters of live investment on our platform 24 Seed & Series A Deals Weve Funded Deals From
  • 9. Understanding Our Industry Its a Capital Market: This is a capital market, not an internet niche. You must consider the size, scope, and the history of early stage Finance and investing. Not Winner Take All: Several market leaders will exist in this space in key segments, with network effects for winners Silicon Valley Isnt Everything: There is a larger market opportunity beyond just Tech in US. Scalability: Broker-Dealers & Funds do 10s of deals a year. Crowdfunder will do hundreds short term, and 1,000s long term. Our model is uniquely scalable Our Market Leadership
  • 10. Success From Start: TradeYa 1. LA community identied TradeYa" 2. Deal Trended on our Network" 3. Funded in 3 day via strategic investors
  • 11. Success in Follow On: Kueski Top Angels & VCs Invest. Our active Investor Network follows on...
  • 12. Success in Comparison: BitVore Raised over 2 x AngelList" Crowdfunder: $455,000 " AngelList: $200,000
  • 13. #1 Brand on Web (Equity Crowdfunding) #1 Rank: Equity Crowdfunding #1 Rank: Investment Crowdfunding #1 Rank: Investment Crowdfunding #1 #1
  • 14. Our Growth Drivers The #1 Google ranked site for the 2 big industry terms. SEO leader: see equity crowdfunding investment crowdfunding 1. Partnerships & Deal Flow Committee (Quality) 2. Organic Web Growth / SEO (Scale) 3. Paid Marketing (Scale) VCs, angels, accelerators bring us quality deals for co- investment. We close deals faster with our investor network 4. CROWDFUNDx (Pitch Contest Solution) Virtual pitch contest solution for groups & local communities Deep industry experience in paid advertising. Protable ad campaigns bringing 400% in 30 days via select channels.
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