[Critica] Apple's Weakness

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Apple’s Weakness

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• Apple’s current information• Green Apple• Steve Jobs• iPod Hacking• Conclusions

StructureApple’s Weakness

This research is also supported by surveys and interviews

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Apple’s Current Information

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• Founded in California, United States (April 1, 1976 )• American multinational corporation which designs and manufactures consumer electronics and software

products.• Steven Paul Jobs (born February 24, 1955) is the co-founder, and CEO of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.Apple’s Current Information

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Microsoft appears on the ranking in the 49th position

Apple on Forbes’s Rank 2008Apple’s Current Information

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Apple Inc.’s SharesApple’s Current Information

October 26, 2004— Apple® today introduced iPod® Photo iPod Photo 4G

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iPodiPhone iMac

Apple’s productsApple’s Current Information

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iPod; ; 22; 52%

iPhone; ; 8; 19%

iMac; ; 12; 29%


Favourite Products - InternationalApple’s Current Information

Survey: 30 students between 19-25 years old.

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iPod; ; 9; 69%

iPhone; ; 1; 8%

iMac; ; 3; 23%


Favourite Products - KoreaApple’s Current Information

Survey: 20 students between 21-29 years old.

Page 10: [Critica] Apple's Weakness


fashion,sunshine ,active

good appearance

kinda cool!


I Don’t need to buy batteries

user friendly

touch to select songs

Why do I Like Apple?Apple’s Current Information

Interview: 5 students between 21-24 years old.

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Harmful materials;

; 1; 1%

Price; ; 35; 52%Connectivity

to internet; ; 7; 10%

Compatibil-ity; ; 21;


Safety prob-lems; ; 3;


Harmful materialsPriceConnectivity to internetCompatibilitySafety problems

Survey: 50 students.

What do I don’t like about Apple?Apple’s Current Information

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Green Apple

Page 13: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

“Get out of the computer business [and] go save some whales."

MacWorld Conference 2007Green Apple

Page 14: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

A Greener Apple Green Apple

•Apple fans need to demand a new, cool product: a greener Apple.•After nine months, Steve Jobs posted the new Green Apple’s policies.

Page 15: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

•Remove toxic chemical (Polyvinyl chloride, Brominated flame retardant)•Recycling products (E-waste)•Plans said Apple will completely eliminate PVC and BFRs by the end of 2008

Green Apple policyGreen Apple

Weight Recycled as % of Past Sales

Page 16: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

How Companies line up?Green Apple

By March, 2009, Apple is below the 5 points.


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Steve Jobs

Page 18: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

1955 : Born (San Francisco)

1976 : Established Apple

1985 : Kicked Out from Apple

Found NEXT, Inc

1986 : Bought PIXAR

1995 : Success of “Toy Story”

1997 : Back to the Apple

1998 : iMac

2001 : iPod

2004 : Recovered from Cancer

2007 : iPhone

Page 19: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

Steve’s LetterSteve Jobs

Losing weight throughout 2008

It will take me until late this Spring to regain it.

Page 20: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

Influence in the marketSteve Jobs

Page 21: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

Yes; ; 33; 66%

No; ; 17; 34%


Do you know who is Steve Jobs?Steve Jobs

Survey: 50 students.

Page 22: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

Yes; ; 14; 39%

No; ; 10; 28%

No idea; ; 12; 33%

YesNoNo idea

Do you think that Apple can survive without Steve Jobs?Steve Jobs

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iPod Hacking

Page 24: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

Quick FreedomiPod Hacking

Jailbreak your firmware iPod

Always 100% FREE!

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Page 26: [Critica] Apple's Weakness

• Reason of Apple’s first fall

• There were so little software for Apple’s Macintosh.

It’s one of the reason of Apple’s fall in the 1980s.

• After Steve Jobs’ return, he adopted Microsoft

Internet Explorer to Mac. And it helped Apple to


• Compatibility on Apple

• From our survey, many people think that lack of

compatibility is one of big problem of Apple’s


Compatibility on AppleiPod Hacking

Page 27: [Critica] Apple's Weakness


• Apple’s Green Policy is not working as it should be and users will continue asking for new products without toxic chemicals.

• Apple and Steve Jobs sometimes become one, but there’s no clear guess about Apple’s future without Jobs.• Compatibility problem produces ilegal market created by users and that can create damage to the business in

the future.

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