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As the President of Wikimedia India was given the opportunity to speak on the occasion

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  • 1.Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing. - Jimmy Wales quoted in Robin "Roblimo" Miller, "Wikimedia Founder Jimmy Wales Responds," Slashdot (2004-07-28)

2. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? 3. WIKIPEDIA 285 Languages 43 Indian Languages 4 Million Articles on English Wikipedia 4. Basics: 5 Pillars: Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Wikipedia has a neutral point of view. Wikipedia is free content that anyone can use, modify and distribute. Editors should interact in a respectful and civil manner. Wikipedia does not have firm rules besides the 5 general principles presented here. 5. WIKIPEDIA USES CC-BY-SA 6. Wikipedia uses CC-by-SACanMust Share Modify Distribute Attribute Share alike 7. Wikimedia Commons Repository of Free Licensed images Music short films 8. Esteemed institutes using CC-by-SA National Archives and Record Administration, USA Russian Kremlin British Library Sofia Zoo, Bulgaria NCERT using for NROER in India 9. Jimmy Carter in IndiaSource: User: Madmax32NARA, USA 10. Russian Kremlin Letter of authorization from the Press Secretary to the President of the Russian Federation allowing use of materials under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (in Russian) 11. Gurkha Bombing Practice during WWI British LibrarySource: User: LibraryBotBritish Library 12. Sofia Zoo, BulgariaSource: User: EERC Sofia Zoo 13. NCERT in NROER in India 14. APPEAL 15. Appeal Release information in the following 6,50,000 villages Census Data Space Images from ISRO PIB data All Images 16. This presentation is licensed by CC-BY-SATHANK YOU Moksh Juneja President Wikimedia India