Creativity, M.D.: How I merge creativity and medicine

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Transcript of Creativity, M.D.: How I merge creativity and medicine

  • Creativity, M.D.How I merge creativity with medicine

    by Melissa Yuan-Innes, M.D.

  • Study Mnemonics

    When I had to memorize the periodic table, Id chant H-He-Li-Be, B, CNOF-Ne, NaMg, Al

    SiPS ClArK. Ca!

  • Ask patients stories

    A patient read my palm in medical school and told me Id write an important book. Years later, I wrote that scene into my novel, Terminally Ill.

  • Locums

    Lots of people do locums when they start out: a fun way to doctor people and go strange places.

  • Working Random Shifts

    Expose yourself to as much randomness as possible. Ben Casnocha

    Image by Stuart Miles on

  • Working with Dr. Who

    My work reflects a relationship to the built world that shifts

    between control and randomness, strangeness and beauty,

    comfort and fear. -David Allee

    (I mean, working with anyone Im scheduled with)

  • Community HospitalsMy friends thought I was nuts, but now some cool doctors are coming to join me.

  • Pulling a Patch Adams

    I wore a costume to the ER on Halloween.

  • Joining tertiary pediatric & French hospitals

    Now I have privileges at four hospitals in three towns. Im officially insane.

  • Integrative medicine

    I teach yoga and, although I dont talk about it, Im certified in Reiki.

  • Online courses & coaching

    In the future, Id like to teach and coach online.