Creative wedding photography tips before shooting your first wedding

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  • Creative Wedding Photography Tips Before Shooting Your First Wedding

    If you are gearing up for your first wedding photography shoot then there must be nervousness, hesitation and anxiety running within you. Even the seasoned photographs get nervous before a wedding and thus, it is not a big deal to handle. Before you take a plunge into a wedding photography, you must know the knick and knack of the profession.

    Here are some creative wedding photography tips you should take care of to make the beautiful moments preserved:


  • Know What Youre Getting IntoShooting for a wedding is a big job, even for the experienced professional as its an occasion where emotions run high. Before you actually start to get into the process, imagine the entire scenario and focus whether you will be able to survive the emotions, drunken people at the party, kids running around and the food. It is better to know everything in advance then to realizing it on the Big Day. Here are some pros and cons of the shooting for the wedding:


    1. You are getting a chance to click beautiful photographs2. Your work will be treasured by the couple for a lifetime3. You will get experience and money4. You will enjoy and know people better


    1. You are shooting for a once in a lifetime memory and it is really stressful sometimes to know whether you can deliver the beautiful images or not!

    2. You need to be bold and interrupt others3. You will be busy in shooting and wont be enjoying the party

    Know the expectations:Before the wedding, take an appointment with the bride and groom and the relevant family member to know their expectations and demands from the shoot. Be honest of your accomplishments and deliverables and whether you can fit into their expectations or not. Be calm, professional and carry open communication.


  • During the meeting:Bring the samples of your work: To know whether they are happy with your work or not as a wedding photographer.

    Make a Shot List: Know and learn about the 10 wedding shots that every big wedding photographer wants to take and bring it to their portfolio or magazine. Note down the pictures and photos they like and dislike.

    Make a list of Important Guests: In order to assess what the bride and groom they want to get clicked with?

    Set up the Pre shoot: Get a chance to shoot the bride and groom once before the wedding as it will help to practice in advance.

    Be confident and dont hide the fact that this is your first chance to click the wedding clicks. It might be challenging but at the end, you should enjoy the day and work both.

  • Capture the Details Early:On the wedding day, capture the shoot details first. Arrive the spot as early as you can and take the advantage of this extra time to shoot the invitation, cake, church, decorations, rings, dress or other important items that you can do alone.

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