Creating full-body health – physically, emotionally, and mentally

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TALIA FUHRMAN on creating full-body health – physically, emotionally, and mentally

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Talia Fuhrmann on creating full-body health – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Transcript of Creating full-body health – physically, emotionally, and mentally

  • 1. TALIAFUHRMANon creating full-body health physically,emotionally, and mentally

2. Talia Fuhrman is an amazingwoman that Rachel justcame across who, sheactually reached out to meafter she saw my podcaston iTunes and we've beengetting to know each otherand Rachel is just soimpressed with who she isand just everything that she'sdoing in the world. 3. So Talia is a health foodfoodie, if you recognize herlast name, she'sactually the daughter ofDr. Joel Fuhrman, who isbehind "Eat to Live"and "Super Immunity" andshe has her B.A. fromCornell and she's awriter. She has a book thatwill probably be out by thetime this podcast airs. 4. Absolutely, well obviouslypeople know her dad'swork and his emphasison nutrition, so she eats aplant-based nutritious dietmy entire life. But she wasalso an athlete for most ofher life and she has vividmemories of playingtennis with her dad early inthe morning in elementaryschool, beforeschool would start, and sheactually wanted to be apro tennis player when shewas a teenager. 5. And so, what peopledon't realize about her isthat shes had injuries andshe actually, due to thetennis playing and sheactually, when she wasabout 17, sheactually suffered fromnerve damage. She hurt anerve on the court, she felland it was pretty painfuland she was like, what'sgoing on. 6. She'd always been feelingamazing on the plant-baseddiet, shes always full oflife, but it was really like ashock to my system to feel areally sharp painthat felt like a dagger andshe was like what is going on.And so it does turnout that it's like a physicalnerve, she'd crushed it. Andthat was like a hugewake up call for me becauseshe was like, how is she goingto feel good about gettingup in the morning when shesdealing with this sharp pain. 7. Shed seen her dadhelp people withdiabetes and, youknow, you name it,and obesity, her dadjust, his work thenbecame, like she wasjust able to connectwith any healthproblem, with otherpeople, that muchmore. 8. She think when you are goingthrough your own struggles and thenyou see other people havingstruggles, she definitely think that itmakes you a more empatheticperson and that cliche phrase,what doesn't kill you makes youstronger, is absolutely true. If youcan use any setback in your life oranything that's a struggle and turn itaround and make it a positive, andkind of like rock at it, then that issuch a self-esteem booster. It's aform of self-love. It's a form of livingyour best life and having no regretsand that can be with an emotionalproblem. 9. We all have things that we'regoing through and the realityis that sharp pain for quite awhile and shes working onhealing. And you know shesnow in my mid-20s and so shehas actually lived in chronicpain because her tennis injuryfor years and years, and it'snot something she talkedabout in the book, but it'ssomething that was amotivational force for her towrite the book. 10. She wanted to share withpeople my philosophy onwhat truly living our bestlives means and as shementioned before, that oftenmeans appreciating the worldaround us in all that in all theways that we can. We havesuch power to, you know, finda passion that can also makethe world a betterplace, so shes a big believerin overcoming any difficultiesthat we're going through toreally see the beauty in eachand every day. 11. She thinks when you're ableto share with other peopleand be vulnerableabout what you're goingthrough, it makes you, itmakes you connect in areally fulfilling way withothers. She just think that's itsomething that, if Ican do it anybody can do it.Anybody can love life andfind whatever. 12. She mentioned this in "Love yourBody", the book, that it can be assimple as going on a walk andlooking at flowers and seeing thebright colors and the beauty ofthe green grass and how thewarmth on your skin. Even justbeing human on this earth is sucha gift and we don't have to likewin the lottery or like find,supposedly, like the man of ourdreams or saying like these thingsto be supremely happy. It's allinside of us and that is her coremessage. 13. It's incredible and it turns outthat it's our close supportiverelationships rather thanfamily members, eventhough family members arealso, you know, they're familyand they mean the world tous and we love them, youknow, with all our hearts,usually. It's these closefriendships that we chosethat have this lifespanenhancing effect, they're sogood for us. 14. And it's also a journey tofriends that are the right fit forus, not all the people we meetare meant to be our lifelongfriends so she thinks, when wefind people that really sparklewith energy and optimism andpassion for life and also wantyou to live your best life andgive you encouragement,that it's so beautiful. It's apriceless gift that no amountof money can buy,and so shes really glad thescience supports her on thatone. 15. If you'd like to hear the wholeinterview(and more just like this)head to: