Creating Effective Use-cases


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  • 1. Creating Effective use- cases Nikolai Lebedovsky 1

2. What is use-case? A short story about product use which gives answers on simple questions: Who? (actor) What? (goal) Where? (place) How? (product use scenario) Why? (interest) 3. A young metro-female listening music on the train by using Spotify streaming service to kill time 4. An American veteran shooting illegal immigrants on Mexican border by Marlin Camp Carbine-9 rifle to protect his country 5. A businessman on the road using Mugenizer power bank to charge his phone to stay online 6. A hiker in the wild using Mugen Power extended battery on his Galaxy S4 to use GPS and take photos. 7. Some good examples from Crowdfunding Agent Smartwatch CulCharge and: Apple iPad 8. Using Brainstorming to create use-cases 7 rules of IDEO 1. Defer judgment 2. Encourage wild ideas 3. Build on the ideas of others 4. Stay focused on the topic 5. One conversation at a time 6. Be visual 7. Go for quantity more info: 9. Lets do it! Create 20 use-cases in 20 minutes. Use post-it notes to write or draw and put your ideas on the board 10. use case user why/problem cost of dev hard/moderate/easy/exists market List all created use-cases in table below to validate and select 5-7 top ones. 11. In Next Step we will use Facebook to validate selected use-cases Thank you!