Creating Beautiful Before and After Photos

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Transcript of Creating Beautiful Before and After Photos

Creating Beautiful Before and After Photos

Creating Beautiful Before and After Photos

You know you do awesome work, but you want to let your prospective customers know.The easiest way to show this is through before and after photos.

Here are some tips to taking photos using just a smart phone.More details on how to take beautiful photos with your phone.

1. Fill the Frame with What You Like

Fill the frame with as much of your intended subject as possible (those perfect stripes on the lawn, or a recently vacuumed bedroom)

2. Landscape vs. Portrait Modelandscapeportrait

Most of the time you will take photos in landscape modesuch as a big lawn.

But, if you need a tall, long shot (maybe you just installed a really nice pool), youll want to take it in portrait mode.

3. Blurry pictures?If your photos are blurry, your phone is probably moving too much.

Hold the phone with both hands. Keep your elbows tucked in against your body.

If youre trying to snap a photo of your ride-along mowers zipping across the lawn, put your phone in sports mode or action mode.

4. Lighting is Everything

Too little lighting, and your shots are going to be muddy, dark, and unfocused.

Too much lighting, and your shots will look overly-dramatic. Youll get all of these dark shadows, and frequently your subject will be bathed in darkness.

The best lighting for outdoor photography:Morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not too high in the skyPartially cloudy or in the shadeIf the sun is high overhead, face AWAY from the sun

For indoor photography you need as much light as possible. Open all the windows and turn on ALL the lights.

5. Usethe Natural Lines

See those perfect stripes running down the lawn? Compose your picture so that it follows along those lines.How to get your techs and crews to increase their quality level.

Our eyes are trained to naturally follow lines.

For residential cleanerslong hallways are great for putting interesting lines into your pictures.

6. Use the Rule of ThirdsThink of your cameras screen as a 3 x 3 grid.Easy mode:most smart phoneshave a setting that overlays your screen with a grid. Use it!

Insert an image at the bottom here. Slide looks blank 21

Examples for using the rule of thirds:Put the horizon in the bottom or top third of your shot.Put that perfect flower on the right or the left instead of in the center.If youre shooting a tree line, maybe you want to line it up so theres a tree in eachthird

Try to fit different elements into thethirds of your shot.

7. Make your Images Pop with ContrastBig vs. SmallBright vs. DarkBackground vs. ForegroundColor vs. Color

If taking a picture of a lush,green lawn, try to get a burst ofwhite flowers in your shot.

If you want a picture of those huge, spotless windows, put a small vase in the foreground to give it perspective.

Contrast elements make your images stand out.

8. Change Your FocusTap on your screen to focus on different parts of the image

This change in focus can emphasize other aspects of your work, like that perfect trim on the sidewalk, or those immaculately squared bushes.

Whether youre in Lawn Care, or Residential Cleaning, before and after pictures are a necessary part of the job. What to do if your marketing isnt working!

Use them for Marketing (on door hangers, your website), or in case a client has a problem with your work.How unreported damages can be costing you clients.

Using the Service Autopilot mobile app, you can send the photos to the office immediately!

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