Creating an ROI and Selling to Upper Management

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This presentation from the 2014 IPMA conference will help in-plant print center managers develop a business case and work with management and internal departments to get key initiatives approved. We discussed what matters to upper management, and the budget and purchasing departments in your organization. We will share what type of data needs to be documented to convince and justify, and why you need to be involved in the purchasing process. He outlined when to use an RFP bid over a low bid purchase, why you need to value a solution, and why web to print and Print MIS solutions are needed. Finally, Mike discussed why you need one, three and five year plans.

Transcript of Creating an ROI and Selling to Upper Management

  • 1.And Selling to Upper Management Mike Gatti Manager, Fairfax County Government Print Services

2. Why build an ROI? How do you build an ROI to show your boss? Planning- one, three and five year plans Fairfax County Printing Services Future plans Track and analyze Work with trends Know your audience 3. Employee retirement timelines (align with future plans for new equipment) Employee salary structure Current lease expiration dates 4. To provide and coordinate high speed production printing services to County agencies and the Fairfax County Public Schools 5. We are a service organization 10 employees Fulfill all printing needs for the County and Fairfax County Public Schools In-house capabilities: Traditional offset printing Digital color and black & white printing Variable Data Folding Outsource all work that is not economical to print in-house, or uses equipment capability we lack Cutting Saddle-stitching Tape, coil & GBC binding and collating 6. Budget Books County Executive Presentations Board of Supervisors Bi- Weekly Agenda Newsletters County Attorney Briefs CAFR (County Financial Report) Annual Reports Direct from mainframe documents (taxes) 7. Storefront Web submission for end users (Currently under DIT review) Increase County Employee Productivity Decrease CSR workload Increase Print Shops Revenue Management Information Software Approximate cost $$$ Automated Job Entry, Estimating, Scheduling, Job Tracking, and Billing Timeline within next six months 8. Lease to purchase digital 4- color press & CTP packaged on RFP Currently outsourcing 4-color and Film Output of up to $200,000 annually combined CTP - 4yr Lease to Purchase Press 7-8 yr. Lease to Purchase Lease to purchase Digital Envelope Printer to replace obsolete press. Reduce envelopes being outsourced Timeline within next six months 9. Add collating tower to existing collator-stitcher ~ Purchase price - $21,000.00 Replace obsolete folding equipment with new digital automated folder through lease to purchase. ~ Purchase price - $65,000.00 Increase Productivity Decrease Outsourcing Timeline three five years 10. Type of jobs saddle stitch perfect bound plus page counts 4 color process How often, how many, and for how much? Use data to support new purchase(how many towers required on collator-stitcher?) 11. How many small and large finishing projects done in housefolding, coil, shrink wrap etc.? Jobs with folding and hours required Frequency of a particular task (trying tasks only needed a few times per year could be outsourced) 12. How often will it be runninghours/month? Can multiple staff members operate (no more journeyman required when hiring a new employee)? Allows you to consider hiring dual position with one opening 13. Use this comparison when monthly supplies are needed to support new equipment CTP is typical. How much will annual supplies cost after initial purchase? Is maintenance included in your numbers? 14. Value not only to Print Shop staff Ability for real time data for customer base Web2print is for customers, not just Print Shop admin staff! Dual hire position? Need fewer CSRs to manage workflow 15. RSA ROI calculator available at: 16. If theme is Go Green, then push it! Is new equipment quieter? Less power consumption? CTP chemistry free? Is toner waste contained better? Does new equipment operate cooler? Does equipment a have better safety features for employees? All of the above can be advocated over cost 17. What is their hot button? Cost or efficiency? Know your clients needs (use survey results) Use visuals like infographics Talk value over price 18. Why build an ROI? How do you build an ROI to show your boss? Planning- one, three and five year plans Future plans Track and analyze Work with trends Know what your audience 19. Mike Gatti Infographic sample and ROI calculators: