Creating an Earned Media Strategy: Fast Ways to Engage Local Media and Motivate Consumers

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There are significant benefits of working with local radio, television, and print media outlets to get the word out about enrollment. Check out the recording and slides to learn how earned media can be effective in engaging non-English speaking individuals and minority groups in general, free of charge. You can find out about ways to engage local media and use this powerful tool to educate and motivate consumers to take action.

Transcript of Creating an Earned Media Strategy: Fast Ways to Engage Local Media and Motivate Consumers

  • 1.Creating an Earned Media Strategy: Fast Ways to Engage Local Media and Motivate ConsumersTuesday March 4, 2014 2013 Enroll America |

2. SPEAKERS Moderator: Jennifer Roniger, Deputy Director for State Assistance, Enroll America Presenters: Dayanne Leal, Deputy Director, Best Practices Institute, Enroll America Emily Sutton, Outreach & Enrollment Manager OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.2 2013 Enroll America | 3. AGENDAI.Capitalizing on Your StrengthsII. Creating an Earned Media Strategy: Fast Ways to Engage Local Media and Motivate Consumers III. Tips on Monitoring & Evaluation IV. Q&A3 2013 Enroll America | 4. I. Capitalizing on Your Strengths4 2013 Enroll America | 5. What Has Worked Well So Far? 27 days until the end of open enrollment This is the time to: Focus on what you do WELL Build on what you have done so far Leverage relationships with your network NOT the time to invest a lot of resources in doing something totally newIDENTIFY what has workedMake plans to REPEAT these strategiesAMPLIFY for the next five weeks 2013 Enroll America | 5 6. II. Creating an Earned Media Strategy: Fast Ways to Engage Local Media and Motivate Consumers6 2013 Enroll America | 7. What Is Earned Media? Earned not paid Publicity gained by editorial influence through a mass media outlet, e.g. newspaper, radio, TV, online. The goal of media coverage should always be to further your mission by reaching your audience with an effective message.7 2013 Enroll America | 8. Why Should You Engage the Media?BroadReach/Hard to Reach Populations Getting the word out via radio, television broadcast, or print media can reach more people in less time than other methods of outreach Media outlets can reach groups everywhere; including rural areasDiverseWays to Promote Efforts Media outlets can help your outreach efforts in many ways (disseminating information/promoting a specific service/activityEthnic MediaReach Minority Groups Ethnic/Specialty media allows you to tailor your messages for specific populations They are already trusted messengers 8 2013 Enroll America | 9. Media Partnerships: A Two-Way Street Just as you educate members in your community, it is also important to educate staff at the media outlets about why it is important for them to be involved and help their audience connect to health coverage. Help them see the value you have to offer to their community, and they will be more likely to collaborate with you.NOTE: Many broadcast networks are required to dedicate a certain amount of air time to public service announcements (PSAs), which are essentially opportunities for you to get free airtime. By providing them with useful content, you could help them meet their goals while also getting your message out without having to pay for ads or airtime.9 2013 Enroll America | 10. How to Approach the Media Step 1:Step 2:Step 3: Identify the media outlets in your area (TV, radio, print) Decide which media outlet you want to reach out to first and have your ask ready! Identify the best person for you to make your ask and contact them.Step 4:Step 5:Step 6: Explain what is in it for them! Build your case that this is a service for their community. Make your ask and establish a relationship with a new partner Enjoy whatever it is you do with the media!Develop a strong relationship - Keep in touch! 10 2013 Enroll America | 11. Ways to Engage the MediaLocal TV Local community programs News ProgramRadio Regular Radio stations; faith-based; College Campus Radio interviews, PSAsNewspaper Ads Press Releases Op-Eds - Writing in the right voice is key Letters to the EditorNote: Getting PSAs placed and getting earned media are two different targets usually (some times they overlap). One is about getting reporters to see the news value in your story (earned media), the other is about engaging them to run PSAs.11 2013 Enroll America | 12. Lessons Learned Media in General Makeitaseasyaspossible Preparethemwithabaselevelofinformation Useauniquehookandmakeacleartie-inwiththeiraudience Theymayrunyourpressreleasesverbatim,butyouneedtopitchthempersistenceiskey Bringthestorytothem-In-personmeetingsarebest Contacttheminasmanywayspossible Severalformsofcommunication:text/email/phone/tweets Regularcheckins-callwithoutapitch Bepersistentbutinafriendlyway Advancenotice Provideinformationweeksinadvancewhenpossible,inparticularifyouwantthemtoattenda communityevent Utilizesurrogates Involvecommunityleaders 12 2013 Enroll America | 13. Lessons Learned Ethnic Media Specifically Befamiliarwiththeirwork Backgroundresearch Mainstreampressislessfamiliartotheirissues Their?irstcontactshouldbewarm Anyexistingrelationshipsontheteam Utilizeyourcommunitypartners Writingoriginalcontentforthem Somepubswillbereceptiveandopentothis,otherswillbedefensive Alwaysinneedofcontent Offerstoriesthataddressthecommunityshealthconcerns Diabetes,asthma,domesticviolence,etc. 13 2013 Enroll America | 14. Earned Media Success Stories Directly from Nebraska! ADD PICTURE14 2013 Enroll America | 15. Engaging the Media in Nebraska Get to know your local DJs and journalists! 15Get-to-know-you lunch dates Invite them to broadcast live from your event 2013 Enroll America | 16. Engaging the Media in Nebraska Identify where your consumer population comes from And what their media sources are Place ads on radio and news stations that speak specifically to them 16E.g. 3 inserts (Latino newspaper, African American newspaper, Anglo newspaper); radio ads that address Latino, African American and Native American barriers 2013 Enroll America | 17. Creative ways to engage the media Track Marketing sources Ask consumers how they heard about you, follow the trends and continue your successful marketing strategies Utilize FREE or reduced-cost strategies Make live calls into radio or television programming Ask to participate in a live interview during community connection radio or television programming Submit a press release kit to all local media outlets Post events and hours of operation on your social media pages 17Some may pick your event up as a story! Often times the event will be added to the local newspaper community events sectionAsk media outlets to link your page to their social media pages 2013 Enroll America | 18. III. Tips on Monitoring & Evaluation18 2013 Enroll America | 19. Develop an Evaluation Plan Before You Implement Why evaluate?Things to considerSuggested Questions: Identify which outreach strategies and partners reach the most consumers Basis for future funding requests How will you know if your strategy was effective? What outcomes will you be measuring? How did consumers hear about your organization? How did they get your phone number? How did they come to attend a particular enrollment event? How many consumers created an account? Successfully enrolled?Collect information that will help you build a better system for next year: When do you lose consumers? What helps get consumers ready to buy insurance? How many times do you talk to a consumer before they sign up? What are the barriers/ questions people have? 19 2013 Enroll America | 20. Future Webinar in this Series FINAL WEBINAR TOMORROW: Conducting Effective Enrollment Events and How to Get More Support Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET PREVIOUS WEBINARS ARE AVAILABLE ON ENROLL AMERICA WEBSITE: The Road to March 31 Effective Outreach and Enrollment Strategies to Use Now 2013 Enroll America | 21. IV. Q&AEmily Sutton esutton@oneworldomaha.orgDayanne Leal dleal@enrollamerica.orgJennifer Roniger 21 2013 Enroll America |