Creating a memorable brand experience

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October 2015Creating a Memorable Brand Experience

A brand experience is a brand's action perceived by a person. Every interaction between an individual and a tangible or intangible brand artefact can be seen as a brand experience.2


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Creating memorable brand experiences can set great brands apart from average and even good brands.

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Then and NowNowadays, what most brands are aiming for is a continuous engagement with their audiences. What theyve realised is how important brand loyalty is to the growth of their businesses - especially in an age when the internet and social media have influenced the acceleration of the full brand experience approach.4

Not so long ago, the approach many brands took could be summed up like this: sell and forget. You sold your product or service, the customer went away and the contact between you was complete - until the next transaction. Source:

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Creating a Memorable Brand Experience

Brands become memorable because they have a number of elements put together:

Know your customerKeep it sweet and simpleStart with the heartWalk through a day, week or month in the life of your customer experiencing your brandHumanize itEmpower and engage your employeesKeep your wordListen


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1. Know Your CustomerTo create a memorable experience for your customers you must know who they are

6What matters to them? What makes them happy? What problems do they have and how can you help solve them?

XPotential 2015What Brands Think vs What Customers Say7

Source: eConsultancy

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2. Keep it Sweet and Simple


Dont over complicate the experienceFocus on creating simple moments of pleasure that are easy remember

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Micro Moments of HappinessBring a brand to life in a way which a customer is exposed to an unexpected memorable moment of joy, that really stands out among the noise in their busy day.9

Free ice cream when temperatures soarThe heat reactive McDonald's Ad gave 100 customers a free McFlurry when temperatures hit 101 beating the previous recordKitKat Take a SeatTo celebrate the launch of the new #AndroidKitKat, KitKat gave people the chance to win a Nexus 7 tablet by simply having a break

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3. Start with the Heart10

Find what matters to them and connect with it in a real, compelling and relevant way.

Create experiences that connect emotionally

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You cant sell anything, if you cant tell anything. GE CMO, Beth ComstockTell a Story that Inspires an Emotional ConnectionEvery brand has stories to tell from what it means to employees to work for your company, to the amazing things that can happen when opportunity knocks, to everyday moments of delight felt by people you touch.11GE tells their innovation story through the eyes of a young child.

The goal, according to GE Global Creative Director Andrew Goldberg, was to capture the imagination of the child and also of the viewer in talking about the companys roots.


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4. Walk through a day, week or month in the life of your customer experiencing your brand

Think about how the experience works for themExamine every touch point they have with your brand and the people in it.How can you make it better?There is no single online and separate offline experience. Each experience matters and the brand should be consistent both offline and online.


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Identify Your Customers Touch PointsMake sure each touchpoint leads to a good customer experienceThe journey as a whole should deliver on customers expectationsEvery touchpoint plays a role in reinforcing the brands positioning and overall perception.13


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5. Humanize itHuman brands do not speak to their audiences like a dollar bill or credit card. They speak human. They engage like humans. Pam Moore

14Dont tweet the same tweets 24/7, 365 days of the year. Engage in real-time. Share and create experiences in real-time.

XPotential 2015Being HumanHave an about us page that is appealingStop all the business babbleInject a sense of humour into your contentPublish pictures of your team being themselvesIntroduce the teamSign your social updatesHave conversations with fans, followers and commentersEncourage employees to be socialAdmit your mistakesSign off emails with your name


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6. Empower and Engage EmployeesYour employees are your brand

16Every contact your customer has with your employees is a brand touch. Empower and inspire them to be your greatest brand advocates.

XPotential 2015Turn your Employees into Social Brand Advocates

Educate Make sure employees understand what your brand stands for, its values and its position in the market. Publish interesting contentIf your business has something interesting to say, your employees are more likely to share it Encourage your employees to create their own contentTrust your employees to respect your brandA brands employees make the company more human17

Create the right cultureIf your employees enjoy coming to work every day and believe in your brand, then they are more likely to care about its successSource:

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7. Keep Your Word18

Dont over promise and under deliver. Earn and establish trust at every brand point.

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Trust Builds Brand Loyalty 19Trust influences customers to make a commitment to your brand and keep coming back for more

Naked WinesBuilds credibility by providing a platform to talk directly to the wine-makers. They have a superb tone of voice and a customer relationship management (CRM) system that always delivers on the promised date. The Naked Wines loyalty program rewards angels (loyal investors) by discounting wine, announcing new wines to them first and holding personalised regional pop-up tastings. - Annual group sales were up 67% in 2014.


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10. ListenSmart brands listen Listen to what your customers and community are talking about. Leverage social listening tools and develop a strategy with specific tactics to take the data and insights from your social networks20

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Embrace Customer ReviewsBest Buy listens to its customers by focusing on its customer reviews. In 2014 the retailer began to share feedback with vendors and takes a range of actions based on web reviews. To encourage customers to leave a review Best Buy rewards customers with special points to use toward future purchases.21When companies listen to their customers, collaborate with them and innovate together, they thrive

XPotential 2015Heres How Starbucks Continues to Create a Memorable Brand ExperienceIn October 2015 Starbucks launched its Mobile Order & Pay feature in the UK, allowing customers to pre-order their beverage and save on queuing time.

22Brings together loyalty, mobile payment and ordering ahead in one ecosystemExtending the relationship with its customers and improving the overall customer experienceUS customer feedback showed the app typically saves customers between 10 and 15 minutes in their day. Takes away the pain points of a typical retail experience, like queuing and taking payment. Allows baristas to get to know their customers and build a relationship.As people start to converse with their social networks and on their phones, it made sense for us to extend into that space Ian Cranna, Starbucks VP of marketing and category EMEA** across 150 London stores

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