Crack the Code: Getting C-Suite Buy-In for Your Marketing Tech Purchases

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How to make the case for marketing automation.

Transcript of Crack the Code: Getting C-Suite Buy-In for Your Marketing Tech Purchases

  • 1.Crack the Code: Getting C-Suite Buy-In for YourMarketing Tech Purchases Kristin Hambelton 04/21/2011

2. Elusive ROI Resources to Help You KPIs to Make the Case Finding the Money Wrap-Up Agenda Neolane confidential Copyright Neolane - 2011 3.

  • About Neolane
  • Conversational marketing technology to build and sustain one-to-one lifetime dialogues across both inbound and outbound channels


  • The Ever-Elusive ROI
  • ROI continues to challenge marketers
    • Chicken and egg quandary
  • Insourced or outsourced you need to make your case
  • Other technologies may cloud the business case


  • Resources to Help
  • Analysts
    • Inquiry
    • Consulting
    • Research on purchase considerations
    • Vendor landscapes
  • Vendor websites
    • Research documents
    • White papers
    • Case studies
    • Partners

6. KPIs for Making the Case

  • Marketing Performance (Effectiveness)
  • Marketing Productivity (Efficiency)
  • Marketing ROI (Accountability)


  • Marketing Performance (Effectiveness)
  • Revenue/Sales
  • Email-driven sales volume
  • Customer value
  • Net sales conversion rates
  • Reactivity rates (Hospitality)
  • Application requests (Financial Services)
  • Prospect Database Size
  • Marketing-sourced revenue/marketing-influenced revenue (B2B)
  • Number of leads passed (B2B)
  • Increase in qualified leads passed to sales (B2B)
  • Customer identification %
  • Click through rates; open rates; opt out rates


  • Marketing Productivity (Efficiency)
  • More programs executed than the previous year
  • Time taken to create communications cut in half
  • Narrowed campaign analysis time
  • Reduced campaign turnaround time
  • Increased response rates withoutincreasing marketing spend
  • Reduced recurring costs


  • Finding the Money- Three Ideas
  • Insource vs. outsource
  • Consider different deployment/financing options
  • Remix/reallocate your marketing spend


  • Wrap Up
  • ROI doesnt have to be elusive
  • Use industry resources to help you make your case insourced or outsourced
  • Find the KPIs that matter most in your business
  • Look for money in your current budget
  • Consider outsourcing
  • Evaluate different deployment/financing options