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Masthead Crack’s masthead is made a a full width, evenly spread out, heavy, masculine font that blends nicely into the surrounding borders of the front cover. This slight yet clever composition gives this magazine the slightly quirky edge that it is trying to express, appealing massively to the specific, niche audience. Image The image used on the front cover is totally captivating. The eye level close up profile shot provides a lot of depth into the artist’s eyes. Combined with the direct mode of address, I feel it engages amazingly with the audience, almost forcing them to give the cover and contents some attention, which is especially good for males. It gives them a challenge to almost see why this artist is staring at them. I feel that the bluey, greeny hue then appeals even further to the male Price The fact this magazine is free reflects the audience quite well. The low income could suggest a student lifestyle, and also hints on at how specific and small the target audience is in comparison to giant national companies like NME. I feel this is is why the detail and layout is so professional and neat. They do not need to appeal to the masses, simple please their intended and loyal followers. Other conventions - The issue number is featured in a unorthodox manner, providing a more visually unique design. The main sell line is positioned centrally in line with the symmetrical layout created by the sell- lines features vertically down either side. I feel again this different approach to design allows it to engage with a really cultured and matures, yet young, audience. Also, the tagline is features subtly in the lower left corner, which isn’t overpowering yet features almost as a nice detail, summarizing the magazine simply yet Clothing The clothing is exactly the kind of style I hope to achieve in my own work. I feel the basic, plain, and modest clothing allows the artist to be opened up for interpretation by the opinions of the audience. Indications of genre are hinted on by the jewellery, which again, matches this subtle theme throughout the design of the page itself. I feel this is much

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1. MastheadCracks masthead is made a a fullwidth, evenly spread out, heavy,masculine font that blends nicelyinto the surrounding borders of thefront cover. This slight yet clevercomposition gives this magazinethe slightly quirky edge that it istrying to express, appealingmassively to the specific, nicheaudience.PriceThe fact this magazine is freereflects the audience quite well.The low income could suggest astudent lifestyle, and also hints onat how specific and small the targetaudience is in comparison to giantnational companies like NME. I feelthis is is why the detail and layout isso professional and neat. They donot need to appeal to the masses,simple please their intended andloyal followers.ImageThe image used on the front coveris totally captivating. The eye levelclose up profile shot provides a lotof depth into the artists eyes.Combined with the direct mode ofaddress, I feel it engages amazinglywith the audience, almost forcingthem to give the cover andcontents some attention, which isespecially good for males. It givesthem a challenge to almost see whythis artist is staring at them. I feelthat the bluey, greeny hue thenappeals even further to the maleaudience by having the low keylighting as well. It provides a darker,almost cold feeling that couldappeal quite cool to the targetaudience.Other conventions - The issuenumber is featured in aunorthodox manner, providing amore visually unique design. Themain sell line is positionedcentrally in line with thesymmetrical layout created by thesell-lines features vertically downeither side. I feel again thisdifferent approach to design allowsit to engage with a really culturedand matures, yet young, audience.Also, the tagline is features subtlyin the lower left corner, which isntoverpowering yet features almostas a nice detail, summarizing themagazine simply yet effectively.Overall, I feel it maintains basicmagazine conventions yet with areal contemporary spin on them,which works fantastically to createthis amazing finished design. This iswhat I similarly hope to achievewith my design.ClothingThe clothing is exactly the kind of style I hope to achieve inmy own work. I feel the basic, plain, and modest clothingallows the artist to be opened up for interpretation by theopinions of the audience. Indications of genre are hinted onby the jewellery, which again, matches this subtle themethroughout the design of the page itself. I feel this is muchmore appealing than a more tacky, mainstream approach,similarly to what I went for last year. 2. HeadingThe heading features the maintypography used by Crack in themain article. However, withattention to size, spacing andweight, and has been morphedinto a powerful heading font. Ifeel this is a lot moreprofessional than having themassive masthead to appearagain. Instead, it is more subtlyfeatured lower down within alarger body of text, which I feelcompliments it much better.Main Image/Sub imagesPersonally I dont like the mainimage of this page, being theexact same image as the frontcover. I feel this doesnt showthe artist in anymore light, andso I would by keen to changethat, to perhaps a more large,mid shot or long shot. As for thesub images, the clusteredcollage creates a small andsubtle bundle of photos, thatcreates a visual shape differentto that of other magazinesdesigns. Mixed media is alsoused in terms of photographyand illustration, which I feelagain works well to create a wellrounded and engaging magazineto fans of art and culture, whothis magazine is specificallyaimed at.Text/DetailThe text is both witty and topical. It is presented with such careand thought into particular words relevant to the audience that itimpresses and comes across relatable. I feel this particular detailand tone is definitely something to take note from.AcknowledgementsAcknowledgements aresomething I rarely came acrosswith my research last year. It isbecause of this regional andmore independent aspect of thistask that I tend to see thisconvention way more frequently.Again, it just conveys to theaudience how much effort andindividual flair goes into the fulllproduction, which I feel isappreciated.Page NumberThe page number features at thetop right of the page, different tothe usual bottom right of eachpage on most magazines. It alsoexpresses how unique andindividual this magazine is,which I feel will appear to amodern and relevant targetaudience.Editors NoteThe Editors note is more of aparagraph, emphasizing theindividual efforts that have goneinto the production of this printbased issue. It has a great levelof humour and sarcasm to it,which engages and entertainedthe reader well. 3. StyleIt is the double page spread that begin to take their own shape and housestyle depending on who or what the topic is. As you can see, new fonts areintroduced for example, the heading, which competes with the dark blackand white image for dominance in the first initial page. I feel the differencebetween this heavy weighted first page and lighter second page worksreally well to create a lot of contrast and impact.ColourColour is almost non-existent on this double page spread.Black is present in 99% of the text, which means that 1% thatisnt (the red pullout quote) stands out so well in the midst ofthe main article. I feel this works well, but I would be temptedto use the red for other subtle elements, just to bring somelife to the otherwise quite lifeless and emotionless page.Pull Out QuoteThis convention isalmost alwaysused when thetopic is a personof interest. Itallows theaudience to getthe opinion ofpersonality of theperson in focus,and I feel thiswould be reallybeneficial for meto use similartechnique whenrecreating mine.CaptionsThe captionsarent restrictedto the border ofthe image.Instead they arespread across thepage, filling spaceand going intodetail aboutartist,photographer etc.Web LinkSocial media istaking the mediaindustry by storm,and so this iscleverly includedin every page toshow theirtechnologicalpresence online. Ifeel this couldalso feature onthe front cover,which is animprovement Iwould make.Image/PoseThe image reflects the genre of this artist well. The unusualpose reflects an unusual underground/garage genre hedescribes within the interview. The image itself is quite evil inexpression, with the glaring face directly addressing theaudience, which could engage them really well. It follows onthe nerving connotations of the front image quite well.ArticleBecause of this topic, a music artist, the article formathas been presented in the style of an interview. I feelthis works really well for upcoming musicians, artists,actors, or sportspeople to allow the audience to get areal, personal insight into their ideas and attitudes, andso this is the format I will most likely use.