Course Fee: $7888 Boost your GMAT score in...GMAT Prep Combo For All Kaplan GMAT Exam Drill Students...

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Transcript of Course Fee: $7888 Boost your GMAT score in...GMAT Prep Combo For All Kaplan GMAT Exam Drill Students...


    Mr. Paul LundquistB.A. North Park University I M.B.A., Thunderbird School of Global Management

    For New StudentsGMAT Prep Combo

    For All KaplanGMAT Exam Drill Students

    All-rounder Offer

    #Student survey from Oct 2017 - Aug 2018, 100% of Kaplan GMAT Exam Drill students rated 5.5 out of 6 on the trainer.

    • 20+ years as Kaplan Hong Kong’s GMAT trainer

    • Scored in the 96th percentile

    • 100% student satisfaction rating#

    *Terms and restrictions apply

    Special Offers*

    $12,859Now(Original $14,288)10% OFF

    $19,958Now(Original $22,176)10% OFF

    GMAT Full CourseGMAT Full Course

    GMAT Exam Drill+

    (Original $14,288)

    [email protected] /


    Less time, better resultTackle high level GMAT questions in 16 hoursReal GMAT exam questions drillingGet all the best tricks of the GMAT examfrom our star trainer

    your GMAT score in

    16 hours

    !BoostExam Drill 2019GMAT

    Course Fee: $7,888


  • Total of 16 hours with 2 sessions per day (4 hours per session)

    Course Introduction:

    Apply NOW and receive a FREE MBA Admissions GuideFREE

    GMAT Exam Drill is ideal for students who would like to complete their GMAT preparation in a very short period of time as well as for our Kaplan GMAT alumni to review and apply their skills in a fresh and challenging environment. This course covers all of the concepts and skills necessary for success on both the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the GMAT. Students will be provided with practical, effective strategies applied to real GMAT questions by an experienced trainer.

    Course Outline

    Day 1 Day 2

    Morning Session

    Afternoon Session

    Course Schedule:

    Verbal Session ( Part I)

    Quantitative Session ( Part I)

    1. Introduction to GMAT Critical ReasoningStrategic Approach to:- Assumption Questions- Strengthening & Weakening Arguments- Flaw Questions- Identifying Wrong Answer Traps

    2. Introduction to GMAT Sentence Correction- Strategic Approach to Sentence Correction Questions- Commonly Tested Grammar and Style Issues

    3. Introduction to GMAT Reading Comprehension- Strategic Approach to Reading Passages- Reading Comprehension Question Types- Identifying Wrong Answer Traps

    1. Introduction to Problem Solving Questions

    2. Introduction to Data Sufficiency Questions

    3. Commonly Tested Math Skills and Concepts (Part I)Strategic Approach to:- Algebra- Arithmetic- Number Properties

    Verbal Session ( Part II)

    Quantitative Session ( Part II)

    1. Critical Reasoning Strategic Approach to:

    - Inference Questions

    - Explain Questions

    - Bold Statement Questions

    2. Sentence Correction Advanced Issues and Strategies

    3. Reading Comprehension Advanced Strategies forDifficult Passages

    1. Commonly Tested Math Skills and Concepts (Part II)Strategic Approach to:- Proportions- Math Formulas- Statistics- Geometry

    [email protected] /


    16 Feb (Sat)9am – 1pm

    20 Apr (Sat)9am – 1pm

    22 Jun (Sat)9am – 1pm

    24 Aug (Sat)9am – 1pm

    26 Oct (Sat)9am – 1pm

    14 Dec (Sat)9am – 1pm

    16 Feb (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    20 Apr (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    22 Jun (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    24 Aug (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    26 Oct (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    14 Dec (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    23 Feb (Sat)9am – 1pm

    27 Apr (Sat)9am – 1pm

    29 Jun (Sat)9am – 1pm

    31 Aug (Sat)9am – 1pm

    02 Nov (Sat)9am – 1pm

    21 Dec (Sat)9am – 1pm

    23 Feb (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    27 Apr (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    29 Jun (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    31 Aug (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    02 Nov (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    21 Dec (Sat)2pm – 6pm

    Verbal 1

    Math 1

    Verbal 2

    Math 2

    Course Code /Session


    (2 Weeks)


    (2 Weeks)


    (2 Weeks)


    (2 Weeks)


    (2 Weeks)


    (2 Weeks)