Countering terrorism

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counter terrrorism/naxalism

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In the Arthashastra, Kautilya wrote that a state could be at risk from four types of threats - internal, external, externally-aided internal and internally-aided external

INDIA , land of Buddha and Gandhi in which people are trembling with fear of terrorists / naxal attacks.

Page 3: Countering terrorism

Reasons for terrorism/ naxalism

terrorism naxalism Also called enemy within ,

naxalism originated in india only. Economic backwardness Human rights deprival fight for Special states /countries Loss of faith in current political

system. Neglect of tribal,poor Underintegration and

overintegration with social life.

For unipolar world , us and ussr originated word terrorism to counter each other. But after collapse of ussr , us neglected them , then they realized that they are used as puppets . So they started attacking whole world.

Clash of cultures, religions and regions also gave rise to terrorism

Will to destroy other country politically, economically ,socially.

Frustrated locals conniving with terrorists

Page 4: Countering terrorism

Areas where poverty , discrimination is more there terrorism /naxalism is more. Ex: jammu & Kashmir

Page 5: Countering terrorism

Impact Direct impact Indirect impactGlobal security Protracted wars

Weaken fragile statesWeaken licit tradeWeakens access to resourcesRetrenchment of globalization

Human securityGlobal healthGlobal migrationGreater economic disparityGreater pressure on resourcesLower global GDPDestruction of biosphereFailed peacekeeping

Government Governance failureFailing and failed statesNarco-statesKleptocraciesCorrupt governments

Lost of government revenuesTrade imbalancesLost GDPLost investmentsReduction in tourismShift of power to criminal gangsPrevents human development

Society/human security Erosion of trust in governmentExposure to crime/violenceIllegal tradeHigh risk environments (pollution, drugs, arms)Loss of legal business revenuesKidnapping/extortion/murderIllegal trafficking of men/women/childrenNatural resources/wildlife/arms

Rise of populist and criminal groupsReduction of resources (food, oil, water, land)Higher cost of livingHigher drug addiction and increase in HIV/AIDS

Page 6: Countering terrorism

Years Civilians Security Force Personnel

Terrorists Total

1994 1696 417 1919 40321995 1779 493 1603 38751996 2084 615 1482 41811997 1740 641 1734 41151998 1819 526 1419 37641999 1377 763 1614 37542000 1803 788 2384 49752001 1693 721 3425 58392002 1174 623 2176 39732003 1187 420 2095 37022004** 886 434 1322 26422005 1212 437 1610 32592006 1118 388 1264 27702007 1013 407 1195 26152008 1030 372 1217 26192009 721 431 1080 22322010 759 371 772 19022011 429 194 450 10732012 252 139 412 8032013 300 193 391 8842014 20 2 12 34Total* 24092 9375 29576 63043

Terrorism in world

Human loss in india

Page 7: Countering terrorism
Page 8: Countering terrorism

Global terrorism

International institutions should not be under one’s control. Stratgies announced by group of countries on a stage should not fail

at ground level. Cooperation and support between countries to end terrorism. Criminals from other countries can be dragged with help of those

nations . To do that they should be offered economic incentives, trades help or even echange of criminals.

Freezing of foreign funds for encouraging violence. Muslims in our country can play a great role in controlling terrorism Detachment of religion from public decisions.

Page 9: Countering terrorism

Kinetic energy of bullet is less powerful than potential energy of great helping mind

Format, adapt plans and programes and counter measures by coordination of all forces through better technical database management.

Fdi investments in defence sector. Research and innovation should aim at understanding ,detecting , preventing

, preparing and protecting against security threats. People in border areas should be educated about terrorism , their effect on

country so that they can inform officials if any doubtful actions happen. For families that lossed life in terrorist activities are recruited and they are given opportunity to spread such important messages.

Page 10: Countering terrorism

Social media communication

As we cannot directly communicate with terrorists / naxals , social media can take the message we want to give them.

Common man can become cm of a state . So if you want bring a change system try to win politics then change . ex: Arvind kreziwal

You can work as NGO fighting for people than choosing violence. People of jammu & Kashmir should recognize that there is no

partiality shown to them. Parawaz rasool played for indian cricket team recently . So no discrimination.

Its not oldays where people are sympathized to naxals but now people very busy even to think about naxals work

Page 11: Countering terrorism


system so as to ensure delievery .

Land rights should be with the tribals rather than mining companies.

Primary schools, colleges, universities should be available for all.

Human rights awareness. Bringing tribals into

political stream and democratic process.

It gives power to differentiate good and wrong and understand human life value.

Employment generation schemes throughout year and reasonable salary like in HAYAT, MNGREGA.

All educated persons should have equal opportunity .

Removal of poverty and corruption Economic security and so time to care about society and human relations will improve. Prevention of terrorism/naxalism

Page 12: Countering terrorism

ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS Special forces like grey hounds should be brought . Andhra

Pradesh I s successfully almost out of naxal activities because of grey hounds.

Working with emotional intelligence lacks in present scenario . So education system which gives values , morals, emotions should be adopted.

Institutions like NATIONAL COUNTER TERRORISM CENTRE should be established.

Public police relation should enhance through regular awareness camps.

Separate department in human right commission to address terrorist / naxal cases.

Page 13: Countering terrorism

Judicial reforms

“AN EYE FOR EYE WILL MAKE WHOLE WORLD BLIND”.- MK GANDHI. But we cannot give any innocent lifes. So the last step is to curb terrorism mercilessly.

Speedy investigation . Separate and fast track court . Stringent and effective implementation of laws ex: POTA No mercy petitions if they have caused human loss.

Page 14: Countering terrorism

Political reforms

Electoral malpractises should be stopped in terrorist / naxalist areas to retain faith In democracy in such areas.

Political leaders should give up their interests when national security is underthreat. No blame games.

State sponsored terrorism cannot be tolerated at any cost.

Page 15: Countering terrorism

Other measures

Surrended Maoists / naxals / terrorists should be won over by good rehabilitation.

Comprehensive database management Grant monetary rewards and other incentives to informers and in

any case their recognition should not be disclosed. Professional negotiation team . building plans for all structures Decentralisation of government. Mock attacks for public awareness and alertness.

Page 16: Countering terrorism

Terrrorism is symbol of sick

Page 17: Countering terrorism