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April 21, 2010 presentation for the Reno/Tahoe chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE). Overview: Make your marketing dollars count. With so many choices for marketing your business online - how do you know what choices to make with a limited budget? How do you get the most out of your communications? Where do you start? This presentation addresses where to spend your time and money online and how to be effective implementing your online strategy.


  • 1. Cost Effective Internet Marketing Keith Anderson Trinity Applied Internet
  • 2.
    • CEO of Trinity Applied Internet
    • Professional Web Developer
    • 12+ years experience with the web
    • Learned HTML in 1996
    • Trinity Applied Internet provides consulting, web design & development, database applications, and content management systems. We are specialists in integrating online business processes.
    Who Am I?
  • 3.
    • Most strategies end up as lists of tools and not goals.
    • It is easy to spend money online.
    • There are a lot of ways to achieve the same objective.
    • Being effective is more about process than technology.
    • The key is tying different technologies together.
    Internet Marketing Where Do You Start?
  • 4.
    • Marketing Plan Basics
    • Marketing plans should integrate online and offline strategies.
    • Marketing goals
      • what is to be achieved, and when results are to be accomplished.
    • Marketing objectives (the eight Ps)
      • how the results are to be achieved.
        • Price - The amount of money needed to buy products.
        • Product - The actual product.
        • Promotion (advertising) - Getting the product known.
        • Placement - Where the product is located.
        • People - Represent the business.
        • Physical environment - The ambiance, mood, or tone of the environment.
        • Process - How do people obtain your product.
        • Packaging - How the product will be protected.
    Get a Marketing Plan
  • 5.
    • Marketing Plan Basics
    • Analytics - Measure, Track, Assess, Target
    • Marketing budget, including the advertising and promotional plan
      • Have a budget of time and money - Nothing is free - there is a cost in time and money.
      • Without a budget you won't spend the time and you spend more money.
    • Market segmentation
      • Customer group defined by needs/wants who needs your solution?
    Get a Marketing Plan
  • 6.
    • I need some more business!
      • Created a website and got a blog.
      • Paid to list business in a directory and bought some Google Ad words.
      • Created a Facebook page.
      • Bought a yellow page ad.
      • Printed out some flyers.
      • Sent out a direct mailer.
    • Some clients called and booked some services
      • Not sure how they found the business.
      • Not sure how many did not contact the business.
    • I need more advertising!
    Marketing Without a Goal-Oriented Plan
  • 7.
    • Specific Goal
      • I want to book 5 special photography packages a month for three months.
    • Specific Objectives
      • Product - $ 1000 all-inclusive photography package.
      • Promotion - Advertising on Craigslist, Google Local Business listing, Facebook promotion - both link to the website consultation form. Direct Mailer links to the form.
      • Placement - My Business in located in the Reno area. I can service a 40 mile radius. Potential clients are from here or going to here.
      • Process Clients will find my product online (or via the direct mailer), click through to my free consultation form, schedule an interview, book the date.
      • Packaging - All the photos will be available for order online within 7 business days and the price includes the printing of 20 photos of the clients choice.
    • Tracking Results
      • Tracked the number of visits to the form, number of completed forms, and asked callers how they found our services.
    Goal Oriented Marketing Plan
  • 8.
    • Prioritize your goals.
    • Know who your customers are and what they want.
    • Know what product you are selling what problem are you solving?
    • Market to your current customers.
    • Know where your marketing dollars are going.
    • Work with what you have.
    • The content you create should be in your core expertise.
    • Narrow your channels.
    • Close the loop.
    • Localize your marketing.
    How do you get the most out of your communications?
  • 9.
    • Too many options to do everything at once.
    • Do Decide what you want/need to accomplish. Research multiple available options.
    • Do not Choose your technology first, then try to find a way to make it fit.
    • Do - Choose your focus, and then chose the strategies for getting there.
    • Tip: Your website strategy should evolve out of your marketing plan.
    Prioritize Your Online Goals
  • 10. How Many Channels Of Communication Are There?
  • 11.
    • Website
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • SMS (Simple Messaging Service)
    • Social Media
    • Localization
    • Survey
    • Blog
    • Search (Google Search, PPC, Facebook)
    • RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
    • Tip: Limit your channels - focus on where your audience is.
    Communication Channels
  • 12.
    • Who is your audience?
    • What is/are the most effective channel(s) for that audience?
    • What is the most needed solution for your company?
    • You are probably in more channels than you realize.
    • There is an opportunity cost to entering new channels.
    How To Decide What Channels To Be In?
  • 13. Map Out the Customer Experience - Close The Loop
    • Whatever channels you are in: close the loop tie it together.
    • Make sure that wherever in the cycle a user finds you, the user can also easily find the rest of your online presence.
    • Closing the loop involves three parts:
      • Clear incentives
      • Clear navigation choices
      • Sharing data across platforms
  • 14. Example of an Open Loop Google Ad Words
    • If you are not closing the loop on your advertising you are wasting money.
    • If you are not tracking your results you are wasting money.
  • 15. Landing Page Not So Good
    • What are your clients searching for?
    • How can they buy?
    • Is Facebook more important than the sale?
  • 16. Landing Page Better
    • Limit their choices.
    • Make it easy.
    • Tell them what to do.
  • 17.