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  • 1. Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd.

2. Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. Consistently deliver ingenious, comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective business solutions through IT for global market by creating a professionally stimulating and happy environment for our team where professionals thrive alongside the growth of our company. Skillfully applying the most sought-after, fast-growing pertinent technology to yield total solutions in the most critical business areas. When performance speaks we wouldnt want words to interrupt. Vision Statement Mission Statement A value driven Technology Company that understands YOUR Business needs 3. Gateway Group initiated business on 25 stJune 1997. A spotless delivery record of over 650+ projects. Out of the 900+ employees globally, a team of 800+ software development professionals at our Offshore Development Center in India. Technology partners with more than 70 software product companies and over 50 software development houses globally. Achieved total financial stability since inception and have grown solely based on internally generated funds. Offices in 6 countries Globally with revenue of 11 million $ and a consistent growth of 200% to 300% year on year since a decade. We have leveraged our position in the global market with an enviable list of clients and a phenomenal growth rate achieved through IT innovation, dedicated teams and timely implementation of solutions. FACT FILE Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 4. Global Presence 1. India 2. Zoetermeer- Netherlands 3. Stockholm- Sweden 4. Aarhus- Denmark 5. Espoo- Finland 6. Houston- USA Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 5. RECOGNITION Gateway TechnoLabs was awarded as the Best Software Company in the state of Gujarat Awarded in April 2008 by GESIA Jury was from KPMG, Indian Institute of Management, Confederation of Indian Industry and some other renowned Academicians Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 6. RECOGNITION ExcellenceAward & Udyog Rattan Awardby IES (Institute ofEconomic Studies), India AMITY CORPORATE EXCELLENCEAWARD by Amity InternationalBusiness School, India Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 7. Total Office Area:80,000 sq. ft. (7440 Sq. Mtr.) of total office space . Hardware Infrastructure:950+ workstations for software development, testing and support facilities. Internal Training Facilities:In-house staff training facility to train up to 50 people at a time. Internet Connectivity:Four dedicated leased line for all ourdevelopment facility supported by a backup broadband, wireless andIPLC link. Dedicated Servers for application Hosting, Testing and Client presentation:we have co-location servers with one of the best data center in USA having multiple OC3 connectivity and all the latestFirewall installed. Communication Infrastructure:Facility for video conferencing/ 24 x 7 VOIP calling for onsite-offsite-client team coordination Contingency and Disaster Recovery:An offsite location with 50 seat capacity has been created for any kind of eventuality should the main center be rendered unusable. Power supply at the main center as well as the offsite location have inbuilt redundancies. INFRASTRUCTURE Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 8. SERVICE OFFERINGS Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. Application Development Application Migration Application Maintenance Application Testing Application Development Centre R&D Consulting Staffing Services Game Development Project Management Product Management Business Consulting BPO Multimedia Services 9. INDUSTRIES Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. Travel & Tourism Advertising & Media Retail SupplyChain & Logistics Tele communication Real Estate Legal Online Gaming Healthcare Education & Training Manufacturing & Engineering Automotive & Transport Dairy & Food Processing Banking & Finance 10. BUSINESS MODELS Dedicated Development Center Model We Build an offshore facility for the customer, Operate the offshore facility & customize it as per customer's needs & when model reaches maturity, we Transfer the complete ownership of the facility & resources to the Client. Extension of the customer'ssoftware engineering facility.The customer pays fixed monthly rate for the Team. Hybrid Model A major portion of project is on a Fixed Price basis and at the same time resources are deployed on Time and Material basis. Adopting such a model enables the client to maximize their ROI without compromising any aspect of the project itself. Build-Operate Transfer Model Fixed Price Model The customer pays aPre-negotiated Fixed price for the complete project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. Time & Material Model Define the business model and work hand in hand with our client. The client pays a fixed hourly rate. Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 11. [email_address] .NET Competency Center MS Other Technologies Delivering secure, self-service collaborative workspaces for our customers to enable them to securely collaborate with their partners, suppliers and customers. Collaborative Workspaces Social Computing Tools / Web 2.0 Enterprise / Business Portals Enterprise Search Solutions Enterprise Asset Content Management Business Process & Workflow Infopath Forms Business Intelligence. Solutions on centralized information management, moving towards paperless office, streamlining business process through workflow, simplified content management, improved end user productivity, unified search, inbuilt IRM (Information Rights Management) and DIP (Document Information Panel) Sharepoint Competency Center Migration from .NET 2.0 to 3.5. Custom Enterprise business applications built on the .NET environment (C#, .NET, VB, .NET). Enterprise Business Solutions, E-Commerce Portals (B2B, B2C and B2G), M-Commerce Applications, SaaS Portals, Client Server Business applications and products. Client Relationship Management Windows Media Center Digital Rights Management Outlook, OWA, Exchange Dynamics - AX, NAV, GP, SL,RMS and POS Atlas.NET, MapPoint, DotNetNuke Silverlight Commerce Server Content Management Server Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. TECHNOLOGY 12. TECHNOLOGY Java / J2EE Development Our service spectrum spans across Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 and covers Web Services, JAX-WS, JAXB, SOAP, Streaming API, JSP, Servlet, EJB. At our Java Competency Center we help clients recognize the benefits of Enterprise Java/J2EE platforms and the relative technologies comprise of Web Services and J2ME in developing and delivering enterprise solutions. Our expertise includes J2SE, J2EE and J2ME. Application development onJava Technology for the Mobility platforms (JTWI), Healthcare Professionals (T2P2), Telecom Industry, High Integrity Systems, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). PHP and Linux Linux, PHP, Documentum, Drupal & Joomla, Polls, Templating, Threaded Comments, Community Forums like PHPBB and SMSForum, Blogging, Shopping carts and eCommerce - Analysis, tracking, statistics, logging and reporting, web based administration etc. Project Management using dotProjet, CRM applications Sugar CRM, Advertisement tools like Open-X, Search Tools like Lucene, Open Source Testing using tools like Selenium, Open Source Commercial Applications, Open Source Technologies and frameworks. Opensource Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 13. TECHNOLOGY Database Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Wireless / Mobile Flex Development, Silverlight and related RIA tools Various applications like Sales Force Automation, Service Force Automation, Mobile Logistics, Inventory Tracking, Mobile Banking, Mobile On-site Services Management, Mobile messaging (SMS, MMS), Mobile Commerce. Extension of legacy or web-enabled/Internet applications to the mobile platformMultiple platforms - Windows Mobile, Java, Palm.Application development for Mobile Social Networking, GPRS communication, Bluetooth, WAP and XML. Mobile Game Development including 2D and 3D graphics, single player, two player, and multiplayerIntegration with embedded devices for data exchange . Expertise in solutions based on MS SQL,IBM,DB2, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Informix and Ingress. Powerful analytical Business Intelligence solutions utilizing cubes to provide information at fingertips. Applications for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Online Transaction processing (OLTP) using standards suitable for the enterprises requirements. Solutions for Data Transfer and Data Migration. Solutions for financial and non-financial reporting, data mining, performance monitoring using Business Objects, Brio, Essbase and such analytical tools. Other Technologies Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 14. TECHNOLOGY C, C++, Embedded Visual C++ Applications to monitor real time financial information to investors Searching and exploring Products on the web. Mobile applications using Symbian C++ DirectX applications using VC++ Embedded applications Spam Filtering applications Computer Aided Designing software and GIS applications Data-centre applications Large scale e-commerce applications Systems for rapid network recovery after failure Portable set top box and digital TV software Gateway TechnoLabs is one of the pioneering solution providers in windows based wireless device application development using Microsoft Embedded Visual C++. Our Windows Mobile Solutions include: Enterprise Mobility Solutions ActiveSync synchronization Enterprise Integration of Mobile Solutionwith Corporate back-end Real-Time Logistics Solutions Wireless Data Collection Applications Inventory Tracking Solutions Wireless Order Entry Solutions Other Technologies Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 15. MULTIMEDIA SERVICES RIA (Rich Internet Application) Flex Development Silverlight Development UI Design & Enhancements Interactive Media Flash based Webdesign Touch Screen Kiosks CD Authoring SEO Champions Gaming Solutions Desktop / Online Gaming Mobile Gaming Interactive IPTV Games 2D&3D Animation Cel Animation 3D modeling 3D walkthroughs Fact Sheet Powerful team of 80+ multimedia developers, handpicked with proven creative and technical background State-of-the-art fully integrated studio for Multimedia Productions Extensive Asset Libraries for content usage and creation MAC and PC based facilities The team has in-depth understanding of global trends, likes / dislikes of clients based on geographical locations, changing global trends in terms of technology and tastes. Excellent team of Multimedia professionals with Advertising, Fine Arts & Mass Communications background Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 16. International Packaging Deployment Centre (IPDC)BPO @ ADVERTISING AND MEDIA We are managing the projects from concept development till the product being placed on the shelf Designing the Product package (Carton, Tetra Pack, Poly Pack, Corrugated Box and other Packaging designs like Leaflets,Inserts, Labels) Technically correcting the rough design Developing the line extension (managing the wide range of product line) Managing the product packaging of the existing brand Pre-press (Lithography) complete pre-press processes once the artwork is completed Printing & Post-press services We have developed a powerful software application to manage workflow in Offshore mode Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 17. SOFTWARE PROCESS ` Project Management, Oversight and Control Project Planning, Scheduling, Scope/Time/Cost Management, Project Tracking, Project Status Reporting Software Quality Assurance Quality Planning, Work Product Reviews, Process Tailoring, Metrics, Improvement Actions Configuration & Change Management Configuration Planning, Change Request Management, Impact Analysis Software Design Software Requirements Software Construction Software Testing Software Maintenance RequirementsFundamental RequirementsGathering RequirementsAnalysis andDocumentation Requirements vali-dation and Review Design Criteria Software Structureand Architecture ImplementationDesign Design Reviews OrganisationalCoding Guidelines Coding Code Reviews Unit Testing Test Planning Test Process Comducting Tests Test Results andAnalysis MaintenancePlanning Change Managementand Impact Analysis Maintenance andChange ManagementProcess Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 18. [email_address] PROCESS TOOLS & METHODOLOGIES Unit Testing Tools: NUnit for .NET, JUnit for Java, Mercury QuickTest Pro 8.0Functional and Regression Tests : Mercury QuickTest Pro 8.0, Mercury WinRunnerLoad and Performance Tests : OpenSTA, ANTSLoad, WAPT, Mercury LoadRunner, Microsoft Application Center TestBug Tracking and Issue Management : Bugzilla, Mantis BT Testing Tools Collaboration Tools Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Web Access, Inhouse Timesheet tracking application, Project Status Reviews Project Scheduling and Tracking Microsoft VSS, CVS Configuration Mgmt. FxCop for .NETEclipse Plugins for Java code review JProfiler for Java Code Profiling .NET Memory Optimization tools Rational Purify and Valgrind tool for C++code reviews Code Smith Code Generator for .NET Code Review Tools SRS Review by functional Review Teams Design Review by Technical Review Teams Integrated Validation and Verification Work Product Reviews Rational Rose, MagicDraw UML and Microsoft Visio Design Tools Requirements Traceability Matrix Change Requests and Impact Analysis Requirements and Change Management Tools Category Methodologies Rational Unified Process and Use Case Modeling Waterfall and Iterative Development Methodologies Agile Processes and Test Driven Development Prototyping and Incremental Approach Rapid Application Development GotoMeeting, LiveMeeting, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, VOIP, Wikis Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 19. A holistic quality approach combining tools and methodologies. Proficiency in implementing the best suited development methodology depending on the project Requirements. Quality Processes are continuously improved with a vision of achieving Quality Certification. Specialized and Dedicated QA framework that augments development teams and is fully responsible for ensuring quality of products and services we deliver. Dedicated QA Team of 70+ professionals currently geared to map our processes to CMM III standards. Well defined process tailoring mechanism for different types of projects QUALITY PROCESS Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. Real Estate Financial Services Healthcare High End Technology Retail Industry Iterative Development with Prototyping approach Online Real Estate, Mortgage & Title Portal Iterative Test First Development Methodology (maps to CMM III standards) Stock Market Information Dissemination System Waterfall and Iterative Development Cycles (maps to CMM III standards) Physicians Practice Management System Rational Unified Process and UML Modeling Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Mail Scanner System Agile methodology and RAD Database Search and Ordering Suite for Retail Methodology Adopted Project 20. BENEFITS OF ODC WITH GATEWAY Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. Flexibility of being able to access a large pool of resources working on various technologies. Flexibility of increasing / decreasing the teams at a short notice. Flexibility to have the offshore team come onsite at a short notice. Flexibility to select the team jointly from the best IT brains handpicked from Indian IT Industry Higher availability of our team at ODC to manage contingencies as we work 6 days a week and available at oddhours even on Sundays for emergencies. The team can also work at normal office timings in your country. Team at our ODC is trained to understand the culture of your country, thereby leading to better communication and co-ordination across the teams. Based on varied ODC experience, the S/W development processes are designed to comply with the industry's best practices and standards, enabling total transparency, access & control of your team at the ODC. We have comprehensive security policies in place covering multiple levels of security by laying emphasis on IPR,NDA (with clients), reciprocal NDA (with employees), Secured network access via VPN to authorized employees andclients, data encryption etc. At ODC, we not only do designing, development and modifications for your software development needs, but we alsosetup a 24x7 ongoing voice/non-voice based tech. Support . We also setup back-office workforce to help optimize your operational costs, thereby enabling you to operate your business in the most cost effective manner. We offer flexible engagement contract, leading to managed business risks. 21. Brings in the strategic differential advantage of offshore outsourcing to your business, thereby, enhancing your profitability. Modest sized company with extensive experience of offering offshore services to clients globally. Competitive pricing & risk sharing (dedicated model, incentive model, royalty model). Speed & agility (response time) Local language, local culture, local responsibility, local guarantee, global quality, Indian pricing. Global presence enabling us to offer local Contracts and local project management in EU and USA. Exploit the Time Zone Advantage and reap the benefits of the 24 x 7 development cycle. Utilization of Indias abundant English speaking IT Talent & economical rates. Drastic reduction of your operating costs. Gain access to the world-class software engineering skills. Seek resources not available in-house. Finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house due to technical or staff limitations. Free up non-capital resources for other in-houses projects. Gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project. WHY GATEWAY?? Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 22. CLIENTS LIST Copyright 2008 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. 23. Copyright 2007, Gateway Group of companies. Thank you Global PresenceMr. Niraj Gemawat Chairman & Managing Director Gateway Group of Companies Head Office B/81, Corporate House, Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - 380 054 INDIA Tel: +91 (79) 2685 2554 / 55 / 56 Fax: +91 (79) 2685 8591 If you are from USA or Canada Vonage Tele : 1-518-261-6801 (Rings in India) Fax: (208) 723-1140 (Comes in via eFax)

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