Core Banking Solution PPT of TCS and SBI

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Transcript of Core Banking Solution PPT of TCS and SBI

  2. 2. CONTENTS State Bank of India Background Importance of core banking solution Why migration decision has been taken Challenges for the bank Critical Success Factors Benefits of CBS Tata Consultancy Services Background CBS Product BaNCS, TCS BaNCS
  3. 3. STATE BANK OF INDIA State Bank of India Imperial Bank Presidency Banks Bank of Bengal Bank of Bombay Bank of Madras
  4. 4. LOGO, SLOGAN AND ACHIEVEMENTS The logo came from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and it was inspired by Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad. "PURE BANKING, NOTHING ELSE", "WITH YOU ALL THE WAY", "A BANK OF THE COMMON MAN", "THE BANKER TO EVERY INDIAN", "THE NATION BANKS ON US. Recognitions
  5. 5. DECISION TO MIGRATE CBS Core Banking solutions & advantages Branch System Competitive disadvantage Technology disadvantage Resource drain SOD and EOD
  6. 6. CHALLENGES FOR THE BANK Finding a new core system Lack of experience in implementation of centralized systems Effective usage of new system
  7. 7. SELECTION OF IT ENVIRONMENT Architecture of IT Hired KPMG Assistance of Dr. D.B. Phatak Criteria Possibilities S No Integrator Software Package Hardware Platform 1 TCS FNS BANCS IBM Mainframe 2 TCS FNS BANCS HP Superdome 3 IBM Alltel Systematics IBM Mainframe
  8. 8. IMPLEMENTATION & DATA SETUP Data Centre Mumbai Disaster Recovery Chennai Recovery Point Objective Zero Recovery Time Objective 4 Hours Challenges
  9. 9. CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS Senior Management Commitment Staffing and empowerment of project team Ownership by business heads Focus on training
  10. 10. SCALABILITY TEST Conducted at HP Labs in Cupertino, California Scenario: 100 million accounts, 12000 connections Operating Environment: Operating System server: HP Unix Application server: 2*32 HP 9000 Superdome RDBMS database server: Oracle Database server: 2*32 HP Itanium core integrity server
  11. 11. PROCESSING RESULTS Real time postings: 1577 transactions per second Month end batch processing: Loans: 1 hour 5 minutes Deposits: 2 hours 27 minutes
  12. 12. COMPARISON OF TECHNICAL COMPONENTS S No Particulars Old New 1 Software Kindle Bankmaster FNS BANCS (TCS BNCS) 2 Programming Language Assembly, Cobol COBOL, .NET 3 Operating System Novell Netware HP UX 4 Database Btrieve Oracle 9i 5 Processor Pentium 3 HP Superdome, 2AS,2DB,PA RISC 6 Storage 2GB HP XP24K SAN, 320TB
  13. 13. BENEFITS It enhance efficiency, consistency and turn-around time It also enables maximise the value of largest network in India Monitor advances and non-performing assets (NPA) via a single view in TCS BaNCS Multicurrency deposits are supported with TCS BaNCS (Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen) Updating the information
  14. 14. TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES Indian multinational information technology service, consulting and business solutions company. Established: 1968 Services Recognitions
  15. 15. BANCS Original Author: Financial Network Services Initial release: 1983 Developer: Tata Consultancy Services Written in : JAVA Type: Banking and Financial Suite Operating System: Cross- platform Platform: zOS, MVS, UNIX, Windows Satellite function was integrated with base software
  16. 16. TCSBANCS Mission: To provide bestof-breed solutions that drive growth, reduce costs, mitigate risk and offer a faster speed-to-market for our clients Core Banking Software suite developed by TCS for use by retail banks Functions: Universal Banking, Wealth Management, Compliance, Islamic Banking, Forex and money markets and etc. Simply it provides multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-language operation based on international messaging standards.
  17. 17. TCSBANCS OFFERS Complete coverage of lines-of-business Multi-channel integration Single view of the customer and the bank Ease of Integration Compliances