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  • 8/4/2019 Cordova Church of Christ Bulletin Rancho Cordova September 4, 2011





    Schedule o Services


    GO! will kick-of next Sunday night. Our time will ocus on action

    and service. We will prepare amilies and individuals or acts o service.

    Our service is an act o worship and a git to those in our community.

    Come back each week this all at 5:30 p.m. or a short devotional, then

    join us as we GO! out to serve. We need your help or this to be a

    success. First, the more we have going out each week, the more

    projects and work we can accomplish. Secondly, the more people we

    have joining us means we will have more talent and abilities

    thereore accomplishing a greater variety o projects.

    Come next Sunday night and see how you might help us GO!

    C H U R C H O F C H R I S T

    Love God. Love People. Help People Love God.

    September 4, 2011


    Join Us Tonight

    Devotional at 5:30 p.m. in Room 101

    Spaghetti Feed Fund Raiser at 6:00 p.m. in Family Lie Center

  • 8/4/2019 Cordova Church of Christ Bulletin Rancho Cordova September 4, 2011



    He Gave Me A Song (608)Welcome & Call to Worship

    Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus (602)

    Restore My Soul (567)

    I Know The Lord Will Find A Way (523)

    Communion Bread

    When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (315)

    Communion Cup

    When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (315)


    Create In Me

    Dismissal o Wee Worship

    Thy Word

    Shepherds PrayerMessage: Lessons From A Farmer - Part 2

    Listen To Our Hearts (810)


    He Has Made Me Glad (103)

    To d a y s Wo r s h i p F a l l A d u l t B i b l e C l a s s

    Classes meeting in the Family Life Center

    Classes meeting in Rooms 101, 103 and 104

    Fall - Adult Classes - 10:20AM

    Family Life Center A/B

    Taught by Larry Stafford

    Its a Wonderful Life

    Family Life Center D/E

    Taught by Jimmy Hurd

    Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    Family Life Center F - For CAYP Group

    Taught by Alex English & Coy Thorp


    Room 101

    Taught by Matt Huddleston & Ron


    The Holy Spirit Works

    Room 103

    Taught by Walt Fennel & Noel Shrum


    Balancing the Christian Life

    Room 104

    Taught by Sarah Lightfoot & Jan Moore

    Forgotten God

    Our fall quarter calls us to REMEMBER...

    Remember we have a special gift from God that is given to all of His children. Scripture tells usso much about this important part of the Trinity, yet for many of us we continue to ignore the

    daily presence of God the Spirit. Remember there are three parts of God; God the Father, God

    the Son, and God the Spirit. Join us this quarter as we remember the God who lives in us.

    More information at



  • 8/4/2019 Cordova Church of Christ Bulletin Rancho Cordova September 4, 2011


  • 8/4/2019 Cordova Church of Christ Bulletin Rancho Cordova September 4, 2011


    Ta k i n g A L o o k A h e a d

    GO! Resumes Next Sunday, September 11

    Our Sunday evening GO! program will resume next Sunday,September 11 at 5:30 p.m. in room 101. See the back o this bulletin

    or detailed inormation.

    Upcoming Senior Saints Meeting

    Following a hiatus or the months o June, July, and August, the area

    wide group o senior Christians will resume monthly meetings at

    11 oclock on Tuesday morning, September 13, at the North Metro

    Church o Christ. Gene Craig, program chairman or the day,

    announces that the speaker will be Deno Brewer o the North Metro

    congregation. He will be showcasing our new outreach to the

    homeless and to Narcotics Anonymous. The North Metro church

    is located at 4191 Norwood Avenue in Sacramento. George Smith,

    emcee or the senior ellowship, invites all seniors o the area over

    age 50 or more to attend the program, and to remain or the potluck

    luncheon at noon in the churchs hospitality area. First-time attendees

    are guests o the day, and are not expected to bring ood.

    Mens Prayer Breakast

    This months Mens Prayer Breakast will be on Friday, September

    16. The men will meet at 6 a.m. at the Wa e Shop on Zinandel orbreakast, and a time o prayer and ellowship. For more inormation,

    see John Lightoot.

    Friends Day, September 18

    As we work as a congregation to share our aith with others, we have

    set aside Sunday, September 18, as a special day. We would like or

    you to invite a riend/riends or a day o worship with us. Beore andater class, we will have a special reception with cofee and donuts.

    We hope that you will choose a riend/riends and pray about your

    invitation and their acceptance to your invitation.

    C a m p u s M a p

  • 8/4/2019 Cordova Church of Christ Bulletin Rancho Cordova September 4, 2011


    C h i l d r e n s C l a s s e s

    Class Teachers Room


    (0-24 months)

    Vivian Fuston, Genie Bishop, Linda Caldwell,

    Tricia Hampton, Luchia Fitzgerald

    Destiny Westbrooks and Audra Levis

    Rm. 1 & 3

    2 Year OldSabrina Murray, Michelle Stansberry,

    Aphton CorbinRm. 4

    3 Year Old Dolly Fuston, Jenny Fuston Rm. 5

    4 -5 Year Old Jill Voss, Lisa Prints Rm. 6

    Kindergarten Llona Fennel, Monica King Rm. 12

    1st Grade Sharaun Davis, Susan Roa Rm. 16 A

    2nd GradeDavid Fitzgerald, Ed Fitzgerald,

    David LevisRm. 10

    3rd Grade Vicky Miller, Lisa Pashenee Rm. 9

    4th Grade Connie Haynie, Jill Soto Rm. 8

    5th/6th Grade Duane Rogers, Keith Ketcher Rm. 7

    M e m b e r s I n f o

    Baptized Into Christ

    Let us rejoice as Etwann Smith was baptized by Jimmy Hurd this past

    Sunday, August 28, during second service. The contact inormation or

    Etwann is 6380 Summertide Way, Sacramento 95823. Phone: 271-1104.

    Additional Deacon Nominees

    Our congregation is ortunate to have many servants who put their

    talents to work supporting our activities. Three o our servants have

    agreed to put their names beore the congregation and ask i you are

    willing to accept their service in the scriptural role o deacon.

    Those servants are: Kevin Bowman, Dan Morris, and Coy Thorp.

    Paul was very specic in 1 Timothy 3:8-13, about the character o men

    placed in the role o deacon. Paul says deacons should be tested

    beore they serve. Beore you ormally agree to accept the service o

    these men, please review this scripture and bring your comments and

    questions to one o the elders by September 11. I you submit your

    comments in writing, please include your name so we can respond to


    Attention, Mothers o Preschoolers!

    The 2011 Fall Session or MOPS will begin this Tuesday, September 6. I

    you are pregnant or have children kindergarten-age or younger, this is

    the place or you! Join us Tuesday mornings in the Family Lie Center

    rom 9:30 a.m.-noon. You will enjoy breakast, conversations and

    activities with ellow moms while your children are being well cared

    or. I you are interested in joining us and would like more inormation,

    contact Sharaun Davis or Kristy Bowman.

    Also, our childcare program is always in need o volunteers. I you haveree time on Tuesday mornings to help with childcare, please consider

    supporting the MOPS ministry in this capacity. Please see Sharaun or

    Kristy i you are interested.

  • 8/4/2019 Cordova Church of Christ Bulletin Rancho Cordova September 4, 2011


    M e m b e r s I n f o

    Congratulations to our 2011 Bible Challenge Winners!

    Kindergarten -1st Grade

    Joel Huddleston, Rhiannon Power, Emily Levis, Hannah Snow, Sarah Snow,

    Jenna Voss, Audrey Sherlock, Joel Fitzgerald, Nathan Lightfoot, Ethan

    Prevatt, Grace Redelsperger, and Owen Black

    2nd -3rd Grade

    Renae Gobbell, Luke Huddleston, Ciara Power, Mason Voss, and Faith


    4th-6th Grade

    Levi Huddleston, Robert Wilson, Lily Wilson, Dondis Moreland, Lilly Black,

    and Ian Lightfoot

    Each one o these Bible Challenge Winners will receive a trophy or

    their Bible knowledge and hard work. The trophies are available or

    pick up today outside the library.

    Church O ce Closed

    The church o ce will be closed this Monday, September 5, in honor

    o Labor Day. The o ce will resume normal o ce hours on Tuesday,

    September 6.

    P r a y e r R e q u e s t s

    Prayers or Members: Sam Trujillo, recovery rom bike accident. June Holt,

    undergoing radiation therapy or 5 weeks. Michelle Schubert, struggling withpain and atigue.

    Members with chronic/ongoing illnesses: Floyd Agee, Sheryl Ballard,

    Lenette Bryant, Mike Caldwell, Cindi Chorman, Nellie Fry, William Gay, Vicki

    Henderson, Ron and Dana Hill, Jacqueline Holmes, June Holt, Bessie LaVassaur,

    Mary Shepherd-Lenior, Gail Murray, Sabrina Murray, Steve Parry, Frank O. and

    Edythe Prevatt, Michelle Schubert, Deanna Sharp, Kathy Spear, Bill Stewart,Sherrie Trusler, Jef Wiesemann, Patrick Wilson, and Geraint Williams.

    Pregnant Families: Justin and Kara Dobrinski (Sept.); Rusty and Jenny Prevatt

    (Sept.); Kurt and Alison Bowman (Sept.); Mike and Justine Fling (Nov.); Alex and

    Millicent English (Jan.); Ben and Kate Caldwell (Feb.); and David and Destiny

    Westbrooks (March).

    Military Service: Vincent and Stephanie Carll, David DePiazza, Ezekiel

    Jackson, Mark Jalone, Benjamin Lowe, Jacob McIntrye, Michael Mendez, Mike

    Martin, Paul Methvin, Jr., Timothy Neuarth, Brian Sloan, and Greg Sutmeria.

    A T T E N D A N C E 0 8 / 2 8

    Sunday First Service | 245Sunday Second Service | 263

    C O N T R I B U T I O N R E P O R T F O R 2 0 1 1

    Weekly Total | $12,407

    Weekly Average | $16,535Budgeted | $17,541

    A D D I T I O N S I N 2 0 1 1

    Baptisms | 11New Members | 07

  • 8/4/2019 Cordova Church of Christ Bulletin Rancho Cordova September 4, 2011


    m | g r o u p L o c a t i o n s

    Host Location Time Ino Contact


    Kevin & KristyBowman

    Anatolia 7-8 p.m.Kevin


    Michael & BlairMassey


    7-8 p.m.Mike/Blair


    Ron & LorissaKemper


    7-8 p.mRon



    Matt & SusanRoa

    Anatolia 7-8 p.m.MattRoa

    Tim & TonyaPower


    7-8 p.m.Child



    S e r m o n N o t e sS e r m o n N o t e s

    Lessons From A Farmer Part 2

    Matthew 13: 1-23

    Scan to get Open network password

  • 8/4/2019 Cordova Church of Christ Bulletin Rancho Cordova September 4, 2011


    m | g r o u p M a t e r i a l

    Lessons From A Farmer Part 2

    Matthew 13: 1-23

    Our current sermon series is equipping us and encouraging us to share

    our aith with others. Something that rustrates us at times as we are

    seeking to share our aith is the response to the message o the gospel

    that people may have. Many people are not open to hearing the word

    o God. Those who are open and who receive the message dont oten

    retain it or respond to it. How are we to understand and perceive thosewho have varying responses to Gods message? The parable that Jesus

    tells o the armer and the seed gives us great insights about what

    happens to the word o God once it is planted in the hearts o people.

    Gods ultimate plan is or his Word to bring orth ruit in our lives.

    1. How would you evaluate your own receptiveness to Gods Word?

    2. Can you think o an example o when accepting a particular

    instruction rom the Word o God was di cult or you to accept or


    3. How would you describe people who are represented in the story

    as soil that received the seed which ell among the thorns (Matt. 13:7)?

    4. What are some examples o the worries o lie that can choke out

    the Word o God (Matt. 13:22)?

    m | g r o u p M a t e r i a l

    5. How is wealth deceitul (Matt. 13:22)?

    6. How can the deceitulness o wealth choke out the Word o God (Matt. 13:22)?

    7. How would you describe people who are represented in the story as the soil

    that received the seed which ell on good ground (Matt. 13:8)?

    8. What do you think Jesus meant when he reerred to the Word producing a

    crop, yielding 100, 60 or 30 times what was sown (Matt. 13:23)?

    9. What do you think Jesus meant when he said, He who has ears, let him hear

    (Matt. 13:9)?

    10. What other principles or observations do you have about Jesus parable o

    the armer?