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How to KML google earth to Mapinfo .tab files

Transcript of Conversion From Kml2tab Rev2

Conversion from KML/KMZ to MapInfo TAB This is just a knowledge sharing. What we need: Internet connection Google Earth Mapinfo 1. Prepare your KML/KMZ file consist path, point or polygon created in Google Earth. (Save your route first as KML/KMZ). 2. First, create a folder which we will use to save the routes. Fill the Folder Name.

3. Right-click on the new folder and choose Add Path.

4. Create the path as the route needed. Several paths can be created. After the route finished, Right-click on the folder and choose Save Place As Save the file as .KMZ.

5. Go to You will see this page. Select DXF - AutoCAD.

6. On Projection choose Lat/Lon. On Data Type to Export choose Path. Then click button Upload KML/KMZ File.

7. Locate your KML file on your hard drive by Choose File and Accept. This will upload your KML to the server.

8. A new page consist the XML code will be displayed. Click Export.

9. A new window consist some code will appear. Just simply copy all and paste it in a Notepad. Save it as a *.DXF file.


Try to search for any NaN then replace it with the previous lat long value

Replace this with the lat long value above

11. Open Mapinfo and select Table -> Import. Locate your data and select the File type = AutoCAD DXF (*.DXF)

12. A warning message will appear. Select No Warnings or Continue several times.

13. Click on Projection and select Longitude Latitude then OK. Save the TAB somewhere.

14. Open your TAB file. Finish