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  • 1. Headline Pictures/images Caption for photo Paragraphs (short) Byline Columns First para sums up story Information Interviews Quotes Facts and opinions Statistics

2. The first paragraph of a newspaper article always sums up what the article will be about.This is a very important convention because having a paragraph at the beginning of the article allows the reader to know what the story is about. After they have read the paragraph theyll know whether they want to continue reading or stop if its no interest to them.This conventions is also similar to headlines. Headlines sum up the article in a few words.Theyre extremely helpful because people can read the headline and theyll instantly know whether thats the article that they wanted to read. Headline- what article is about. Sums up article. After this paragraph it goes into more detail. 3. Form: Newspaper article Structure Paragraphs, columns Content: News, current affairs, information, facts, opinions, statistics Technical conventions: Mode of address: Formal, serious depends on the newspaper. Can be more informal if it is a tabloid. 4. Byline Date and time Pictures Location links of the story Social sharing which moves with the page navigation Headline and summing up sentence Hyperlinks Very short paragraphs Bigger spaces between paragraphs No columns Some will have comments sections Side boxes with additional info Videos sometimes 5. One convention of newspaper website articles are that some have videos.Videos are very useful as they are more visually appealing than a block of writing and occasional pictures. Videos are even more useful when the video relates to the article. Comment sections are extremely beneficial as some people may feel more engaged to the article.This is because people can have debates and get an insight on other peoples opinions.Comments also allow people to have there say, you can also like and dislike comments depending on how you feel on it. Like or dislike options 6. The difference between a tabloid and broadsheet is that tabloids are best known for a lesser type of journalism that deal with gossip and scandalous stories about public figures.While the broadsheet tends to have better written articles, gossip, much less sensational headlines and people depend on them for more serious news.