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Slides presented by Jeff Winkler to the Boston Grails Meetup, 3/28/2012

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  • 1. Continuous Testing for GrailsJeff Winkler

2. TDD FTW 3. TDD 4. TDD Focus: Unit Tests Types Junit TestCase Grails: UnitTestCase Groovy: TestCase Spock: Unit Spec 5. Continuous Testing 6. Experimental Results on 22 Sophomores, 6.170 7. A controlled experiment has shown thatcontinuous testing has a statistically significanteffect on developer success in completing aprogramming task, without affecting timeworked. Developers using continuous testingwere three times more likely to complete thetask before the deadline than those without. Most participants found continuous testing to beuseful and believed that it helped them writebetter code faster, and 90% would recommendthe tool to others 8. Tool Comparisons Grails 1.37 vs Grails 2.01 CT: Auto-test, InfiniTest 9. 1.37: Rinse, Lather, Repeat 10. 2.01: New Hotness 11. Continuous Testing Options InfiniTest For IDEA or Eclipse Auto-test JUnitMax from Kent Beck $100 Health? Not tried 12. Auto-testThe plugin will monitor the project directory and will attempt torun only the subset of tests affected by what changed. This isvery rudimentary - for example, if you modify BookControlleror BookControllerTests or BookControllerSpec, it will run test-app BookController 13. Autotest 1.01 14. Infinitest 15. Tip: Ignoring Integration Tests 16. Criteria: Spock 17. Test Execution in codingenvironment, interactive results. 18. ScoresSpock Tests in Results in Auto-run Interactive Scoresame env same env 5 points ResultsTest-app 1IDE (Eclipse) 4Auto-test 1.0.1 6.5InfiniTest 8 19. TLDR InfiniTest for IDE users same environment Auto-test for non-IDE Neither is perfect. 20. Results MIT Study: Devs 3X more likely to finish taskon deadline; 90% would recommendcontinuous testing. Try It! 21. Thanks @winkler1