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Present Perfect Continuous Tense

By:Group 2 # Annisa Putri# Dinda Nada Nabillah# Khairunnisa# Mitha Ramadhani

Present Perfect Continuous Tense The present perfect continous tense is formed with the present tense of have + past participle.

This tense is used to express : a recently completed action (with just) example: He has just arrived from abroad past action whose time is not definite. example : I have read the novel recent actions that have results in the present. example : Father has washed that car ( it tooks lovely ) actions occuring in an incompleted period. example : She has drunk three galses of milk today actions that continous until now example : I have had a lot of good luck in the last few days actions that begin in the past and continue past the time of speaking in the present. example : We have lived here since 2008 questions :how much, how many, or how many times example : I have read half of the book so far Meanwhile, the Present Perfect Continous informed by the Present Perfect of the verb to be + the present participle.

This tense is used to express :

action that began in the past and is still continuing. example : I have been waiting for the bus for an hour action that are repeat over a period of time example : They have been flying since they were teenagers. questions how long ( an activity that is still happening ) example : I have been reading a book since half an hour ago