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  • 1. Analysis of Contents Pages

2. Analysis of Magazine Contents Pages Contents 1. NME Sept 2009Dizzee Rascal Edition 3. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSISBANNER AT TOP This banner at the top has been almost cut out of the layout to imply the importance of the page and to let the reader know what is going on.DATE The date on each issue is very important, it may notseem it but all magazine companies must put it somewhere.SUB HEADINGS The subheadings are in black sections to make them stand out. This is the main focus of the contents to inform the reader of what features are where in the magazine, the red and black fonts link to the theme of NME.BRIEF HEADING/SUMMARY OF CONTENT Gives extra gossip, interviews, brand new music, albums and live events, with extra features. These headings are in bold and the page numbers are easy to see and tell about from the words as they are in a powerful red. The page numbers is the most important part on the magazine, and this layout gives this part more attention.NME MASTHEAD (SAME COLOUR CODE AS FRONT) This is just the same as the NME masthead on the front cover, it looks professional if magazines have a colour theme and similar fonts running through. It is placed at the top of the page to tell the reader exactly what is going to be on this actual page.MAIN IMAGE The main image of the rocker chick standing outside a tour bus connotes the fact NME is a rock genre music magazine. She is smiling friendly and posing with emphasis on the tour bus, implying again this is a music magazine.BAND INDEXThe band indexinforms the reader of what bands are mentioned and where this information is located. Again, this font style and colours enforce the NME colour scheme.EDITED IMAGETOURING SPECIALThe middle section of the contents page layoutis edited to make it look rough and retro; fitting in with the genre of the magazine. The corners of this middle rule of thirds has corners like a suitcase which again links to the touring of a musician. The touring special font is edited, looking cracked and rough, this could be a relation to a artists rock music lifestyle.EDITORS NOTE The editors note gives the reader precise information about what this particular issue includes, it adds extra insight into this magazines world, and engages the reader on a higher level. The language is chatty and informal, to interest the reader from the start.PREVIOUS/FUTURE EDITIONS OF NME ARE SHOWN WITH DETAILS OF WEBSITE/PHONE NUMBER ETC This catches the eye of the reader, and sells the magazine with important offers that are up for grabs. It gives the website, number and terms/conditions which are all regular essentials of a magazine, it is a good part to add to the contents page as this normally includes informative text. 4. ANALYSIS OF LAYOUT/DESIGN FEATURES OF CONTENTS PAGE MASTHEAD AND WORD CONTENTS BOLD AT TOP WITH DATE/ISSUE NUMBERBAND INDEX BANDS BANDS BANDS BANDS BANDS BANDS BANDS IT ALSOTELLS THEPAGE NOS NEWS SUBHEADING MAIN IMAGERADAR SUBHEADING REVIEWS SUBHEADING TOURING SPECIAL WITH EDITORIAL NOTE INFORMAL LANGUAGE WITH EXTRA HELP AND INFORMATION ON SPECIALS AND FEATURES, EDITOR MENTIONS SPECIFIC PAGE NUMBERS LIVE! SUBHEADING FEATURE SUBHEADING PLUS SUBHEADINGSUBSCRIPTION DETAILS/ ADVERTISEMENTNUMBER, EMAIL, WEBSITE, PRICE PER ISSUE) TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLIED ARE MENTIONED 5. Analysis of Magazine Contents Pages Contents 2. Spin Aug 2008Duffy Edition 6. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSISMASTHEAD The masthead in the left hand corner of this contents page is the typical SPIN style. This is a good impression for the reader as they can relate to previous copies, and an overused logo will emphasize and match the magazine. Even though it is hidden slightly by the mini guitar, the contrasting colours make the masthead stand out, likewise on the cover. Oddly, there is no title mentioning this is actually the contents page, but the reader would be aware of this because of the list of stories situated down the left hand side of the page.MAIN IMAGE This main image is very prominent, forcing the reader to look straight at Duffy. It is positioned on the right side, opposing that of the stories featured. It is presented powerfully, which gives it more of an edge, unlike a contents page with none domineering images. Duffy is wearing black and white similar to the SPIN colour scheme, contrasting with the background to have a heavier influence on the audience. The light effect reflects off her hair making it brighter, giving it more contemporary and studio like connotations. The small pink guitar contradicts the colour scheme on the page and symbolizes her artistry and the simplicity that this is a music magazine.DATE The date is sneakily placed underneath the masthead in bold type, even though the shadow of the dominating main image overlaps onto the date, it is still seen and still needed.COLOUR SCHEME This particular magazine contents page follows the colour scheme from the front cover all the way through. It has multiple colours, which are black, white, red, grey and blue, these colours interlink together to enforce the professional, clean and simple genre of this music magazine. The grey background contrasts the latter of them to highlight what is significant on the page. There is a small element of red and this is to convey and expose the masthead.QUOTE There is a medium sized quotation from the chosen artist in the right hand corner, stating something that may intrigue the stereotypical reader. It fills up space in a less forceful manner, and gives insight onto what the musician may be discussing.SUBHEADINGS The subheadings begin with Features which is produced in bold, black harsh font and underlined in a colour that is consistent throughout. The subheadings become more noticeable to the reader as they are vaguely larger than the text of the stories below, they are exhibited in black font.BRIEF HEADINGS/SUMMARY OF CONTENTS There are five important features mentioned on the contents page, with no correlating images, only heavily detailed text to give an insight into the anecdote. The summaries are presented in dark grey to compliment the colour scheme, yet makes them less obvious in exchange with the subheadings.PAGE NUMBERS The page numbers are edited to match the same blue as the underline, which is an ongoing decided colour of this copy, they are displayed largely and to the left of the format, the blue differentiates them from the text to make the page more attractive and to enhance what a contents page is really for.EXTRA TEXT This extra detail in located below the list of features, a highlighted blue box with white font, conveying further information featured in the magazine, given more depth to the stories mentioned. The idea works as it grabs the readers attention and overstates what is going on inside and out. 7. ANALYSIS OF LAYOUT/DESIGN FEATURES OF CONTENTS PAGE SPIN MASTHEAD DATE UNDERNEATH QUOTATION FROM DUFFYS INTERVIEW, FEATURED ARTIST MAIN IMAGE FEATURE SUBHEADING DANGELO SUBHEADING SMALLER IMAGER OF CONTRASTING GUITARDUFFY SUBHEADING SPIN INTERVIEW SUBHEADING MY BLOODY VALENTINE SUBHEADING MENTIONED PHOTOGRAPHERS AND PRODUCERS ON COVER, GIVING EXTRA INFORMATION BLACK KIDS SUBHEADING 8. Analysis of Magazine Contents Pages Contents 3. Top of the PopsThe Wanted Edition 9. ANALYSIS OF CONTENTS PAGE 3BANNER AT THE TOP (INCLUDES MASTHEAD) The banner is bright pink, enforcing the colour scheme right from the cover to here. The feminine, childlike typography is quite welcoming and sweet, which tells us the target audience automatically. It is a simpler way of informing the reader it is the contents page, just in case they are not aware of this term.LAYOUT The layout of this Top of the Pops copy has such a big impact, for the targeted aged reader its probably the most important part. It structures what is going on well, highlighting the best features in a busy yet understandable format. The text boxes and images that are positioned in certain spaces reflect that this is a hybrid music magazine for youngsters.SUBHEADINGS (TOP OF THE INDIVIDUAL TEXT BOXES) This contents page has smaller text boxes randomly placed across the page to tell the reader what is going on where. There are five mini subheadings telling the reader which area to find this related subjects, separating them is putting an emphasis upon the target audience, and showing that this contents page is fun and friendly, jam packed with information.COPY OF COVER On the right hand side is a copy of the cover, showing relation to the outside and inside. Arrows are pointing to page numbers to tell the pre-teen reader where the information on the front cover is talked about within the magazine. This is appropriatefor the type of reader, and is a cool and funky way of relating this to a hip/pop magazine.BRIEF HEADINGS/SUMMARY OF CONTENTS Within the sections are brief headings informing the reader of what is presented on each page, the page numbers are in bold and larger fonts to get noticed, there isnt paragraphs or lots of details as that kind of thing does not suit the stereotypical audience. There are parts that are highlighted in yellow, to enhance the girly colour scheme and to act powerfully if they are important pieces within this music magazine, perhaps insight into musical related articles.UNCONVIENTAL PIECES This particular contents does not state it is a contents page or contain an editorial, this makes this magazine stand out from competitors. Creating differences from other music magazine for this age group, it is simpler, defined needs with casual language like mag and the heart shaped symbols for love. All these minor details are recognizable to the reader and helps them to relate and understand to the magazine contents page, all these references are featured throughout. The different techniques work together to emphasize the target audience and to grab the attention making sure it does not look cheap or too childish.