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  1. 1. Contents Page TextualAnalyse
  2. 2. DateAdditional imagesrepresentation is have been used,dissimilar to usual they have beencontents pages. distributedthroughout thepage, attractingThe title has beenmore audiencesplaced on thecontents page,subverting from theusual layout of acontents page The main image is the the text has been focal point of the presented in acontents page, they linear patternhave highlighted that adhering to the it is an exclusive piece usual layout of a to their audience, a contents page.unique selling point.Another conventionused are regularfeatures, againAdditional imagesadhering to theto show what elseusual conventions of the magazinea contents page. contains.
  3. 3. The date on the contents page, not aThe new list of what usual conventionthe magazinecontains for thisweek shows this is aregular magazineread by many as it isEye catching imagesweekly news is and adverts to showfeatured.all that the magazine offers to its readers Additional images once again adhering to the general contents page.Promotional offers togain more readers
  4. 4. Two main focal points of the contents page meaning these are the main cover stories , showing the readers a clear outline of who the main stories are about and possibly what.The whitebackground usedcauses more A double pageemphasis on the spread for thetext and images contents page isGoing against theusual lay out of thecontents page, thisis a highly respectedand read magazine,this could be doneto cover all that themagazine offers toits readersBig numbersshowing what pageeach topic ison, mainly fashionrelated and aimedfor a femaleaudience