Contemporary russian art

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Transcript of Contemporary russian art

  • 1. Contemporary Russian Art

2. Russian Art in Soviet Times 3. Characteristic Features: Forcing Soviet ideology upon artists Suppressing any artistic individuality No differences among artistic styles No artistic merit 4. Contemporary Art 5. Charcteristic Features: Uninhibited look at the world Emphasis on individual authorship Concerned with supreme idea Iconography features Tendency towards mysticism 6. Sasha Bassari Watchers Portrays divine souls Conveys the idea of unity throughout the universe His style is gentle surrealism 7. The AngelA Cat in a Hat The Flight 8. Andrey Remnev Copied the best samples of old Russian paintings His works present a combination of methods of the Russian medieval icon painting, the 18th century Russian painting and the Russian constructivismBagatelle 9. Metamorphosis Migration 10. Vasya Lozhkin Has no artistic education Works in primitive style Became popular via the Internet Famous for portraying old women and catsNon-alcoholic Vodka 11. Danko. This Is All I Have. An Old Woman with a Pushcart is Going to Petrograd to Look at the Elephant 12. Thank You for Your Attention!