CONTEMPORARY DESIGN · 2020-01-03 · Contemporary design prefers to stay muted in color, focusing...

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Transcript of CONTEMPORARY DESIGN · 2020-01-03 · Contemporary design prefers to stay muted in color, focusing...

  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN:Style and Substance


    Contemporary literally means “of the moment,” which means what is defined

    as contemporary can change. At its roots, contemporary design embraces

    straight lines and natural elements. Sleek, casual and inviting, contemporary

    design is simple yet stunning.

    We’re sharing six contemporary design ideas that can easily be replicated in

    your next build or remodel:

    Natural light

    Interior and exterior synergies

    Simplicity and minimalism

    Tone-on-tone palettes

    Form follows function

    An element of surprise

  • Contemporar y spaces are i l luminated in natura l

    l ight . Creat ing the r ight ba lance of natura l l ight

    i s es sent ia l in any contemporar y home. Here are

    a few ways to le t l ight in, and max imize v iews .

    For a new bui ld or renovat ion, expans ive g las s

    w indows embody the look and fee l of contemporar y

    des ign. Our Ep icVue ® c lad -wood windows feature

    c lean l ines , s l im prof i l e s , and large expanses of g las s

    and are ava i lab le in square corner uni t w indows

    for a seamless look. These s imple, vas t w indows

    make a s tatement and are a ter r i f i c cho ice for a

    contemporar y home.

    Energy- ef f i c ient g las s i s a smar t (and easy)

    va lue -add to of fer c l i ent s . H igh -per formance

    Low- E insu lat ing g las s de l i ver s greater v i s ib le l ight

    t ransmit tance and keeps homes coo ler in summer

    and warmer in w inter. I t can a l so reduce fad ing

    of inter io r furn ish ings and condensat ion. Check

    for the ENERGY STAR ® rat ing as we l l .

    Another opt ion i s to s t ream l ight in se lec t i ve l y

    w i th g las s pane ls in the door s . G las s pane ls

    add charac ter to the ex ter io r door s whi le a l so

    func t ion ing as a l ight source.

    I f the home has a porch or deck area, pat io door s

    are a wonder fu l way to br ing the outdoor s in.

    Swinging French pat io door s or fo ld ing door s c reate

    an impress i ve ent rance and a l low for w ide open

    v iews and f loods of natura l l ight . I f space i s t ight ,

    s l id ing door s are a lways an opt ion.





    Contemporar y homes t yp ica l l y inc lude lot s

    of g las s and bo ld door s .

    But ex ter io r door s aren’ t the only ones

    that can be bo ld. Inter io r door s now have

    a p lethora of opt ions . I f your c l i ent want s

    an ex ter io r door to incorporate g las s ,

    adv ise choos ing an inter io r door w i th

    s imi la r pane ls .


    OF THE DOORS . A charcoa l or nav y b lue

    f ront door i s a sophis t i cated cho ice.

    Car r y that ins ide w i th e i ther the same

    shade or a matching tone.



    ACCENTS . Contemporar y accent s are

    mos t of ten found in s i l ver or n icke l

    f in i shes . Front door s , inter io r door s

    and windows can a l l incorporate the

    same f in i sh.


  • S impl i c i t y and min imal i sm guide contemporar y des ign.

    Steer c l i ent s toward unadorned g las s and away f rom

    gr i l l e s so they have an unobs t ruc ted v iew. Us ing a low-

    prof i l e, square g laz ing s top a l lows g las s to ex tend a l l

    the way to the edge of the f rame, embody ing th is t rend.

    Casement w indows prov ide the c lean l ines s ynonymous

    w i th contemporar y in des ign, while also functioning

    to provide maximum venti lat ion. For builders, the shape

    of the windows is an oppor tunit y to have fun with the

    design. Inser t geometr ic windows in squares or oc tagons

    to add dist inc t ion and var iety to the home.

    Use inter io r door s to h ighl ight your c l i ent ’s tas te.

    Inter io r door s no longer need to be bas ic f lush or s i x-

    pane l . The MODA® and Stud io™ Co l lec t ions both of fer

    beaut i fu l contemporar y - s t y le inter io r door s and are

    ava i lab le in a var ie t y of des igns and f in i shes .



    Tone - on-tone co lor pa let tes add sophis t i cat ion to any home.

    Contemporar y des ign prefer s to s tay muted in co lor, focus ing

    on depth and tex ture w i th tone - on-tone pa let tes .

    Tr y us ing three d i f fe rent s ta ins w i th in the same co lor fami l y

    on a s imple wood door. The use of mul t ip le, s imi la r shades

    c reates a beaut i fu l tone.

    Neutra l pa let tes aren’ t p la in; not w i th a contemporar y des ign

    per spec t i ve. An example of th i s would be i f the ex ter io r of a

    home i s a shade of gray, a charcoa l f ront door i s a subt le way

    to capture tone - on-tone s t y l ing. Car r y i t fur ther by adding the

    charcoa l shade to the c ladding.

  • FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTIONEvery thing has a purpose in contemporary

    des ign. I f i t ’s not func t iona l to the user,

    then i t ’s gone. Contemporar y des ign

    removes c lut ter and over l y e laborate

    drap ing. I t ’s s imply c lean.

    Adding func t ion i s about f ind ing

    oppor tuni t ie s to max imize space and

    have the home des ign be purposefu l .


    Barn door s are an ef for t les s way to add

    func t ion. They can be used to par t i t ion

    a room such as an of f i ce or pantr y, o r in

    p lace of a sw ing ing door to save space.

    For a contemporar y barn door, choose

    a s t y le w i th c lean l ines and panels

    for emphasis . Uti l ize our DesignGlide™

    hardware kit to transform any standard-

    sized door into a barn door. I t ’s avai lable

    in sat in nickel or matte black f inish; use

    sat in nickel for a more indus t r ia l look.


    Bi fo ld door s a l so func t ion to save space

    and work wel l fo r smal l laundr y rooms

    or s torage spaces . However, that doesn’ t

    mean they have to be t rad i t iona l .

    To accentuate the contemporar y des ign

    e lement , of fer b i fo ld door s that are

    smooth and have the same pane l des igns

    as the home’s inter io r door s .

  • AN ELEMENT OF SURPRISEContemporary design includes an

    unexpected surprise or play ful touch.

    The front door is an ideal spot to

    incorporate this element of design.

    Suggest adding a pop of color. Green

    is a br ight yet neutral option and

    balances well with grays, blacks,

    whites and browns.

    I f your cl ient prefers something

    more muted, a l ight- colored stain

    is a fresh alternative. Metal l ic accents

    and f loating panels can also add

    v isual interest. (Look at our IWP ®

    Aurora® f iberglass doors i f you need

    inspirat ion.) Mix and match options

    unti l you f ind what works for both

    the design of the home and your

    cl ient ’s v is ion.


    Contemporary design is about defining what is fresh in the

    moment, but that doesn’t mean it wil l be old news tomorrow.

    The col lec t ion of ideas presented are contemporary, yet

    t imeless. This s t y le may have once conjured thoughts of being

    cold and l i fe less; however, today it seeks to be unpretentious

    and invit ing.

    An impor tant par t of this trend is form and function.

    Contemporary design incorporates natural l ight and purposeful,

    tex tured accents. Minimalism, s implicit y, and a sense of play al l

    make up this beautiful s t y le.

    These are just a few of our contemporary design ideas.

    Visit to see our broad por tfolio of

    Contemporary window and door designs .

  • This eBook was created by your fr iends at JELD -WEN as a guide to help bui lders , contrac tors , architec t s and other profess ionals incorporate contemporar y s t y le into homes.

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