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All Details of Container Tilter.this helps in making lift type trialer with container

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90 container tiltero

Ship grain or scrap metal using sea containers!

Allows 20 or 40 Sea Containers to be filled efficiently with bulk material.The 90 Container Tilter allows containers to be removed from trailers and tilted from horizontal to 90angle safely from a distance. At a full 90 tilt, the container can be filled with up to 30 tons of product, safely from a distance.

Extra safety locks: All four cylinders are fitted with pressure control safety lock valves in case of hydraulic

failure. Both front and rear container locks have two locking points on each side.

Adjustment: The dual ram design allows trailer height variation at a deck height of 43 to 54 above ground.

The adjustable wheel guides allow for a variation of the trailer wheels outside dimensions of 95 to 101.

Productivity: The loading angle of the container can be altered as product height is increased, this improved

control increases loading productivity and safety as well as maximizing product loading weights.Simple Control: With a remote operator control unit, the tilting operation

can be done safely from a distance with no chains or off-center loads. The feathering control levers aid with fast container alignment.

Self Contained: Has a13 hp gas engine, a 3000 psi hydraulic pump and oil

reservoir and an optional electric start.

Container Support: At the 90 fully tilted angle the base of the container is fully supported on each of its corners

for minimal container damage.

Optional: Fabric or poly liners (for use when handling grain, beans, seeds, etc.. Hydraulic door closers. Larger

30HP diesel power pack for faster tilting operation and a load cell weigh system (accurate +/- 3%.

The 90 degree tilter is available in 2 models, one for 20 containers and one for both 40 and 20 containers.